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    Belarusian People's Republicball

    Belarusian People's Republicball was a short-lived unrecognized state. It was born after the Russian Revolution in 1917 and only lived an entire year before 1919 when the Polish-Soviet War broke out. Both Polandball and Russian SFSRball divided it up. It participated in the Russian Civil War during its life on the side of White Movementball when it broke away from the German Empireball.


    When the Russian Empire fell, Belarusian Democratic Republicball became independent. It was joyful to finally be free, and as the name said it installed democracy.

    But one day, Russia both wanted clay out of the newly born nation, as it had always held on it in the past. Belarus grew very sad, as it was only happy before the invasion. Russiaball created a socialist puppet known as puppet that would someday de-communistified to became today's Belarusball.

    Polandball then came, and Belarus thought poland would promised to give Belarus autonomy and kindly shelter it from Russia. But later after the annexation it just seemed that Polandball didn't care about its feelings from it's own invasion of Belarussian clay, as Polandball was only a irredenist too. Belarus Democratic Republicball then went into exile, sad about losing clay, it forever seemed support all over Europe, and eventually to Canadaball where it still de jure lives today (in opposition against Alexander Lukashenko and ally Vladimir Putin, connecting the Rada to the mainstream Belarusian opposition).also Belarus had his flag from 1991 to 1994

    How to draw[edit]

    1.Draw a circle

    2.Draw red stripe through the middle

    3.Add eyes



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