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    West Ukrainian People's Republicball was a very short-lived People's Republic in Europe formed shotly after the fall of Austria-Hungaryball and existed from 1918 to 1919.


    West Ukrainian People's Republicball was born as a 2ball, adopted by Slavsball, Kyivan Rusball, Kingdom of Galicia–Volhyniaball, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball and Austria-Hungaryball.

    It formed shortly after the collapse of Austria-Hungaryball in an event called the November Coup (Листопадовий чин).

    In 22nd January, 1919, act of Unity was proclaimed and both Ukrainian People's Republicball and West Ukrainian People's Republicball had became one country. Unfortunately, they did not last long, as by 18th of July the same year Polandball has fully occupied and annexed WUPRball while the Soviet Unionball has occupied the rest of Ukraineball by 1921.

    But before that, UPRball had sided with Polandball in order to fight the spread of Bolshevism. UPRball also signed a treaty with Polandball that recognized its annexation and rule over WUPRball. Obviously, they didn't like that, so on December 20th, 1919, the Act of Unity was repealed.




    • Czechoslovakiaball - Transcarpathia is always of rightful Ukrainian clay! Thank you for at least not pushing yuor traditions on Ukrainian people there.
    • Austria-Hungaryball - Thank you for allowing me to use my language.




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