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    Armenian Kingdom of Ciliciaball

    Armenian Kingdom of Ciliciaball (or Kilikiaball) was a medieval Armenian offshoot Kingdomball, located in southern Anatolia along the Mediterranean sea.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Ciliciaball started when the Seljuk-icon.png Seljukball invaded Bagratid Armeniaball's former clay and some Armeniaballs fled toward warmer Mediterranean climates. When Crusades of started, Ciliciaball enthusiastically participated in kebab removal, fighting Mamluk-icon.png Mamlukball, its biggest rival.

    Later, when Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball was invading the Middle East, it wisely made a deal with him instead of just being destroyed like every other countryball of the time, offering to team up against Mamlukball. This let it help the West Europeans establish relations with Chinaball. Unfortunately, the Mongols decided to convert to Islam and abandoned Ciliciaball, and later, Mamlukball was of the killing of poor little Ciliciaball.

    Despite all this, its enemy from the Crusades, Ayyubidball, was much friendlier to its because it wasn't that interesting in its clay. However, still, they fought against each other.

    Vatican-icon.png Vaticanball was always trying to convert it into Catholicism, but it would have none of it, happy being Armenian Apostolic.

    Was the last independent Armeniaball for quite a while, until 1918 with the Armenia-icon.png First Republic of Armeniaball.

    Current Armeniaball often sees Ciliciaball as the proudest time in history (tied with Artaxiad Armeniaball).

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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