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    Сахам сирэ дьоллоох тускуга

    Саһарҕалыы ыҥыра ыллыыр
    (O Sakha land, thou dawn's shining light,
    Thou bring'st us to good will and delight)

    Sakhaball singing its anthem

    Sakhaball, also known as Yakutiaball, is an autonomous republicball within Russiaball. Most of its population consists of ethnic Yakuts and Russians.

    Sakhaball is extremely large in land area. It holds the record of the largest countryball subdivision in the world, and it is comparable to Indiaball by size. It is also known for its extreme climate.

    Also, its laugh sounds like "bhe bhe bhe" (бхэ бхэ бхэ). Another version of its laugh is күкүкүкү (shorted from word күлүү laugh), this version resembles Korean laughing. It is Turkic, with some Mongolic influence.


    There are a lot of theories of where Sakhaball came from, but most likely Sakhaball was born as a 1ball (like all Turks in Siberia, it is a pure Asian). Its ancestor lived near the Baikal lake in XI century together with ancestors of Buryatiaball, and since they lived together, Yakut language was strongly influenced by Mongolian. Then they decided to migrate north, where they met ancestors of Evenball and Evenkball, mixing together resulted in modern Yakuts (Sakha).

    As of July 2021, Sakhaball is currently on fire and the government doesn't do ANYTHING about it.

    Relationships (Отношения/Сыһыан)

    Friends (Друзья/Доҕоттор)

    • Xiongnuball - I am one of its descendants.
    • Kurykanball - My parent, it is most likely the one I descended from, and it is also the parent (or at least, a dna donor) to Buryatiaball, who is my Mongolic sib.
    • Mongoliaball - My pibling, it's ancestor Mongol Empireball played a big role in my origin, sad thing it died though.
    • Mongol Empireball - great grandparent, it was slightly abusive but I inherited a lot of things from it, some of old lexicon is still present in my own language.
    • Тыва - Close sibling. :D
    • Khakassiaball - Sibling from the Southern part of Siberia.
    • Turkeyball - Distant sibling in the Middle East :)
    • Buryatiaball - Mongolic sib.
    • Altaiball - Turkic sib.
    • South Koreaball - We do resemble each other in appearance. Also, you can have all the mammoth DNA you want!. Good that recently we have a cooperation in the study of IT. Plus you're also my cousin!
    • Japanball - They represent designs that are suitable for our climate conditions. Actually, for the last decades, it is one guy (and a relative) that helps me a lot, which I appreciate. Also, I like your cars, especially Toyota and Nissan. We are also kinda related genetically.
    • Polandball - Lots of people from your clay were sent into mine local gulag camps. Glad we had good relations and helped each other back then against imperial and communist tyranny!
    • Anybody else - please help me to get out of the wildfires situation I'm literally burning in ashes

    Neutral (Нейтральный/Нейтральнай)

    • Chinaball - Good trader but please, I kindly ask you, stop with... the... Siberian deforestation, forests are very important source of air, and no, you aren't gonna touch my lands and build factories on them. That will never happen!! You are also friends with North Koreaball.
    • Russiaball - My parent, not so bad. Nowadays I'm usually friendly(?) with it. But now it is okay. Please, help you need to pay attention to me, I'm currently on fire and yuo aren't doing anything about it?! You also like this sh*t
    • Evenkball - BBBBB!GET LOST! I'M STRONKER THAN YUO! Sibling that is jealous because I'm bigger than it, but we talk sometimes.
    • Dolgansball - They think that they separate from me but no YOU ARE THE SAME AS US! JUST WITH TUNGUSIC INFLUENCE! BUT YOU ARE A TURKIC LIKE ME!!
    • USAball - I don't really hate you as I am not that bad right now, also there are a lot of my people migrating to your clay so should I say thank you? Also, it was really sad that my government rejected the help from one of your celebrities Leonardo Di Caprio.

    Enemies (Враги/Өстөөхтөр)

    • Kyrgyzstanball - Your migrants stealing my people's work!! Also, they behave disrespectfully!! Stop it or...
    • North Koreaball - Stop threatening the world with your nuclear weapons! Or else that will blow up all of us including YOU! I like South Koreaball not you. I support her as well.

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Dodger Blue 17, 153, 255 C093-M040-Y000-K000 #1199FF
    White 255, 255, 255 C000-M000-Y000-K000 #FFFFFF
    Islamic Green 0, 153, 0 C000-M064-Y064-K015 #009900
    Scarlet Red 255, 36, 0 C000-M086-Y100-K000 #FF2400


    zh:萨哈球 es:Sajáball

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