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    Горные реки к морю спешат.
    Птицы к вершинам путь свой вершат.
    Ты мой очаг, ты моя колыбель
    Клятва моя - Дагестан!
    Dagestanball singing her anthem
    ТӀадегӀанаб, гӀагараб, магӀарулазул улка
    Аваданаб Дагъистан!
    (The majestic, dear, the land of highlanders
    Great Dagestan!)
    — Rasul Gamzatov
    МагӀарулал ругел лъикӀал гӀадамал
    Бир болгъан, бир болмагъандеп башлана ёммакъ

    Dagestanball is a federal subject of  Russiaball in the Caucasus. It is home to so many ethnic groups. It is often confused with  Kareliaball.


    Dagestan was the home of many tribes such as Aghulball, Lezginball, Udiball, Lakball, Tsakhurball, Tatball, Andiball, Tabasaranball, and many other groups. The most notable group was Caucasian Avarballs. Georgiaball's influence brought Orthodoxy to the tribes.

    One day Sassanidball took the Caucasus in its custody. Sarirball was established at this point as a Persian vassal, because of this some of its kings were Persian.

    Later, Khazariacube and many Islamic caliphates fought over the region. Despite Khazariacube defeating arab invaders every time, the region fell under Muslim influence long after the Khazars fell. Over time, Sarirball converted to kebabism Islam and became Avarball, and lived peacefully until Qajarball and Russian Empireball fought over it, which Russiaball won and anschlussed it.


    Chechnyaball once attacked Dagestanball back when Chechnya was still separatist, but Dagestan was avenged by papa Russiaball.

    Dagestanball got its name from Turkeyball and Iranball. "Dag" is Turkish for "mountain" and "stan" is Persian for clay.

    Flag colours

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Spanish Green 0, 147, 73 C100-M0-Y50-K42 #009349
    Philippine Blue 0, 57, 166 C100-M65-Y0-K34 #0039A6
    Maximum Red 213, 43, 30 C0-M79-Y85-K16 #D52B1E



    • Къажар/Азәрбајҹан - My sister. I have an Azerbaijani ethnic group here. Also I have your language official in my clay written in Cyrillic script.
    • Туркия/Түркијә - Sister of my brother Azerbaijanball! Love you so much.
    • Хъазахъистан - My Turkic sister. My Nogai language is mutually intelligible with her language.
    • Швеция - I like your vikings! PEWDIEPIE stronk! But why did you burn the Qur'an?!
    • Чачан - Fellow muslim sibing, who is more radical than me sometimes. But yuo need to calm down, yuo tried to invade me for no reason in the past.
    • Гъалмугъ - My northern Mongolic Buddhist neighbor.
    • Пакистан - Brother of my other brother Azerbaijanball and he is best friends with them! Love you so much too. Since I like Islam, I want to say with you: "What does Pakistan mean? La Ilaha illa Allah!" (Because we both like Islam) Also your citizen Nasreddin Murat-Khan is of my origin and he is of Kumyk ethnicity.
    • Иран - The red in my flag represents you unofficially because in Ancient Persian times, your flag had red as your traditional color. You are the reason why I have so many Persian words in my languages I speak.


    How to draw

    Draw Dagestanball is simple:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes
    2. Color them of this green, this blue and this red
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.




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