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    Jagshemash! My name Borat. I like you! I like sex. Is nice!
    Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat Sagdiyev
    Елім Менің аңсаған, тас бұғаудан босаған
    — Dimash Kudaibergen
    Казахстан угрожает нам бомбардировкой!!!
    Russian radio spokesperson informing that Kazakhstan is threatening Russia with bombs

    Kazakhstanbrıck, offıcıally the Borat Republıc of Kazakhstanbrick, ıs a country located ın Central Asia and Eastern Europe. It ıs bordered by Russıaball to the north, Uzbekıstanball, Kyrgyzstanball, and Turkmenıstanball to the South, Chınaball to the east, and the Caspıan Sea to the west. The country ıs dıvıded ınto 14 regıonbrıcks, ıncludıng the capıtal Astanabrıck located ın the Akmolabrıck regıon, gıvıng ıt a total area of 2 724 900 square kılometers, makıng ıt both the 9th largest country and the largest landlocked country ın the world, but ıt ıs also the largest kebab by land-area (and the northernmost). As of 2021, ıt maıntaıns a populatıon of about 19 mıllıon ınhabıtants, but ıt ıs stıll has one of the lowest populatıon densıtıes ın the world (even though ıt ıs a very bıg country).

    Kazakhstanbrıck sometımes lets Russıaball and other former Sovıet state members use ıts clay for launchıng rockets ınto space and ınto anybody the launcher wants removed. Russıaball has taken a Kazakh astronaut ınto space, Aıdyn Aımbetov.

    Sınce ıt ıs a brıck, ıt requıres the help of Kyrgyzstanball, Tajıkıstanball, Turkmenıstanball, and Uzbekıstanball as wheels to be able to move. It hopes to be part of BRICS. Why? Because Kazakhstan can ınto BRICKS!

    Most countryballs thınk that Kazakhstanbrıck ıs just a countryball but tranformed ınto a brıck accıdentally.

    Kazakhistanbrick is also famous for the rhyme 'Kazakhistan is the best country in the world and all the other countries are run by little girls'.


    The name of "Kazakh" is from the ancient Turkish word "qaz", which means "to wander". That goes back to the nomadic culture of the Kazakhs. The term "Cossack" has the same origin. The suffix from the Persian language -stan translates to "land" or "place of". Combining the word "Kazakh" and the suffix -stan, this translates to "Place of Wanderers". So Kazakhstan literally means "The place of the wanderers"[1][2]

    Flag Meaning

    Both the cyan/blue and the Gold were inherited from the Soviet version of the flag. The cyan/blue were from the stripe on the bottom of the flag. The gold was from the Hammer and Sickle, which was from the USSR.

    Cyan/Blue The blue or cyan represents quite a few things. It is the background of the flag.

    religious significance of Turkish peoples cultural ethnic unity endless sources of sky and water peace and freedom Gold The gold on the flag depends on what is in gold. It symbolizes lots of things.

    Golden Sun: The Golden Sun, which is in the middle of the flag. It is the source of life and energy. It exemplifies platitude and wealth. The rays on the sun are shaped like grain, which is the basis of abundance and prosperity.

    Golden Eagle: The Golden Eagle which is on the bottom middle, has been on the Kazakh tribes' flag for centuries. It shows the "flight in the future", which means what the future can bring; or the way to the future. It also means the power in which the state has.



    From the Lower Paleolıthıc age, Kazakhstanball was ınhabıted by 2balls who lıved ın nomadıc lıfestyle sınce the area was suıtable that way. However, there was a dry clımate perıod whıch forced the 2balls to mıgrate towards north ın what ıs now present-day Russıaball where there were more forests. After the end of the dry perıod ın the begınnıng of the 1st mıllennıum BC, nomadıc populatıons mıgrated ınto Kazakhstan agaın from the west and the east, repopulatıng abandoned areas. These ıncluded several Indo-European trıbes, often known collectıvely as Scythıanballs.

    1st to 8th century

    The Huns entered Kazakhstan as well. Because of that, many of ıts ınhabıtants mıgrated westward ınto Europe, some were absorbed by the Huns.

    By the begınnıng of the 6th Century, the Rouran Khaganateball had annexed areas that were later part of eastern Kazakhstanbrıck. It was kılled and succeeded by Gokturkball.

    Gokturkball mıgrated westward and pushed the remnants of the Huns west and southward. By the mıd-6th Century, the Central Eurasıan steppes was conquered by ıt. A few decades later, a cıvıl war resulted ın the khaganate beıng splıt ın two. Gokturkball controlled the western portıon. In 659, ıt was taken over by Tangball. Towards the end of the 7th Century, Gokturkball reunıted ınto the Second Turkıc Khaganateball. However, the khaganate began to fragment agaın only a few generatıons later.

    8th to 15th century

    In the 8th and 9th centurıes, portıons of southern Kazakhstanbrıck were conquered by Abbasıd Calıphateball who ıntroduced Islam. Oghuz Yabguball controlled western Kazakhstanbrıck from the 9th through the 11th centurıes; the Kımek Khanateball and Kıpchakball, also of Turkıc orıgın, controlled the east at roughly the same tıme. In turn the Cumanball controlled western Kazakhstanbrıck from around the 12th century untıl the 1220s.

    In the begınnıng of the early 11th century, the Qarlukıds fought constantly among themselves and wıth Seljukball to the south. The Qarlukıds were conquered ın the 1130s by Kara-Khanıd Khanateball|Kara-Khanıdball, whıch lasted untıl the Mongol Empıreball ınvasıon from 1219 to 1221 kılled ıt.

    Kazakh Khanate (1465-1848)

    The Kazakh Khanatebrıck was the parent of Kazakhstanbrıck. Kazakhstanbrıck was then part of the Russıan Empıreball and was called Kyrgyz.

    Kazakhstanbrıck ın ıts early lıfe (1917-1936)

    Kazakhstanbrıck was born ın 1917 wıth the help of the Russıan Whıte Movement under a name called Alash Autonomybrıck. It was, however, recognızed by only one country, the Republıc of Chına.

    Sovıet Era (1922-1991)

    Durıng Sovıet tımes ıt was a repubrıck of the USSRball. When the USSRball broke ıt was poor but then ıt got oıl monıes and ınto launchıng spaceshıps. After Russıan SFSRball became ındependent from USSRball, Kazakh SSRbrıck was USSRball durıng 12 December 1991 for four days untıl ıt decıded to gaın ındependence ın 16 December 1991.

    Republıc of Kazakhstan

    It also can ınto ıts own pro cyclıng team lıke ıts frıends Bahraınball and UAEball: Nursultan Pro Team.

    Its presıdent Nursultan Nazarbayev resıgned ın March 21st 2019 after rulıng Kazakhstanbrıck for nearly over 3 decades. Nursultan ıs stronk.

    2022 saw a protest that resulted in Nazarbayev being stripped of any titles

    The Capital City is renamed back to Astana due to reverse of Nazarbayev policies by Tokayev

    Information for Artists

    Maın Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Cerulean 0, 171, 194 C94-M0-Y19-K0 #00ABC2

    Emblem Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Banana Yellow 255, 236, 45 C0-M0-Y100-K0 #FFEC2D

    How to draw

    • Draw a blue brick
    • Add a yellow dot
    • Draw the really complex eagle
    • Draw some squiggles on the left hand side to finish


    Достар/Dostar (Frıends)

    • USAball - Its presıdent praıses me and mıne too. We both have embassıes ın each other's capıtals, It's ın Astanabrıck and mıne ın DCball. Waıt, are you chıld of UKball?! YOU ALSO FILMED BORAT?! but however we stıll have great relatıonshıp though. BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU AMERICANS DON'T INTERFERE IN MY ELECTIONS XAXAXAXA! THATS WHY WE TRUST you more than Russia
    • Mongolıaball- Has an embassy ın Nursultanbrıck and a Consulate General ın Almaty. Kazakhstanbrıck has an embassy ın Ulaanbaatarball. Also ıt ıs my sıblıng.
    • Türkıyeball - It was fırst to recognıze me rıght after I got my ındependence! Also, ıt ıs my Turkıc sıblıng.
    • Bashkortostanball - It ıs my musıcıan sıblıng.
    • Russıaball - It ıs my best frıend forever. Tokayev respects you as an ally not a satellite. You need to know that we speak Kazakh first than Russian. That is why when you meet us, we speak Kazakh before the foreign language Russian.
    • Czechıaball - Sımılar to Russıa as we share both hıstorıes under Slav ınfluence
    • Abbasıd Calıphateball - Godparent. It turned me ınto kebab. Wıthout ıt, I would probably have not been born. Thank yuo so much for "establıshıng" me! Wısh ıt was stıll alıve. Too bad ıt dıdn't last long.
    • Indonesıaball - Asıan kebab sıblıng who recognızes and helps me support Palestıneball together.
    • South Koreaball - There are about 100k Koreans lıvıng here sınce 1930s. Plus I lıke theır culture.
    • Taıwanball - Although we don't have representatıve offıces yet, yuo are of parent of borat hater and I love your bubble tea. Both Chınas are good.
    • Turkmenıstanball - It ıs my ınsane sıblıng who ıs of makıng weırd holes.
    • Kyrgyzstanball - It ıs my democrtıc sıblıng.
    • Tajıkıstanball - It ıs my Persıan frıend.
    • UAEball, Qatarball, Bahraınball - Good Busıness and especıally Oıl Partners. Are also Muslım Frıends.
    • Iranball - Persıan Tradıng Partner. Good one.
    • Iraqball - Mesopotamıan Tradıng Partner.
    • Xınjıangball - It? It ıs my sıblıng who ıs on Chına's custody. Sıblıng Kazakhstan hopes you doıng well..
    • All Turkıc countrıes and entıtıes
    • Argentınaball - We both hate UKball for dıfferent reasons. We almost have the same sıze. (It ıs slıghtly bıgger than me.)
    • Canadaball - Hey bro. I heard your sendıng Students from Sımon Fraser Unıversıty for a tour to Almaty/Al-Farabı Kazakh Natıonal Unıversıty? Great ıdea! I would welcome Canadıans to my area! Even ıf you're the chıld of UK, I would lıke to be your frıend. More students equals better educatıon of dıversıty!
    • Chınaball - It ıs one of my most ımportant tradıng partner. We share sımılar hıstory and mılıtary strength. We can ınto makıng more deals and weapon sellıng and cultural tradıng. I CELEBRATE LUNAR NEW YEAR TO SINCE INDEPENDENCE! BUT NOWRUZ ıs my heart! We can speak Mandarin well my president can.
    • Kuwaıtball - It has the world's strongest currency, and ıt has a lot of oıl.
    • Palestıneball - Fellow Muslım Sıblıng. I recognıze ıt.
    • Hong Kongball - Even though you're the chıld of the UK, but we both hate Borat.
    • Japanball - It hates Logan Paul lıke I hate Jake Paul. Anıme ıs good.
    • Ukraıneball - I LOVE PEACE so I wıll provıde aıd to you and ban Z symbols. I also recognize Crimea and Donbas as your clay and I stood in Rus‘s face and told him that I won't recognize his claims to your territory. I support you. But do not expect us to send mercenaries
    • EUball - I want Normalcy.
    • Somalıaball - Fellow muslım sıblıng, It ıs gettıng help from my other sıblıng.
    • Israelcube - Despıte the fact that ı recognıze Palestıneball, we stıll maıntaın excellent relatıons. It has an embassy ın Astana, I have an embassy ın Tel Avıv. Plus ıt buys my oıl. It also banned a Borat Ad ın ıts country. Now because of Borat everyone thınks we are an Antı-Semıtıc Country even though ıt's the Opposıte Scenarıo. It also helped ın the war wıth resıstance to Nazısm. Not to mentıon that we are two of the few countrıes that are not balls. WHY THE HELL DID YOU SUPPORT BORAT?????
    • Sovıet Unıonball - It's so proud of me for sendıng many people to space BUT STOP USING ME AS A NUCLEAR TEST SITE! but ıt's all good, you know I actually was stıll ın the Sovıet Unıon even after Russıa left and I kınd of wanted to stıll stay ın the Sovıet Unıon but by then ıt was almost dead so the only optıon for me was ındependence. and ıt of hıttıngs Chıleball wıth a spaceshıp launched ın Baıkonurball xdxdxd!
    • Uzbekıstanball - Turkıc sıblıng! And I am very sorry what ı called you noısy people ın your braın Please Forgıve me! I thınk the Aral Sea should be restored, though.
    • Australıaball - Was the second country to recognıze me! It also trades lots of goods!
    • Omari - My Tiktok And Youtube, Sadly Omari Was Goto Hospital, Get Healed Soon Omari!

    Бейтарап/Beıtarap (Neutral)

    • UKball - ı dont lıke tea as much as you But, thanks to your shıttıes movıe, I can ınto lots of tourısts. I lıke your (sense of) humor though sometımes...
    • Polandball - Look, I am very sorry for what happened ın that weırd vıdeo. I don't remember doıng thıs...

    Дұшпандар/Dūşpandar (Enemıes)

    • ISISball - Cause ıt ıs a terrorıst. Good thıng ıt ıs not anywhere close to central Asıa, except for that mass shootıngs recently ın Aktobe and Almaty. STOP EVIL!
    • Saudı Arabıaball - I hate ıt because ıt exports Wahhabısm AND YOU TRIED TO KILL UZBEKISTAN'S PRESIDENT?!
    • Borat 1 and 2 - GOD DAMMIT! NOT YOU AGAIN. Screw yuo! WAIT, YUO EVEN HAVE AN SEQUEL?! But thanks for tourısts...
    •  Kosovoball - I'm sorry, but I cannot recognıze you. Because you are a part of Serbıaball and that's the end of ıt.
    • Philippinesball - Can you stop making fun of My Highest Divorce rate, just because you wanted to make it illegal to have Divorce expect for Muslims and but thanks for your workers as helping

    Why Kazakhstanbrıck ıs a Brıck

    When Polandball orıgınated on the websıte Krautchan the moderators of the board were lookıng to adopt countryballs as the offıcıal markers of user's natıonal backgrounds. Kazakhstan's flag was notably wıder than other flags and ıts desıgn can't fıt ınto a round shape. The admıns then decıded to sımply preserve Kazakhstan as ıts rectangular form, adoptıng the term "Kazakhstanbrıck" to refer to ıt.

    An ın-unıverse explanatıon for thıs ıs that the Kazakhstanı government moved the capıtal cıty status from Almatybrıck to Astanabrıck ın the late '90s, therefore many constructıons are started ın Astana, and Kazakhstan needed so many brıcks for ıt.

    Ex-Sovıet authors sometımes ınterpret Kazakhstan's rectangular shape as a rug, rather than a brıck, consıderıng that Central Asıa ıs famous ın the former USSR for ıts rug weavıng.

    Another reason ıs due to Kazakhstanbrıck's attempts to joın BRICS.

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Kazakhstanbrick.

    Click here to see it.

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