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    Dervish Stateball

    Must spin for religion
    Dervish Stateball

    Dervish Stateball was a devilish state an Islamic theocracyball in Horn of Africa. It was the only African country in which it took 3 countries to colonize it because it was a menace during World War I. Dervish Stateball was well known for being colonized by 3 countries, and helping the Ottomans out during World War I.


    The Dervish state was a historic dynasty of Ogadeniaball that lasted from 1890-1918. In its existence, it was scared of Ethiopian and Italian imperialism. From its danger, it became friends with Ottoman Empireball from trading and of course being Islamic. This led for the Dervish State to become part of the Central powers of world war 1. It was one of the three countries that survived the scramble of Africa, but only so until it was colonized by 3 Europeans and 1 African by 1925.

    The Dervish State was helping out the Ottomans with supplies whereas they gave the Dervish State some materials to fight back western and Ethiopian imperialists. At first, the devs won many battles and the Abyssinians started to fear them. But then with the help of Italian, French and British forces, they lost, having to give up their land to colonization. To this day Ogadeniaball still belongs to Ethiopiaball and lead through separatist movements to reunite with Somaliaball

    How to draw[edit]

    Main colors[edit]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Teal-Cyan 0, 171, 201 C1-M.149-Y.211-K.211 #00ABC9
    Lava 218, 18, 26 C0-M92-Y88-K15 #DA121A

    How to draw[edit]

    Drawing the Dervish Stateball is quite simple. First, color the ball entirely with Red and then add two big TEAL rectangles. One inside of another

    And your done!




    • Kingdom of Italyball - It is an embarrassment. Basically, a stupid little pasta shit who depended on three other countries to attack me. If it fought me alone like Abyssiniaball did I would have beat it easily.
    • Traitorball - It was the first one to invade me to begin with. It wanted to "Christianify" the horn of Africa. It tried to take my land many times, in which it ends up succeeding. My Commie relative try retrieving it back but failed. It is the official worst sibling in the world. Also, why did you murder that That little child who did nothing to you?
    • Franceball - Seriously? You had to take over rightfully somali territory and named it Djibouti?
    • UKball - Stupid old British fucker who keeps anschlussing my siblings clay and is one of the reasons why modern-day Somaliaball isn't doing so well. Give British Somalilandball or I'll keep raiding it!



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