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    Adygeaball is gay a Russian Republicball located in southern  Russiaball in the historical region of Circassiaball. It is an enclave of Krasnodarball. Being a descendant of Circassiaball, it is a Northwest Caucasian, like Kabardino-Balkariaball and Karachay-Cherkessiaball. The stars in its flag represent the twelve Circassian tribeballs.


    Adygeaball was born as a Caucasian 2ball. Like most of the Caucasus, they abandoned paganism with Orthodox Christianity from the Georgians. The lands was filled with 12 tribes: Abzakhball, Besleneyball, Bzhedughball, Hatuqwayball, Kabardayball, Mamkheghball, Natukhajball, Shapsughball, Chemirgoyball, Ubykhball, Yegeruqwayball and Zhaneyball. By the 7th century, they all served Khazariaball and the later dominating Golden Hordeball.

    When Golden Hordeball died, Inal the Great Circassiaball became independent.

    From 1427, Inal the Great united the twelve traditional tribes of the Circassiaball confederation and it became a state. Circassiaball allied with Ottoman Empireball, but had to pay its taxes. Russian Empireball saw Circassiaball as a buffer zone with Ottomanball.

    Russian Empireball became expansionist once more and tried to Anschluss Circassiaball, and eventually clay in 1864, where over 75% of Circassianballs were murdered by the Russian Empireball in the late 19th century, in what is now called the Circassian Genocide. Many survivors fled to Ottomanball for refugee. The Genocide is still denied by Russiaball. It, along with its siblings tried to secede from Russiaball as the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasusball but failed and was treated badly under USSRball.

    Unlike most of the Russian Republics, it still never forgave Russiaball for past atrocities.

    Relationships (Отношения/ФыщытыкӀэ)

    Friends (Друзья/Иныбджэгъухэ)

    Neutral (Нейтральный/БгъуитӀу яз гомыхьэрэ)

    • Krasnodarball - WHAT?? DON'T EAT NE PLOX!
    • Russiaball - Your grandfather committed a horrible genocide against my people! Why are you even denying it happened?! But I may forgive you some time, as it was your grandparent who committed the atrocity, and not you.

    Enemies (Враги/Ипыйхэр)


    How to draw

    1. Color the circle this green.
    2. With yellow, draw three intersecting arrows and nine stars, and an extra three stars on top of each arrow.
    3. Draw the eyes.

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Metallic green 42, 107, 17 C60-M0-Y83-K58 #2A6B11
    Yellow 255, 255, 0 C0-M0-Y100-K0 #FFFF00


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