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    Kingdom of Loriball, or Kingdom of Tashir- Dzoragetball, was an Armenian Kingdomball which broke away from Bagratid Armeniaball in the Middle Ages.


    The Kingdom of Loriball was the child of Bagratid Armeniaball, and as a favor Bagratid Armeniaball let Loriball be independent in the year 979. Eventually, Loriball outlived Bagratid Armeniaball by nearly a century. Was stronk between 989 and 1048, taking clay from surrounding areas. Its original name was the Kingdom of Tashir-Dzoragetball, but later it came to be known by the name of its capitalball, Lori Berdball, which changed from Matsnaberdball in 1065.

    In order to be saved from kebab and Mongol, it ultimately allowed Kingdom of Georgiaball to anschluss its clay in 1118, becoming its spouse. Loriball is a rarity in that both its independence and takeover were fairly non-violent. Later on,  Seljukball did invade its clay though, unfortunately, but Kingdom of Georgiaball was able to re-anschluss Loriball. Unfortunately, Kingdom of Georgiaball divided into 4 lesser states and Loriball was the most southern province of Kingdom of Kartliball, soon Kingdom of Kartliball, which was under stronk influence of Safavid dynastyball. For a short time Kingdom of Kartliball and Kingdom of Kakhetiball even united and made Kingdom of Kartli-Kakhetiball which was anschlussed by Evil Empireball in 1801. Happily, the empire of evil was also divided into lesser states in 1918, and now when First Republic of Armeniaball and DR Georgiaball were free, little Loriball was under question, it was part of DR Georgiaball, but Armeniaball had a strong claim on it which led to 1-month war. As UKball interrupted and said to cease fire, Loriball became a neutral zone, it was both Armenian and Georgian at the same time (weird, right?). Very soon Armeniaball had to give up on Loriball because of anschluss by the Soviet Unionball, but Georgiaball was Sovietized too and Loriball was given to Armenian SSRball due an Armenian majority.

    Today Loriball is a province of Armeniaball.

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