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    Yerevanball, also known as Erevanball, is the capital cityball and the biggest cityball of Armeniaball. About one third of the countryball's population lives there. It can into tons of museums, art galleries, and embassies. Loves pink and black tufa stone, and statues. It is at the same time a cityball and a provinceball.


    Yerevanball was officially born as a 2ball, but soon was given an identity by Urartuball in the year 782 B.C., who called it Erebuniball. This makes it actually one of the oldest cityballs in the world, though it did not rise to prominence until more modern times. To this day, Erevanball's coat of arms depicts an Urartian winged lion, and it has kept its Urartian cuneiform birth certificate in a museum. In later years, it was adopted by SPQRball, Parthiaball, Persiaball, Russian Empireball, Transcaucasiaball, Sovietball and Armeniaball. It is the 12th capital cityball Armeniaball has had. The others kept dying out or being taken over by kebab. It was the chief town of Erivan Khanateball and then Erivan Governorateball. It first became a capital cityball for First Republic of Armeniaball in 1918, then was the capital cityball of Armenian SSRball and now modern Armeniaball.

    Yerevanball is home to many great landmarks, like the Cascade stairs, Mother Armeniaball statue, Matanadaran museum, Republic Square, Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide memorial, and the huge St. Gregory Cathedral.

    Today it is known to protest at the slightest hint that Armeniaball is raising its energy prices or bus fares. When this happens, Armeniaball breaks out the water cannons. It really dislikes his government.

    Twin Cityballs

    Can into 25 Sister cityballs, including:


    • Armeniaball - Step-dad.
    • Gyumriball - Second best biggest Armenian cityball. Is jealous of me, even made its own Mother Armenia statue because it's jealous of mine. Needs to clean up after earthquake already.
    • Vanadzorball - Gif me yuor weather! Shat shok e...
    • Glendaleball - California version of me. We should be Twin Cities, but I opted for the bigger Los Angelesball. Well, at least it's LA's friend.
    • Vagharshapatball - My church is much bigger than yuors! My church can walk right through the door! With a feeling so pure! (Yuo are just a suburbball of me).
    • Azerbaijanball - Stop saying I'm yuor clay, aboosh!
    • Urartuball - My parent. Kind of wish he'd stop leaving artifacts right where I want to build freeways.

    How to draw

    Draw Yerevanball isn't difficult:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape
    2. Draw the coat of arms of Erevan in the center in a strange red circle
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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