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    Sakhalinball is Sinnoh's Battle Zone and Pokemon League an island in eastern Asia and an oblastball of Russiaball. It also administers Kuril Islands, located southeast of Sakhalin mainland. The southern half of the island used to be part of Japanese Empireball until 1945. In the same way that Irelandball is located in the British Isles but it is not British (except Northern Irelandball), it is located in the Japanese Archipelago, but it is not Japanese.


    Sakhalinball started off as 1balls and 2balls that decided to explore further offshore of the Russian Far East until they discovered land. They evolved to Ainuballs. For most of their history, it paid tribute to many Chinese dynasties. Mongol Empireball tried to Anschluss Ainuball but failed because Mongol can not into sea. Ainuball was forced to pay tribute to its child Yuanball though. Dutch Empireball was the first Europeanball to discover it in 1643.

    Sakhalinball was claimed by both Russiaball and Japanball over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries. These disputes sometimes involved military conflict and divisions of the island between the two powers. In 1875, Japanese Empireball ceded its claims to Russian Empireball in exchange for the northern Kuril Islands. In 1905, following the Japanese victory in the Russo-Japanese War, the island was divided, with the south going to Japan.

    In the final days of World War II in 1945, Soviet Unionball invaded Karafutoball (South Sakhalinball) as well as all of the Kuril Islands. Russiaball has held all of the island ever since. Japanball no longer claims any of Sakhalinball, although it does still claim the southern Kuril Islands. Most Ainu on Sakhalinball moved to Hokkaidoball, only 43 km (27 mi) to the south when the Japanese were displaced from the island in 1949. Only a few Ainu remain.

    Today most of its inhabitants are Russians, with several groups of native Ainuball and Nivkhs. There are also many Koreans, Ukrainian, and indigenous inhabitants of former Soviet stateballs. Sakhalinball's primary activity today is mining gas and oil, of whom it is very rich. It has a strikingly beautiful landscape, especially in the volcanic Kuril Islands. However, partly because of its strategic importance and dispute with Japanball there are restrictions for other countryballs to freely explore its clay.




    • Japanball - You are my parent once then the Soviets annexed me and made me oblast. I don't really hate you but only politics. My current parent likes your stuff like anime and foods so we get along now. Also thanks for making part of me as Sinnoh, so finally Russia can into Pokémon, but why did yuo only include southern Sakhalin (which was once part of the Empire of Japan) and not the entire Russian Sakhalin island?
    • Hokkaidoball - Japanese sibling and neighbour, we both have some Ainu people and culture, and there have been cultural and economic exchanges between both of us in recent decades, but why are yuo trying to anschluss southern Kuril? We are both included in Sinnoh region in Pokémon 4th generation!


    • USAball - Fucking American Empire who hates me and my parent!!!! I hope that you get nuked soon!!!
    • Demoblyat - Fake China! YOUR BUBBLE TEA IS SHIT!

    Flag colors

    The Sakhalinball flag is made out of a dark cyan background and a white silhouette of Sakhalin.

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Freshwater Blue 71, 175, 164 C040-M004-Y000-K-032 #47A5AE
    White 255, 255, 255 C000-M000-Y000-K000 #FFFFFF




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