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    Bagratid Armenia-icon.png Bagratid Kingdom of Armeniaball was an Armenia-icon.png Armenian Kingdomball in the middle ages.


    Bagratid Armeniaball had been an Armenian provinceball named Arminiyaball under Umayyad-icon.png Umayyadball's rule for many years until it was taken over by Abbasid-icon.png Abbasidball, who decided to give it independence in the 880's so that it wouldn't be tempted to join Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball. This was the first time an Armeniaball had independence since Ancient Armeniaball got took over, more than 400 years before.

    Bagratid Armeniaball got split up over time because its provinceballs wanted independence, and had fights with Vaspurakanball (formerly of its clay, but also Armenian). Byzantineball eyed the fighting hungrily, and one by one took over parts of Bagratid Armeniaball that broke away. In 1045 kebabs were beginning to invade from the north, and when Bagratid Armeniaball went to ask Byzantineball for help, it instead killed and anschlussed Bagratid Armeniaball, seizing Aniball. And then it neglected to defend Bagratid Armeniaball's clay, allowing for Seljuk-icon.png Seljukball to invade, thus eventually allowing kebab to take over Anatolia. They destroyed the capital Aniball, which lies in ruins to this day.

    Its relatives Ciliciaball and Hamamshenball fled the kebab invasion and lived on for a few hundred more years. It was also survived by three of its breakaway provinces until the 1200's; Kingdom of Syunikball, Kingdom of Loriball, and Kingdom of Artsakhball.


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