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    Aniball is for No in Korean a ruined medieval cityball, once capital of Bagratid Armenia-icon.png Bagratid Armeniaball, but now situated on Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball's clay, just on the other side of the border from Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball, as it can easily be seen from its clay across a river canyon. Its buildings are badly taken care of.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Aniball is first mentioned in the 5th century as a city in Ancient Armeniaball. It slowly rose to prominence, and in 961 Bagratid Armeniaball made it its capitalball. It became a huge cityball, said to have 1,001 churches, and rivaled Constantinopleball in size, thanks to profiting from the Silk Road trade.

    In 1046 however, Byzantineball captured it and killed Bagratid Armeniaball. And in 1064, since Byzantineball did nothing to stop it, Seljukball seized Aniball and slaughtered citizens, destorying beautiful architecture. Afterwards Kingdom of Georgiaball tried to retake Aniball from the kebab, eventually succeeding and allowing the city to recover somewhat. But in 1236, Mongol Empireball destroyed Aniball again. Finally, an earthquake broke it in 1319, and while a village existed within its walls for a while, was finally abandoned by the seventeenth century, under Ottomanball rule.

    First Republic of Armeniaball claimed it after becoming independent in 1918, but Turkeyball invaded and took Aniball in 1920, and Sovietball let it keep it after conquering Armeniaball. It's often thought about completely destroying it, but decided not to because of tourism, though until recently refused to admit it is an Armenian cityball. It started to admit it because it wanted UNESCOball to make it a world heritage site. This finally happened in July 2016.

    Today, although Turkeyball exploits it for tourism money, Aniball is falling apart, and Armeniaball can do nothing but watch its on the other side of the border, heaving big sighs. UNESCOball might help repair it though.

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