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    Give us the future..we’ve had enough of your past..give us back our country to live in—to grow in..to love.
    — Michael Collins to UKball
    Irelandball everyday
    Sinne Fianna Fáil, atá faoi gheall ag Éirinn,

    Buíon dár slua thar toinn do ráinig chugainn, Faoi mhóid bheith saor, Seantír ár sinsear feasta, Ní fhágfar faoin tíorán ná faoin tráill.

    Irelandball, singing it's national anthem
    But you see, it's not me, it's not my family
    In your head, in your head, they are fighting
    With their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and their guns
    In your head, in your head, they are crying in your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie-eh-eh
    What's in your head, in your head?
    Zombie, zombie, zombie-eh-eh-eh
    — The Cranberries

    Irelandball, offically the Republic of Irelandball, or Eireball, is a democratic countryball that takes up most of the island of Ireland in western Europe. It is bordered by UKball with Northern Irelandball to the North and Northeast, the Celtic Sea to the South, the Atlantic to the West, and is located just off the coast of UKball to the East. The country is divided into 4 provinces, including its capital Dublinball located in the Leinsterball province, giving it a total area of 27,133 square miles, making it the 118th largest country in the world.

    It maintains membership in EUball, as well as the UNball like almost every other countryball in the world.

    It is the 2nd richest countryball in EUball after Luxembourgball and it has the fastest growing economy in EUball.


    Ireland is the only Celtic country that is independent, wheres all the rest are anschlussed by Germanics. Their relationship with UKball is tough for centuries. It is still mad at it for not helping it during its famine but very much relies on it with trade. The two are part of the British - Irish Council, showing that they still have some friends. When Northern Irelandball is not only saying "BOMB", "Norn Iron", and etc. They sometimes fight. Usually when "Norn Iron" is "dumb" it usually tries to steal it from UKball. They also like potatoes. Very much.


    Irelandball was one of Celtball's children, and while it's brother Walesball was conquered by SPQRball, it remained untouched by the Romans.

    Then after Englandball was invaded by Frankball's young Normandyball, they invaded Ireland and stayed there for 800 or more years.

    In 1603, England forced Irelandball to become Protestant (see above), and conquered it in 1649. Then in 1688-1692, Englandball fought a war against Catholic Irelandball, resulting in Ireland's Protestants having all the power, and laws that removed most of Catholic Irelandball's rights, but over the years Irelandball regained its Catholic way and is now mostly Catholic.

    In 1798, Irelandball rebelled against Britainball, resulting in its Ulsterball being taken away by the new UKball in 1801. Then in 1845, Ireland lost its 🥔 potatoes. Then again in 1847, and 1851. This led to thoughts of independence from UKball, but this was not shared by Ulsterball, who decided to remain as part of UKball in 1912.

    In 1916, while UKball was busy fighting German Empireball, Ireland started fighting it for independence. Eventually, in 1922, Ireland can into independence, but with the British king still as head of state and part of Ulsterball stayed with UKball to become Northern Irelandball, 26 of the Irish counties became part of Irelandball, and the other 12 part of Northern Irelandball.
    This caused a 40-year long war between Irish Republican terrorists (the I.R.A.) and Ulster Loyalist terrorists (the U.V.F mostly), known as The Troubles, many innocent Irishballs and Northern Irishballs died. Ireland remained neutral in WWII (known in Ireland as The Emergency) to prove its independence from UKball. In 1973, UKball joined EUball, and since Ireland had such strong trade agreements with UKball. it joined also.

    When both UKball and Irelandball got tired of the 40-year-border crisis with Northern Irelandball, they signed the Good Friday agreement on 10 April 1998 which ended the war. The Good Friday Agreement included the removal of the border between both nations (This was thanks to EUball's new open border treaty), and [2 and Article 3] of the 'BUNREACHT NA hÉIREANN' or 'Constitution Of Ireland' to be changed, with an overwhelming 90% of the Irish population voting for the agreement.

    In 2016 it became richer than UKball in GDP per capita. It still wants more 🥔 potatoes though.

    It is also tied with Swedenball for most Eurovision wins - a record seven times.

    Flag Colours

    Main Colours

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Shamrock Green 22, 155, 98 C86-M0-Y37-K39 #169B62
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Mango Tango 255, 136, 62 C0-M47-Y76-K0 #FF883E



    • Scotlandball - Me best Friend and sibling.
    • Latviaball - ME 🥔 POTATO FRIEND!!
    • Icelandball - Name stealer We both have similar names. It's a good ball to be around. We also hate Tea
    • USAball - There are a lot of Irish immigrants in USAball. USAball sometimes claims to be part Irish which annoys me. I don't really like them that much, but I mean I don't hate it. However, Irelandball dislikes American tourists. And there's an Irish Pub in Manhattan. It's special.
    • Australiaball - Cousin who lives in th' South Pacific, About 1/3 of the Australian population is significant of Irish descent. It also enjoys the love of 🥔 potatoes but mostly makes hot chips with 'em.
    • Argentinaball - Best friend. I teached it how to use ships as weapons! T'ey hates UKball (especially Englandball)... T'ey also has significant Irish heritage. There's a friendship song about us!
    • Northern Irelandball - Me twin, we were once one but now dis tea is hoggin' ye. GET. OFF. THE FENCE. AND STOP WITH NORN IRON FLEG! 26+6=1! Honestly, I believe that UKball certainly wants to get rid of you at the first opportunity.
    • Polandball - Happy 100th birthday to you, my best Slavic friend! It also likes 🥔 potatoes and loves gettin' drunk. There are also many Poles in my clay.
    • San Marinoball - Also has a crap neighbour: Italyball (Please don't kill me Italyball).
    • Canadaball - A lot of Irish immigrants there and they gave us 🥔 potatoes.
    • Lithuaniaball - Me alcoholic, 🥔 potato eating Catholic friend.
    • Peruball - The mythical, glorious clay from which 🥔 potatoes originated, they also love potatoes. I don't have much of a relationship with Peruball, but love 'em for that.
    • Indonesiaball - I call it me relative but they always say I'm not their relative. Also it likes 🥔 potatoes and we both support Palestineball.
    • South Koreaball - Close friends bonded by religion and history. I sent many o' me Catholic priests in its clay; as well as George Lewis Shaw to help its inpedendence from Empire of Japanball.
    • Basqueball - Me IRA supported 'im durin' 'is wee tantrum in the 1980s. Thinks they're an alien 'cause of 'is weird gab.
    • Cataloniaball - Aye, it's just tried ta get 'is independence from 'is bitchy parent. 2017 NEVER FORGET! One a' these days, Catalonia, ya gonna get yer independence and I'm behind ya!
    • Franceball - We both hated the UK, but now we are both allied with them. GIB INDEPENDENCE TO BRITANNY, also, WHY DID YOU CHEAT IN 2009? HANDBALL!, and why did you gave your young my flag, IT CAN'T BE TWO IRELANDS! but uhhh I still literally spend my entire summer in your clay every year because uhhhhh...
    • Austriaball - It is of lost member of Celtic family. Its Celtic language (Noric) is dead but it can into honorary Celt. Also it can into neutrality and beer like me.
    • Swedenball - Best friends for life. WHY??? I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST AT EUROVISION BUT YUO CAN INTO TIE IT??? 2023 WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!! REMOVE LOREEN! File:Ireland(tangle)-icon.png OR I'LL MAKE YUO REMOVE IT... File:Ireland(tangle)-icon.png
    • Choctawball - They kindly sent us €5,000 (in today's money) to assist us during the potato famine.[1]
    • Palestineball - From the river to the sea you will be free. I feel bad for ye', knowing how it feels to be oppressed. I am actually the most Pro-Palestinian country in Europe. Soon I will recognise you, Currently supplying it with humanitarian aids and 🥔 P O T A T O E S. I have a lot of Pales-Ties with ye'!
    • Spainball - My sibling.
    • Portugalball - My Good Friend and Sibling.
    • Mexicoball - It's people celebrate something similar to Hallowe'en.
    • Malaysiaball - Distant relative, we were both colonized by tea and we both support Palestineball.


    • Denmarkball - Never forget how ye beat me with 5-1 which cause me t' miss World Cup 2018. I'm happy Croatia beat ye Danskjävel. FUCK YE! ERIKSEN SHOULDN'T SHOW 'IS FACE IN DUBLIN AGAIN! YE LOSE IN WORLD CUP! Still kinda friends though...
    • Idahoball - 🥔 Potato rival.
    • The PIGS - Shite nations it's not like i always go there on holidays I apparently once hung out with, whatever I'm feckin' rich now!!
    • Russiaball - Well I can't feckin' believe I won against you with 35-0 but i am kinda fine with you now tho, Also You are a good friend!!!
    • Belarusball - We both can into potatoes 🥔!! Also, WHAT TAE FECK ARE YE DOING? Forcing one of me planes to land because of a journalist ye hate and also attacking protesters? If ye Keep doin' this then I'll kick ye out of the Potato Union. Watch it!
    • Japanball - I like its anime. BUT NOT ITS WRESTLERS!!! REMOVE ASUKA, IYO SKY AND KAIRI SANE!
    • Norwayball - BUT WHY YE INSULT MAH MATE OI HAVE FASTER GROWING HDI THAN YE SO OI CAN PASS'IN YER HDI! Wait, Switzerlandball already passed ye. Like mah mate, Nigerball, and he himself said, ye got surpassed. Feckin' loser.
    • Irish Republican Armyball - Aye, it is not much a bugger as it used t' be, but it is still active in me clay. But Spain hates me because you support Catalonia and Basque.
    • UKball - My mate, never forget potato famine! At least we're trying to restore relationships nowadays. Also, RIP to your Queen, I guess.
    • Germanyball - Would've done me a favour in WWII for invading Evil Father, but eh, ye tried killin' me Best friend and older sib, so not much t' say. Atleast we can into Euromonies.



    • Sometimes it wears a green hat.
    • It and It's big sibling like doing scary stuff in October.
    • It is one of the most alcoholic countryballs in the world.
    • It is rumored that there are approximately 13 million chickens in Ireland. That's roughly three chickens for every inhabitant of the country!
    • Ireland is not a very sunny country. So much so that the highest temperature ever recorded there was 33°C (91,4 °F), which in countries such as Brazil is a very normal and generic temperature for the summer.
    • The bathrooms do not have switches or sockets, as with high humidity of the country it can be dangerous. Needless to say, electric showers are out of the question.
    • THERE ARE NO SNAKES IN IRELAND. Yes, this is a sad thing in Ireland, And legend has it that St. Patrick's was the one who drove the snakes out of Ireland. However, the absence of these animals is explained by the Irish climate not being favorable for them to live and breed in the country.
    • With Celtic and Nordic influences coming from the Vikings, Irish culture has a folklore full of mythological beings. Fairies, goblins and wizards are part of it.
    • Irish breakfast is a real feast! The meal includes fried or scrambled eggs, toast, tomatoes, bacon, beans, sausage and, in some places, potato and mushroom tarts are also served.
    • In 1882, in the first football (soccer to Americans) game between Ireland and England, the English beat the Irish 13×0! Of course, after that, they improved a lot, so much so that they already participated in 3 World Cups.
    • The main language spoken in Ireland is English (and with a very strong accent), but Gaelic (Irish) is also considered the country's official language. However, not all Irish speak Gaelic.
    • In Gaelic language, the native name of the country (Éire) is a feminine noun. The name is derived from Old Irish Ériu, the name of a goddess of the Irish mythology. This also explain why the majority of the national personifications of Ireland are women: Ériu, Banba, Fódla, Kathleen Ni Houlihan, Hibernia, The Old Woman of Beare.
    • It is the country from which Halloween and St. Patrick's Day originated.
    • Contrary to popular belief in other countries (like Murica), not all Irish Catholics supported independence and not all Protestants the union.


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