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    Rostovball is a Russian oblastball located in Western  Russiaball. It has many Cossacks.


    Although Lasting only ~3 years in the Russian Civil war, The Don Cossacks existed for much longer.

    Rostovball was born as a Cossackball, a Russian people traditionally skilled in military culture like horseback riding, fighting, etc. The Shashka, a light and swift Cossack sabre is the most common weapon of the Don Cossackballs and was adopted by the rest of the Russian Military for use later on. Russian Empireball.

    After the latter got killed in an assassination plot, the Cossaks built an autonomous anti-Bolshevik state. However, the Communists ravaged the region and proclamed an puppet state known as the Don Soviet Republicball, It eventually became it's own republic during the Russian Civil War, but it was held hostage as prisoner by Sovietball.

    Because of the strong loyalty to the Tsar, strong deeply rooted support of Orthodoxy, and mostly free and peasant nature, most were against the Communists. At the end of the Russian Civil war, Cossacks along with Farmer Peasants, Clergy and Religious people, and White Army supporters were purged en masse, and deported to Siberia where many were starved, or worked to death in Labor Camps haha funni GULAG. Rostovball's population was numbering at around ~2,000,000 before WWI, and after a hundred years of oppression and repression of culture only a few hundred thousand remain in their traditional lifestyle.

    Today is a part of Russiaball.


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