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    Tatarstanball is a Russian tartar sauce Republic located in Western Russia. It can be considered a successor of Volga Bulgariaball and the Golden Hordeball ( Mongol Empireball).

    Tatarstan is well known in Russiaball particularly because of its cuisine. Ochpochmaq and Kystyby are quite popular traditional 'fast foods'. Chak-chak is also adored. It likes ripping off Gravity Falls with a show whose name people keep forgetting.


    Once upon a time, Bulgariaball and Tatarstanball used to live with their parent, Old Great Bulgariaball, who was a empire in Crimeaball. One day, Old Great Bulgariaball got into a fight with Khazariacube and was killed in action, so Bulgariaball and Tatarstanball fled together for their lives, but Tatarstan took a wrong turn and was lost, forever not being able to never see its sibling again.

    Alone, it evolved to Volga Bulgariaball. It beated invading Mongols coming at once and did a victory laugh, but then a bigger Mongol Horde came and screwed Bulgar over. It was a part of Golden Hordeball for two centuries until the Horde started to break apart.

    Khanate of Kazanball was one of the successor states. It was conquered by Grand Duchy of Muscovyball in 1552.

    In 1804, Tatar theologian Ghabdennasir Qursawi wrote a treatise calling for the modernization of Islam. Qursawi was a Jadid and they encouraged critical thinking, supporting education and gender equality, and advocated tolerance for other faiths, Turkic cultural unity, and openness to Europe’s cultural legacy. The Jadid movement was founded in 1843 in Kazanball, Russia. Its aim was a semi-secular modernization and educational reform, with a national (but not religious) identity for Tatarballs.

    Ever since then, it can not into independence until for a short time before commies conquered it. It became the Tatar ASSRball. Under this period, the old Tatar script was thrown out in favor of Cyrillic text. By August of 1990, Tatarstanball was pretty much independent without realizing it. Since Russiaball was in turmoil, Tatarstanball on Marxh of 1992 declared a independence referendum, and Tatarstanball won suprisingly. but Russiaball wasn't happy with this even if Tatarstan had won consitution. In the end, it signed an agreement in 1994 and joined Russiaball, making Tatarstanball a Russian republic with special autonomony. This wore off in 2007.

    Relations (Отношения/Мөнәсәбәтләр)

    Friends (Друзья/Дуслар)

    Frenemies (Заклятие враги/Френемияләр)

    • Bashkortostanball - Please, sibling stop being mad at me. Kazan annexed you once okay, will you stop? TATAR TATAR TATAR YES YUO OF TATAR, BASHKIRS ARE FAKES, TATAR TATAR TATAR
    • Chuvashiaball - My Turkic neighbor, but claims to be the real ancestor of Volga Bulgars!
    • Bulgariaball - You steal the name of the old empire! But it's fine, we're of related.
    • Russiaball - Well, rәhmәt for helping me with the economy and industrialization, but can I have my culture freely? Why can't I teach my language properly in schools? Why do you have to mess with my laws? Why Rоssiya, why? But still, you are okay! I still like you.

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Japanese Laurel 0, 128, 0 C100-M000-Y100-K050 #008000
    White 255, 255, 255 C000-M000-Y000-K000 #FFFFFF
    Red 255, 0, 0 C000-M100-Y100-K000 #FF0000


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