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    Tatarstanball is a Russian tartar sauce Republic located in Western Russia-icon.png Russia. It can be considered a successor of Tatarstan-icon.png Volga Bulgariaball and the Golden Horde-icon.png Golden Hordeball (Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball).

    Tatarstan-icon.png Tatarstan is well known in Russia-icon.png Russiaball particularly because of its cuisine. Ochpochmaq and Kystyby are quite popular traditional 'fast foods'. Chak-chak is also adored. It likes ripping off Gravity Falls with a show whose name people keep forgetting.


    Once upon a time, Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball and Tatarstan-icon.png Tatarstanball used to live with their parent, Old Great Bulgaria-icon.png Old Great Bulgariaball, who was a empire in Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball. One day, Old Great Bulgaria-icon.png Old Great Bulgariaball got into a fight with Khazaria-icon.png Khazariacube and was killed in action, so Old Great Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball and Old Great Bulgaria-icon.png Tatarstanball fled together for their lives, but Old Great Bulgaria-icon.png Tatarstan took a wrong turn and was lost, crying to never see its sibling again.

    Alone, it evolved to Volga Bulgariaball. It beaten invading Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongols coming at once and did a victory laugh, but then a bigger Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Horde came and screwed Bulgar over. It was a part of Golden Horde-icon.png Golden Hordeball for two centuries until the Horde started to break apart.

    Khanate of Kazan-icon.png Khanate of Kazanball was one of the successor states. It was conquered by Moscow-icon.png Grand Duchy of Muscovyball in 1552. Ever since then, it can not into independence until Idel-Ural-icon.png for a short time until Russian SFSR-icon.png commies conquered it.

    After the fall of communism in Russia, Tatarstan-icon.png Tatarstanball declared independence on August 30, 1990, but Russia-icon.png Russiaball wasn't happy with this even if Tatarstan-icon.png Tatarstan had won a consitution. In the end, it signed an agreement and joined Russia-icon.png Russiaball.

    Relations (Отношения/Мөнәсәбәтләр)

    Friends (Друзья/Дуслар)

    Frenemies (Заклятие враги/Френемияләр)

    • Bashkortostan-icon.png Bashkortostanball - Please, sibling stop being mad at me. Kazan annexed you once okay, will you stop? TATAR TATAR TATAR YES YUO OF TATAR, BASHKIRS ARE FAKES, TATAR TATAR TATAR
    • Chuvashia-icon.png Chuvashiaball - My Turkic neighbor, but claims to be the real ancestor of Volga Bulgars!
    • Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball - You steal the name of the old empire! But it's fine, we're of related.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - Well, rәhmәt for helping me with the economy and industrialization, but can I have my culture freely? Why can't I teach my language properly in schools? Why do you have to mess with my laws? Why Rоssiya, why? But still, you are okay! I still like you.

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Japanese Laurel 0, 128, 0 C100-M000-Y100-K050 #008000
    White 255, 255, 255 C000-M000-Y000-K000 #FFFFFF
    Red 255, 0, 0 C000-M100-Y100-K000 #FF0000


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