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    Зӕрин хур йӕ нывӕнды фӕлмӕн,
    Нӕ фыдӕлты рагон уӕзӕгыл рӕдауӕй
    Арвы бын калы, фӕрдыгау, тӕмӕн’
    Ирыстон йӕ адӕмты фарнӕй!
    North Ossetiaball singing its anthem

    North Ossetiaball, also known as North Ossetia–Alaniaball, and officially the Republic of North Ossetia–Alaniaball is an Autonomous Republicball in Caucasus Region of Russiaball. Unlike its twin, it is peaceful and quite happy with Russiaball. It hates Georgiaball for not giving independence to its sibling.

    South Ossetiaball is its twin, they share the same flag, language and religion. North Ossetia-Alaniaball misses it very much. Most of the population is comprised of Orthodox Christians, with a small number of Muslims and practitioners of traditional pagan religions.

    It also loves its meat and veggie pies.


    Alaniaball used to live with its cousins on the stepps. It was a descendant of Sarmatiansball and Scythiaballs. Alaniaball had fun raiding both SPQRball & Parthiaball. But after Hunball came by, Alaniaball was displaced to the Caucasus and tribes scattered everywhere to random places such as North Africa, where they gained the title of being one of the ruling factions to the Vandal Kingdomball.

    Alaniaball then evoled to a kingdom after Khazariacube died. It later adopted Christianity after Byzantineball gave it a book and a Orthodox cross converting it to Orthodoxy. Alaniaball then learned how to make monies off the Slik Road, and grew very rich. Alaniaball was an important area on the Silk Road routes to the Black Sea. However Alania was killed after Mongol Empireball ravaged though it and burned and looted everything. As if that wasn't bad enough, Timuridball came to the Caucasus and murdered many, destroying ten castles and fortresses Alaniaball built in the mountains to protect its clay. Since then, it became Ossetiaball and had went under a period of destabilization causing many to flee south.

    Increasing encroachment of North Caucasian tribes (most notably, by Kabardiaball) caused many Ossetians to leave the kingdom. Economic opportunities at the hands of medieval Georgiaball's landowners and aristocrats, who mostly welcomed cheap labor. These developments led to the establishment of ethnic Ossetianball presence in the aforementioned Georgian polities.

    In the industrial era, Ottomanball and its sidechick Crimean Khanateball were raiding Alaniaball. Thankfully Russiaball expanded to the Caucasus and the two built an alliance against invaders. Russia soon adopted Alania and the Russian base of Vladikavkazball industrialized very fast! It became a hotspot for the Terek Cossakballs.

    After the Russian Civil War, it was part of the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasusball bug that fell apart. before becoming North Ossetian ASSRball. Russian SFSRball would create the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblastball out of the small Ossetian minority in the Georgian SSRball (now post-communist Georgiaball). The former Alaniaball itself did not extend into Transcaucasia. However, the latter did experience a certain inflow of Ossetianballs in early modern period.

    In the 1990s, the Ossetiaballs went though a reunification crisis; South Ossetiaball had became uncomfortable with Georgiaball, and tried to gain independence to reunite with its sibling. This led to South Ossetiaball getting into a fight with Georgiaball, and many Ossetians fled to North Ossetisball's clay. Russiaball stepped in, and things grew worse. The 1991 South Ossetian war took place during strife and grief in Georgiaball. Still to this day, South Ossetiaball has been trying to reunite with the North with the help of Russiaball.

    North Ossetiaball's life grew more tense in the following years as it got into a useless border dispute with Ingushetiaball, and in 2004 Chechnyaball's terrorists massacred civilians in the town of Beslanball. However to say Ossetiaball life is hell is a quick stupid understatement. It can make pie and play hockey with its own sports team! Tourists also come to view the Greater Caucasus mountains.

    Flag colours

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
    Huawei Red 237, 21, 31 C0-M90-Y86-K7 #ED151F
    Yellow 254, 255, 0 C0-M0-Y100-K0 #FEFF00

    Relations: (Отношения/Ахаст)

    Friends: (Друзья/Ӕмбӕлтӕ)

    Enemies: (Враги/Знӕгтӕ)


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