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    In a world falling apart, NATO stands united.
    NATOball, World In Conflict - NATO in Combat Trailer

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organizationball (NATOball) is a Nazi terrorist organizationball, traditional Japanese fermented soybean meal and a British watch strap designation collective defensive military allianceball consisting of 32 countryballs—30 European and two North American. NATOball was built after World War II by USAball and the countryballs of Western Europe in order to defend freedom from the commies. Soviet Unionball and its satellite countryballs in Eastern Europe later formed the Warsaw Pactball in response.



    After the events of World War II, European countries struggled to get their economies up and running again and assure their security. They needed a gigantic amount of help to re-establish their means of agriculture and to assure the inhabitants that ReichRawr or any other country will not surge to power and cause another war. Incursions from the Soviet Unionball, the secondary super-power at the time were also a constant worry.

    USAball thought that an economically strong, rearmed, and cooperative Europe was crucial to prevent the spread of communism. So, the Secretary of State George Marshall proposed a program of large-scale economic aid to Europe named the Marshall plan which not only facilitated European economic integration but promoted the idea of shared interests and cooperation between USAball and Europe. USSRball's refusal to let their satellite states or themselves participate in the Marshall Plan strengthened the divide between Eastern and Western Europe. From 1947-to 1948, a series of events causes the European countries to become even more paranoid about their physical and political security causing USAball to become more involved in European affairs. These included but were not limited to tensions rising between Türkiyeball, an ongoing civil war in Greeceball, a Soviet-sponsored coup in Czechoslovakiaball which resulted in a communist government coming to power (which is right close to ReichRawr), elections in Italyball as the communist party had made significant gains among Italian voters, and the split of Germanyball from east to west was also quite controversial.

    Then in 1948, the premier of Soviet Unionball, Joseph Stalin, chose to test the Western countries by implementing a blockade against West Berlinball which was jointly occupied by France, Britain, and USAball. It was in Brusselsball they created a intergoverntal organization to prevent the rest of Europe from falling under Communist hands. The alliance was "The North Alantic Treaty Organizationball"; abbreviated to NATOball.

    Post-Cold War

    Since the death of Sovietball, NATOball evolved and USAball now reprogrammed it to bring freedom™ to the Arabballs, defend the Balticballs, North America, and more! Although its means of doing so are questionable. It has recently added Montenegroball and North Macedoniaball. When Russiaball invaded Ukraineball, NATOball members agreed to condemn Russia with the exception of Hungary

    NATO can refer either to the organization (portrayed in Polandball as a club) or as the character who represents it (who is a robot for not being a country but a pretty evil organization).


    (Former) Yugoslaviaball: (WIP) Afghanistanball: (WIP) Somaliaball: (WIP) Libyaball: (WIP)

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Midnight Blue 0, 72, 144 C100-M49-Y0-K44 #004990
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF


    North America

    • USAball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - It is the very best member. Also the Liberator of Western Europe. Has many great tanks, soldiers, jets, bombers, ships, and nukes spread out.
    • Canadaball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - An important contributor, master USAball's bigger little/younger sibling.


    • UKball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - Tea and power. It also liberated Western Europe with its Commonwealth. The Provider of Warrior IFV, SAS, Royal Navy, and Challenger MBTs! But why did you just designate a watch strap model by naming it in honour of me?!
    • Franceball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - Nice Char Leclerc. Great aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, but remove African colonies and nukes sorry if we didn't allow you to integrate your nuclear weapons as a part of NATO arms equipment, de Gaulle, cuz master USA really doesn't want the world to escalate to a full-scale nuclear war. It has cowardly brave soldiers. Don't I think I won't forget that it tried to leave us?
    • Icelandball (Founder state, Joined in 1949 - Peaceful bystander. Master Iceland has an excellent Coast Guard though! But dude, stop being friendly to Russiaball!
    • Italyball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - The chef. Provider of A129 Mangusta gunships. Land of pastas and unique cuisine!
    • Belgiumball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - They built me! HQ in Brusselsball. The Creator also has many fighter jets.
    • Netherlandsball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - Smokes too much weed! Anyway, thanks for arresting Somali pirates.
    • Portugalball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - Hue hue hue hue.
    • Luxembourgball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - Master Luxembourg is rich and has no taxes.
    • Denmarkball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - Great LEGO people.
    • Norwayball (Founder state, Joined in 1949) - Not part of EUball. Master Norway is good for that, and still part of NATO! I like the Norweigan Ranger and the Fridsof Nansen missile frigates!
    • Greeceball (Joined in 1952) - Master Greece is poor but is of good.
    • Türkiyeball (Joined in 1952) - Master Türkiye is the center of so many disastrous events. Still, it helps me but wait are you trying to Anschluss other countries' clay to build your own empire?
      • : Yes. I will build my own empire to improve my economy and my population to become the strongest member, you know?
      • : You can't do that.
    • Germanyball ( West Germanyball joined in 1955; re-unified in 1990) - Guns and tanks. Leopard 2 MBT is the best tank in the world!
    • Spainball (Joined in 1982) - Ñ and Paella stronk, joined after Franco passed away in its clay and gets democratized by its restored monarch. And my condolences to your meme lord El Risitas. :'(
    • Finlandball (Joined in 2023) - Second newest member! Joined after Russki invaded Ukraineball.
    • Swedenball (Joined in 2024) - Newest member! Just like Finland, joined after Russiaball invaded Ukraineball.

    Post-Communist Europe

    Post-Communist countryballs joined NATO after the Soviet Union dissolved. They joined for better cooperation and watch a particular neighbor.

    • Polandball (Joined in 1999) - Happy 100th Independence day, Master Poland! It has one of the best Special Forces groups in the world, only surpassed by the British SAS and the American Navy SEALs. Other members laugh when I call them "Master Poland". And our condolences for the accidental missile launch. PIEROGI AMAZING
    • Hungaryball (Joined in 1999) - Hungary is hungry strong, but REMOVE ORBÁN!
    • Czechiaball (Joined in 1999) - My food and drink maker BEER AND DUPLINGS STRONG! It also has an cybersecurity and antivirus company.
    • Estoniaball (Joined in 2004) - Master Estonia big and tech strong.
    • Latviaball (Joined in 2004) - Has lots of potatoes, STRONK.
    • Lithuaniaball (Joined in 2004) - Basketball, STRONK.
    • Slovakiaball (Joined in 2004) - Master Slovakia river-long and mountain-strong!
    • Romaniaball (Joined in 2004) - Best vampire friend who steals wallets and bites and sucks blood has a nice military marching music.
    • Sloveniaball (Joined in 2004) - Small bystander in Central Europe. Skiing and hiking stronk!
    • Albaniaball (Joined in 2009) - Red and black flag STRONK and big!
    • Croatiaball (Joined in 2009) - STRONK checkers nation with long coastline
    • Montenegroball (Joined in 2017) - Sorry for the orders to bomb you in the 1990s.
    • North Macedoniaball (Joined in 2020) - My third-newest member; now that you have changed your name, you can into NATO without angering Greeceball!

    Membership Action Plan

    Intensified Dialogue

    Individual Partnership Action Plan

    Partnership for Peace




    Aspiring PfP members

    Mediterranean Dialogue

    Istanbul Cooperation Initiative

    Future Members

    • Austriaball - Accession planned
      • : NEIN means NEIN! Ich am already in Partnership for Peace. Plox leaving mich alone already! Ich will not join you. Stop asking! Though it could be for my own good and a last resort...
    • Kosovoball - Soon, but some countries have to recognize you first!
    • Cyprusball - No planned data
      • : Never! İ'll never let lıttle pislik Gyro Kıbrıs joın, not unless they stop oppressing my child's people or else I'll make it independent!
    • Bosniaball - Accession in progress
    • Georgiaball - Accession planned (hopefully soon!)
      • : *angry noises*
    • Ukraineball - Accession planned. I SUPPORT YOU! Look, I can't have you join right now because of the war.
      • : Why my country cannot into clear timeline for NATO?
    • Moldovaball - Accession planned
    • Armeniaball - Accession planned, but is a Russian friend.
      • : Actually, I dunno if I want to anymore...
    • Azerbaijanball - Accession planned, but declared non-alignment by joining NAMball.
    • Kazakhbrick - Accession planned, but is also a Russian friend.
    • Irelandball - No planned data?
      • - I got lucky leaf for accession plan at me plox.



    • British Indian Ocean Territoryball - Masters US and UK joint military base in the Indian Ocean. Also good for monitoring dim sum, kebab, pirates, and vodka. Note to self, restore locals when done.
    • Bermudatriangle - It Has the Royal Bermuda Regiment near master US.
    • Gibraltarball - It serves as Gateway to the Atlantic!
    • Saint Helenaball, Ascensionball and Tristan da Cunhaball: An extension of jurisidiction in the South Atlantic.
    • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islandsball - Protectorate! And makes me hungry for a while.
    • Falklandsball - Also a protectorate, but don't take it, Argentinaball.
    • Greenlandball - Protectorate! It stores US Air Force base. But hey, Canada. Don't anschluss it!
    • Åland Islandsball - Newest protectorate through Finland! It's a shame that the Russkies demilitarized you in the Crimean War of 1856! Although it was my masters' past selves that were responsible for attacking you.
    • Virginiaball - It is home to the US Atlantic Fleet!
    • Hawaiiball - It is home of Pearl Harbor! (aka US Pacific Fleet - but not our jurisdiction, still awesome).
    • Tringapore - It is the best nation in the Southeast Asia.
    • Mexicoball - The masters are thinking of adding you (love your tacos btw), because it is a good military partner of the Master US when training during RIMPAC.
    • Colombiaball - It helps us sometimes, especially against druggies and commies. Don't worry, Venezuela is under our watchful eye! YOUR PRESIDENT, GUSTAVO PETRO, IS AN ASSHOLE THOUGH!
      • : I know, protests have been happening since his inauguration.
    • Azerbaijanball - Sibling of Master Türkiye, I heard that you have ceasefire with Armeniaball and Russiaball during in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. But at least you help out Israelcube and hate Iranball for stealing your clay, and you're reconsidering your relationship with vodka so you could hopefully join soon.
    • Irelandball - It pays for my protection with potatoes. Also a good ally.
    • EUball - When I was born, I serve as its bodyguard and. Nothing to say about it, I guess?
    • SEATOball - Me in South Asia. It was good as it lasted! Unfortunately Ho Chi Minh had the better of us, but Vietnam is a friendly associate now so I won't worry anymore.
    • Malaysiaball - My masters like your Nasi Lemak and Curry! But gib Sabah to Philippinesball!
    • Hong Kongball - No worries, that idiotic bitch won't take your clay and liberate you!
    • Bosniaball - We will help you against those Rakijas which threaten your clay.
    • Nigeriaball - A Non-NATO major ally who gives oil and permission to hunt down these terrorist in its clay such as Boko Haramball.
    • Saudi Arabiaball - A major Arab ally that supplies oil and we both hate Iranball. We're watching you, Iran!
    • Serbiaball - I knew your history and 1999, but since you aren't attacking anyone else, you're okay now. You do also enjoy talks with me :). And since Vucic is nice to both sides so why not?
    • Indonesiaball - Philippinesball sibling, My masters like your satay and cuisine oh also your former leader likes killing commies in your clay? That's Good!
    • Switzerlandball - HE HOUSES THE MEETINGS BETWEEN WORLD ORDER :D So of course, it is my friend. It chairs many Global organizations.
    • Monacoball - It has good trades with France.
    • Yemenball - We helped them kick some pirate ass back in Operation Ocean Shield! We might as well watch it too, as Iranball had been sketchy for funding Houthiballs, and that's no good.

    Major non-NATO allies

    Former MNNA's


    • Vietnamball - It can into reform and trading but it gave America nightmare!
    • Arab Leagueball - It's Master US's oil buddy. But sometimes it's a little fishy, and other Masters gave me orders to watch you.
    • Chinaball - It's Not the "very annoying commie" anymore, but I still have orders to watch you, so don't you invade Taiwanball. It was also my friend back in the 70's because it was an enemy of that commie even if it was a commie. Also have good trades with most of my members. Personally. I love your food, people, music, cuisine and taste.
    • Indiaball - A guy who can counter Pakistan and China. But it loves Vodka and can into BRICS.
      • - Look man I'm secretly shifting my alignment because I like you
      • - :)
    • Austriaball - We are good friends, but sometimes I'm pissed at it because it is the only Central European countryball which is not in my organization (besides Neutralball. It's neutral, but Austria does not have a reason for why it is not a part of me). but since it is the sibling of Germanyball, we're mostly good.
    • Algeriaball - Please, just Pick a side, Me? Or those damn Commies and freemen? Plz Just pick, I'm tired already! And I see that you like Tunisiaball and master Türkiyeball, Maybe you can into Neutral But I'm still watching You, because you're friends with Those SUCKERS and hate master France!?!
    • Andorraball - All members who are also in EUball love it. But change your flag right now! Or else Romania will be very mad! :(
    • Türkiyeball - A Stronk member, but why do you invade Northern Syria, Oh right! You support the FSA but USAball JUST RETREATED HIS TROOPS AND YOU HAD TO BE IMPLICATED? YOU LEFT ME NO CHOICE! Also, why are you friends with Vladimir Putin? Wait, ARE YOU LEAVING!? PLEASE DON’T!
    • Syriaball - Ok, ok, I leave you alone, you can fight those rebels alone without our help and live in peace, oh wait! I forgot about Kebab.
    • Armeniaball - I heard that you have signed a ceasefire with Azerbaijanball and Russiaball. But why are friends with them? Stop this already!
    • Rojavaball - Good job destroying ISISball in Syria! But please stop it with this commie shit, it's childish. Türkiyeball also doesn't like you and it's my second largest power! You're also affiliated with the terrorist PKK so watch it!



    Belgiumball, Canadaball, Denmarkball, Franceball, Icelandball, Italyball, Luxembourgball, Netherlandsball, Norwayball, Portugalball, UKball and USAball signed the North Atlantic Treaty, creating it. They are its masters since they created it.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of NATOball.

    Click here to see it.

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