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    Uzbekistanball or Oʻzbekistonball is a double landlocked countryball in Central Asia and the second known countryball to be double landlocked besides Liechtensteinball. Uzbekistanball is known to foreigners as being rich in oil and natural resources but has a very weak currency. Uzbekistanball is also known for being double landlocked. It is the 56th largest countryball with an area of 447,400 Square Kilometers (172,700 Square Miles), and as of 2020, it has a population of 33.68 million inhabitants 2020. It has a population density of 79 people per square kilometer (204 people per square mile), making it the most densely populated countryball in Central Asia.


    Uzbekistanball was first inhabited by Persians who built irrigation from the Aral Sea and founded towns. Then, Uzbekistanball was conquered by Abbasidball, who brought Islam to Uzbekistanball. In the thirteenth century, Genghis Khan conquered all of Central Asia including Uzbekistan.

    In the Middle Ages, Uzbekistanball was a trade hub, because the trade route the silk road ran through Asia, Europe, Egyptball and Somaliaball. Uzbekistanball was very rich at the time, which caused many Middle Eastern merchants to migrate to Central and Eastern Asia. Trade and prosperity caused by the Silk Road continued for many centuries but began to decline after ocean trade became more popular, meaning Uzbekistanball was no longer a major trade hub. In the late Medieval, it used to rule as Timuridball and saving the Islamic World from Mongol and other Persecution not alone but with help of local Muslims, after Timur Leng died, the empire was divided and was finally collapsed in 1507. But Tajikistanball and Kazakhbrick claim they are the true ancestors.

    Khanate of Bukharaball was born after this man.

    Shortly after, Russian Imperialball invaded Central Asia, wanting to grow cotton near the Aral sea. Uzbeks were granted limited autonomy, and a short-lived state was established between 1916 and the October revolution. Uzbekistanball then became a Soviet republic, greatly industrializing the region. During this time, the Aral Sea began to shrink because the Soviet cotton plantations used up too much water. This caused great fears for the Uzbek people.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Unionball, Uzbekistanball began to modernize and fix the environment. In recent years, Uzbekistanball began to exploit its oil resources and open relations with former enemies like Tajikistanball and Kyrgyzstanball.

    How to draw

    Drawing Uzbekistanball is fairly easy.

    1. Draw a basic circle
    2. Draw two red horizontal lines, separating the ball to three parts.
    3. Fill the upper one bondi blue and the bottom one American green.
    4. Add a white crescent moon and 12 stars on the blue part. The first row three stars, second row four, last row five.
    5. Add eyes and you're done.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Bondi Blue 0, 153, 181 C100-M15-Y0-K29 #0099B5
    Philippine Red 206, 17, 38 C0-M92-Y82-K19 #CE1126
    White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
    American Green 30, 181, 58 C83-M0-Y68-K29 #1EB53A

    Emblem Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF


    Do'stlarim/Дўстларим (Friends)

    Neytral/Нейтрал (Neutral)

    • Hindiston (Ҳиндистон) - I am a bar dancer in its hotel. Great business partner. But, your government dislikes our migrants in India. Also can you not be unfair with the granting of Indian citizenship to Non-Muslims? You're going to start religious discrimination against Muslims and Non-Muslims? What religion is my country then? :(
    • Isroil (Исроил) - I decided to recognize it and there are 10,000 Jews in my clay but can you be nicer to palestine please but I dont know about if.
    • Amerika Qo'shma Shtatlari (Америка Қўшма Штатлари) - Don't look at me! Look at ISISball! Don't ban me plox :( I condemned an attack on NYCball, and let’s just start over. BTW Joe Biden won! and I have American green.
    • Turkmaniston (Туркманистон) - We are both Turkic siblings but our borders are so rough.
    • Kosovo (Косово) - I don't recognize you.
    • Armaniston (Арманистон) - I have semi-ok relations with it but its lack of cooperation with Turkic nations makes me put it on neutral. I have taken the side on Azerbaijan over the ongoing cold war in Karabakh, but have refrained from criticisms against Armenia, instead urging Armenia and Azerbaijan to find a way to solve the problems. I'm not taking sides on your issue. However, Uzbekistan and Armenia have had good relations throughout history and it is thought that Uzbekistan unofficially recognized the Armenian genocide.
    • Shvetsiya (Швеция) - It's not my fault that a lone wolf from here did a truck attack on your capital.
    • Tojikiston (Тожикистон) - We had a long civil war from 1992-to 1997 and your welcome I helped restored your nation back to control. Back then there were ethnic tensions between the two of us. Now we are neutral. Karimov disliked his Tajik heritage and started some war between the two of us. (See enemies list)
    • Nyu-York shahri (Ню-Йорк шаҳри) - SO SORRY FOR THE ATTACK! :(
    • Tayvan (Тайван) - Fake China, but we both hate Tajikistanball.

    Dushmanlar/Душманлар (Enemies)

    • ISISball - Even though you is of losings, YUO MADE ME GET CALLED TERRORIST BY SWEDEN AND AMERICA!
    • Saudi Arabiaball - I hate it because it exports Wahabbism and IT WANTS TO KILL MY PRESIDENT! STOP TRYING TO KILL MY PRESIDENT!!
    • Japanball - I AM NOT FAMILY MALT YUO WEEABOO!! Also knocked me out in football 8-1 NEVER FORGET!!!
    • Indonesiaball (sports) - HAHA, Men Osiyo o'yinlarida chorak finalga chiqolmayman!/ҲАҲА, Мен Осиё ўйинларида чорак финалга чиқолмайман! (Translation: HAHA, I No Goto Quarter Final In Asian Games!)

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    File:Russia v.s. The Future
    Uzbekistan and its strategies. Made by brain4breakfast

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