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    Gib everything you have!
    Somaliaball looting people. (Even though it`s haram to steal)
    Qolobaa calankeedu,
    waa ceynoo,
    Innaga keenu waa,
    Cirkoo kala ee,
    Aan caadna lahayn,
    Ee caashaqaye.

    (Any nation's flag,
    bears its own color.
    The sky (above us),
    does ours look like!

    Defects it has none;
    Love it with candor!)

    Somaliaball about to sing its sea shanty anthem

    Somaliaball is a countryball in the Hook Horny of Africa. It started as an 8ball. It once produced pirates, but never a stable central government. Despite its great history, such as destroying Ethiopiaball and controlling the Indian Ocean trade with a huge empire controlling Africa and Southern Asia (the Ajuran Empireball), it was also overflowing rich during the dervish state helping the Ottomans during WW1, became a monstrous genocidal communist in the Somali Democratic Republicball. Thus these are the historical things it was only known for. It is currently sickened with civil strife, and it's also going through shit such as starvation and extreme poverty. It now only governs the capital cityball of Mogadishuball, and the cityballs surrounding it and does not suffer unlike the rest of the countryball. The rest is mostly split by the northern autonomous regionball of Somalilandball, and Puntlandball. Some pockets of its clay are controlled by freedom fighters terrorists.

    Somaliaball used to be a rich, overflowing and beautiful countryball well known for the beauty of sea and beautiful Arabic architecture until the Cold War. When it fought with Dergball over Ogadeniaball and the USAball had hostile relations among Somaliaball, bombs appeared and fucked it up, turning it into an apocalyptic zone. Once beautiful historic buildings became shitholes and ruins, and it lead millions of Somaliballs in its class to go homeless, starving and poor.

    The history of Somaliaball goes back to the Land of Punt, an ancient Egyptian area near Somaliaball.

    At the moment, the land is held by landlords and Somaliaball cannot into de facto government. Somaliaball is also estimated to have an HDI of 0.285, as of 2012. This is lower than the HDI of 0.377 for Nigerball, and of any modern countryball, not only the lowest in Africa but in the world. It had elections this year, and they weren't disrupted, so it might be on the way back to stability, actually, it have the fastest growing economy in Africa and probably near the end of the 21st century, it will become a high income countryball with skyscrapers.

    It is a member of the Cushitic language's family and is also the sibling of it's evil rival, parent of Djiboutiball, and relative of Eritreaball. It is also part of the Afro-Asiantic family. The reason Somalia doesn't have a wife/girlfriend is because he chopped off his left testicle to birth Djibouti. Like a real pirate!

    It tries to be a good countryball, and its government is actually not democratic. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the money to govern what happens in his clay, like what happened in 1991 and 1993.

    Somali History

    Ancient Somalia

    Civilization in Somaliaball started in around 3000 BC with many cave paintings. These cave-men Somalis worshiped the Waaq gods and created many temples and statues for these gods. Most of which no longer exist. In 1200 BC The ancient Somaliballs had created a social hierarchy system for their architectural work and a civilization that combined with the Kingdom of Puntball, which had a similar culture with the ancient Nubians and the Egyptians.

    The Sultanate of Mogadishu

    Around the time period of late 600-early 700 AD there was a massive spread of converts to Islam from the Middle East, Northern Africa, Persia and the Horn of Africa. Somaliaball was one of the first countryballs that was willing convert their Waaq religion to Islam. Thus, their empire had formed with Arabian influenced, which was called the Sultanate of Mogadishuball. The Sultanate of Mogadishuball was the first legitimate civilized community made in the Horn of Africa, which was rich in resources with gold and incense which gave their country an everflowing economy.

    Adal Sultanate

    The Adal Sultanateball was founded in 1415 and bordered the Ajuran Sultanate, Beta Israelcube and its long time enemy Abyssiniaball. Adal Sultanateball supported the Ottomans in a trade war against the Kingdom of Portugalball. Abyssinia sided with the Portuguese. The border disputes were intense. Both Abyssiniaball and Adalball claimed the the land of the Afars. The intensity of disputes has caused a war between the two empires.

    Abyssinian Adal War

    The Abyssinian and Adal War was caused by disputes between the Empire of Abyssiniaball and the Adal Sultanateball and the tensions between their two big European allies: the Ottoman Empireball and Kingdom of Portugalball. The Sultanate of Adalball was succeeding in the war and almost had defended and kept two territories that is now a part of modern-day Ethiopiaball ( Afarball and Harariball) before the Portuguese arrived and pushed the war to a stalement. The involvement and support from the Kingdom of Portugalball had lead the sultanate to call a retreat and end the war. In the end, both sides has lost immensely, which led for the Oromo migration to begin.

    Ajuran Sultanate

    During the Middle Ages, there existed a Countryball called Ajuranball which was very rich. They dominated the Indian Ocean trade and brought Ajuranball great prosperity. During the 1600s, they defeated Portugalball at sea. Their greatest feat right after successfully colonizing parts of East Africa and modern Maldives. However, Ajuranball would die at the hands of Gelediball.

    The French and Russian invasion

    Near the end of the 19th Century, A Russian Cossack would land on Djiboutiball and would declare the colony of new Moscow known as Sagalloball. However, Franceball would bomb their fort and they would surrender a month after they landed. France would go on to colonize the rest of Djiboutiball while UKball and Kingdom of Italyball would colonize the rest of modern-day Somaliaball.

    The Dervish movement

    In response to rapid colonialism and attacks from outside forces, mainly Europeanballs. Somali Sultanates united to create the Dervish Stateball stretching from parts of Somalia to Ogadeniaball. It formed a strong alliance with the Ottoman Empireball, and because of so, it lived through WW1. The state died in 1920 during an air bombardment attack by the UKball, with the help of Kingdom of Italyball, Ethiopian Empireball, and Franceball.


    During Colonialism, Somaliaball would grow under Kingdom of Italyball. That peace would be broken when war broke out with Ethiopian Empireball. When Ethiopiaball surrendered the Ogaden was ceded to Somaliaball and during WW2, so did British Somalilandball.

    The Somali Democratic Republic

    In 1960, Somaliaball would be given independence. However 9 years after a communist coup turned it communist and they renamed to the Somali Democratic Republicball. Somaliaball would flourish under communism but Somaliaball would later invade Dergball in the Ogaden War. Soviet Unionball however would disapprove of Somaliaball's invasion and would support Dergball Instead. After a year the Somalis would be pushed back to the border. Somaliaball would be humiliated and would become paranoid and genocide several clans. This would cause them to retaliate revolting in large numbers against the government and by January of 1991 the country would fall into Anarchy.

    Civil war

    When the country fell into Civil War many factions would rise up. One of them, the USCball, would become an enemy of USAball. Tensions would rise between the two and finally the US snapped.

    1993 UN invasion

    USAball hated USNball so much that he would call a coalition of 27 Countryballs Against USCball. The invasion would be a failure and many UN missions would die down. By 1995 however, the leader of USCball would die and by 2000, the group fell.

    Modern Day Somalia

    The Beginning of The 21st Century in Somaliaball was also the rise of terrorist groups, the ICNball would capture many parts of Somalia. However the group would collapse in 2006 during an Ethiopian Intervention in Somaliaball. The fall of the ICNball would see the rise of Al-Shabaab who would once again take many parts of Somaliaball. However their group declines in the 2010s and now they are severely weakened. Today Somaliaball is slowly rebuilding after making a new government in 2012 and a constiution, however Somaliaball has a lot of work to do to make the country decent.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Dark Sky Blue 65, 137, 221 C71-M380-Y0-K13 #4189DD
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



    • Nigeria - Can into pirate.
    • Iceland - You made LazyTown, with my favorite song, You are A Pirate!!! Possibly you're the only Nordic I like.
    • Kuwait - They take all of my immigrants while I am at war. I will gladly do so my Arab sibling! (but remove infidel losers)
    • Masar - Oldest friend in the world. I do support its towards its river... You can take out that evil dam, its yours!
    • Morocco - One of my best friends in Maghreb, he gave me many aids, we used to be big and stronk, we both hate Ethiopiaball, and he helped me become saaxiibs again with Gaddafiball after he support me against that Habesha loser in 1977 war. Western Sahara is yours!
    • Jordan - Friend of rightful Al-Quds owner and is kebab, like me!
    • Mongolia - We used to be big and great empires.
    • Talyaaniga - Father who must pay debts to the Nazi, but I still like it since it hates my evil sibling. The only thing I hate about it is that it likes Burger. Don't worry! I am secretly rich and will smuggle you some al-Euros to help your debt crisis!
    • Liibiya - He is basically like me, but he is in North Africa without pirates. I hope you get better, or your HDI might end up like mine!
    • Qatar - Gibs aid, and hates Somalilandball. Thanks for the aid from my flood that happened in 2019 and also for taking my refugees.
    • Senegal - Sunsetings country! very beautiful! And we both like Morocco and hate that Disgrace.
    • Turkiga - A fellow Kebab who gave $201 million during the drought of 2011. It is the only person I can truly trust and now investing in my economy and getting me back to normal! Thank yuo for everything you done! I do not know how to pay yuo back! Best Turkish Friend!
    • Algeria - Well thanks for giving me 1.5 million dollars during my socalist regime, I really appreciate it! I supported it against France in it revolution, but sorry that I am a better friend with Moroccoball and that I don't recognize Western Saharaball. Still thought, adiga waxaa tahay kebab, so can you help aniga out? tank yuo.
    • Yemen - my good friend, but please gib socotra
    • Asarbayjaan - Fellow Kebab who hates anti-Kebab, my evil sibling, and that pathetic loser for hating us. And also we are both kebabs and love our siblings. Great job for occupying all over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, my fellow Turkic sibling!, but why are you friends with Stupid Zionist?
    • Japan - Asian friend who made the best anime called One Piece. Also I am sorry for Johnny Somali for ruining your country and starting to being mischievous at your clay. 😔
    • Maldives - Another lost family which is not in Africa. We were once part of The Ajuran Sultanate.
    • Mozambique - Sorry for the slave trade. They were also part of The Ajuran Sultanate.
    • Falastiin - Poor guy, it is getting occupied by alien Zionist. You’ll be getting independence soon.
    • Jabuuti - My irrelevant sibling who was colonized by an Islamopohobic person named France. Did it hurt you? I can take care of you my sibling. Mashallah your economy is really growing and you will become the Singapore of Africa.
    • Sudanball - Thanks for letting my people stay there for the sake of education. I don't really know whether you consider yourself are an ally or an enemy of that dumbass... Either way, hope you don't take the same path as I once did... Don't. Trust. Him.
    • Pakistan - We are good friends because we are both kebabs always fighting against Kebab Removers. Thank yuo for the aid you gave to me during my civil war. But why yuo like Xinjiang al-genocider?
    • Kosovo - Yuo are of independent. Don't worry, I will always support you against That kebab remover.
    • Nepal - Hiking country! Qof fiican baa tahay!
    • Saint Vincent iyo Grenadines - Is of pirate friends!
    • Rohingya - I will protect you from this murderer whose flag is similar to that of my rival's.
    • Mexico - Good trading partner and only North American friend. But please stop supporting fake country. Also a friend of burger.
    • Iraq - Thanks for giving me aid and protecting me from Idiot.
    • Albaniya - wait don't let Kebab Remover Annex Kosovo Kosovo Is Yours.


    • UNball - Helped me become independent, and my flag is the same colour scheme as his, so we are sorta friends I guess? Also please gib more aid plox.
    • Minnesota - You may be a son of burger, but thanks for taking our refugees. Ilhan Omar has Somali blood.
    • UKball - Is of other parent, but you made Issaq born tho...
    • Pirates - Keep up the good job of raiding and looting which gibs me profits, but why yuo support Al-Shabaab?
    • Sacuudi Carabiya - Well, this guy offered my refugees shelter, homes and food during the Ogaden war as it was an ally of mine fighting to my refuges who is in Ogadenia (now located in Ethiopiaball). But then yuo lied and kept those 15,000 Somalis hostage and made them MAIDS because YUO was of running out of Filipino maids. Right now, Somalis, has more rights in your clay, and you even has famous Somali actors in the country, but we will never forget that. Also, please relaunch Ajyal TV as the cartoons on there kept my spirits up.
    • Maraykanka - Well, well, well. I know it's been decades now, time flies, things are changing. On the bright side, it helped me to fight Jihad terrorists, we both hate Iran and love Morocco. We also can into recognizing Kosovo's freedom. Gib more soldiers plox. But why do yuo hate freedom fighter?
    • Taiwanball - Yuo might into fake China, but me is starting to al-question shiinaha.
    • Shiinaha - It is a very good trading partner. I believe that you are the real China but can you please stop hurting Uyghur? I support you against Isaaq Lover but Xinjiangball deserves independence plox!
    • Kanada - When I was going through both famine and civil war, your two soldiers send for “humanitarian missions” killed a Somali teenager. We have embassies in each other’s capital cities, but we’ll never forget that...
    • Vietnam - Although it is a flag stealer, but I like it because it gave me aid and support. We both pirates too.


    • Isaaqa khasaaray - Stop lying that I committed genocide on the Issqas. When I was descending to civil war the rebellious Somali clans started killing one another, the massacres weren't targeted at just Issaqs. Your independence front you were helped by that idiot Ethiopia to weaken me, you succeded and now he wants you to keep me divided! You aren't a real country anyways, you don't even control your own clay! Otherwise...
    • Ina Shaydhaan - The oldest enemy that is the worst scum on earth. Ethiopia got its butt kicked twice by me and called the Europeans for help. But despite our hatred and sibling rivalry our relationship is getting better and we are now starting on diplomatic relations. Why use Somalilandball for sea access?
    • ISIS - Ha haw you died! At least one more terrorist group is finally gone.
    • Al-Shabaab - You were the reason why everyone hates me. Now die in a hole where you belong. STOP BOMBING MY My capital!! 1988 worst year of my life. 1991 ANOTHER WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE! ALSO, YOU HAVE CONTROLLED A THIRD OF MY COUNTRY!!!
    • Kenya - Supports nasty Ethiopiaball against me. Thanks for taking my refugees, I still hate you though.
    • Bantu - You're my slaves. If you do not obey the pirate, I will throw you off the deck!
    • Israa'iil - Recently I have started to take a neutral stand when it comes to some Israel-related issues... UNTIL YOU BOMBED FRIEND!!! I WILL KILL YOU!! OR I WILL CAUSE INFITADA #3
    • Hindiya - You kidnapped my pirates! Hey! I only do kidnap because I am a pirate and you are not! Now go back to tech support! Stop removing kebab! But at least you like camels. And I didn't ban Samosa.
    • EUball and Natoball - REMOVE SANCTIONS! NEVER FORGET 1992!! AND ALSO EUball how dare you banning my immigrants, my parent really hates yuo, so I wish it will leave you soon!
    • Iswiidhan - Can yuo stop bullying me and my kebab immigrants. We just want a safe place from war and this is how yuo return us? Hmph!
    • Kuuriyada Waqooyi - I just attacked its cargo vessel, and now it wants to nuke my clay. AND 14-2 NEVER FORGET!!!
    • Derg - I was once a rich and beautiful country, and a famous tourist spot...But nooooooo. You never give over Ogandenia, and cause a civil war into my country and use Peter pan against me in the 1990's. When I betrayed the Soviets, you had to support Issaqs to put my country in ruins!! Now your Stupid future self wants me dead. You ruined my country just like how BILL CLITION COMPELTY MADE ME INTO A SHITHOLE. NEVER COME BACK AGAIN!!!
    • Saxaraha Galbeed - A disgrace that wants to be independent from Morocco. You never will be!
    • Guatemalaball (not really) - Arrgh!!! Ye stole ma feckin' air force roundel 'cause ye put a feckin' blue circle on a white star, argh!!!
    • Seerbiya - Stop removing kebab you pig! Are you not afraid of getting raided by us? Even Western Saharaball hates you.

    Trivia (khayaano)

    • It has the longest coastline in horn of Africa and mainland Africa, only surpassed by Madagascarball.
    • In his clay, people often perfume homes after large meals or on special occasions when guests are visiting their homes. Dabqaads, a white clay or soapstone pot, is used as an incense burner. Frankincense or other incense is placed on hot charcoal inside a dabqaad which then burns for about ten minutes.
    • Due to the Civil War, the capital of Somalia is an extremely dangerous city, because it is where different clans are always battling for control.
    • In the year 2000, people in its clay have been working to rebuild the cities from the destruction created during the Civil War, which killed about 300,000 to 1,000,000 people, according to Wikipedia.
    • Its flag is actually inspired by the sky and the sea surrounding the country, so much for stealing the Twitter logo's colors.


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