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    If you're looking for the spanish city named Valencia, see Valenciaball (city)

    I can't believe how long this guy is.

    Valenciaball, formally the Valencian Communityball is an autonomous community of  Spainball, located in eastern Spainball along the Mediterranean Sea. It also has the 8th biggest clay compared to all communities in Spainball.

    It speaks both Spanish and ] Valencian and it has many hotels, especially on the File:Alicante-icon.png Benidorm coast. It claims to be the descendent of Kingdom of Valenciarawr, a kingdom inside of the Crown of Aragonball which later became Spainball's clay.


    Ancient history

    Valenciaball was a 2ball and it was dedicated to creating some very impressive statues. The Greeks created some settlements and cities along the coast. What would become Valenciaball was very isolated until SPQRball came. You see, Carthageball and SPQRball had fought each other in the First Punic War in which they fought over Corsicaball, Sardiniaball and Sicilyball, which SPQRball took and kept. So to avoid conflicts in other zones, like Iberia, Carthageball and SPQRball signed a treaty in which they basically said, that everything north of the Ebro river would be SPQRball's property and everything south would belong to Carthageball. But SPQRball said the frontier was more south that Carthageball said, leaving North Valenciaball and Aragonball disputed. In the middle of this tricky situation allied the city of Saguntum (A.K.A. Valenciaball (city)) which Carthageball took as an immediate violation of the treaty. So Carthageball invaded the city starting the Second Punic War. SPQRball won and all of the Valencian coasts was taken in its name. The region was Romanized and assimilated into the empire.

    Middle Ages

    Byzantine Empireball held on to the southern parts of Valenciaball until 711 when the small pockets in the frontier with modern day Murcia was attacked by the Muslims, eventually, they were forced out. Under the Caliphate of Córdobaball, Valenciaball prospered. When Almanzor, leader of the Caliphate of Córdobaball died in 1030, Al-Andalus exploited many Taifas, to be exact, 30 of those independent kingdoms. The Taifa of Valenciaball was one of them. Under continued Islamic monarchy Valenciaball became a rich region with a lot of wine. In 1259 the Reconquest of Valenciaball began and in 1296 it finished. When it finished the Kingdom of Valenciarawr was created.

    Modern Age

    The modern era for Valenciaball was quiet but in 1690 the War of the Spanish Succession began and this caused Valenciaball's status to deteriorate. Their rights were taken away by the Spanish Empireball and the Kingdom of Valenciarawr ended in 1710. The region briefly prospered in 1680 until the War of the Spanish Succession in 1690.

    Contenporanean Era

    During the Carlist Wars Valenciaball (especially the northern mountains) became an important hub for Carlism. In 1833 with the new liberal territorial organization, Valenciaball was divided into 3 provinces, which still remain today. In 1873, during the failed First Spanish Republicball Valenciaball became a short-lived revolutionary canton. At the start of the 20th century, some people started pushing for Valencian autonomy. During the Second Spanish Republicball an official proposal was made in 1937 but it went nowhere as Second Spanish Republicball said: "We fightin' a war rn shut up and grab that rifle!". Valenciaball was bombed during the Spanish Civil War.

    Democracy and Present Day

    With the democratic transition in it became an important voting hub for Socialism. In 1982 it was given autonomy but due to some failures by the lazy people of Spainball, it became an autonomous community technically in 2006 but officially in 2006, with a reform of its autonomy. Valenciaball has mostly been governed by the Socialist party PSOE and from 2011 to 2015 briefly by the conservative party PP.


    Valenciaball is a Socialist region of Spainball. It likes going out with other former entities of the Crown of Aragonball, such as Catalonia, Balearic Islandsball, Aragonball, Sardiniaball and Roussillonball. It hates Francoist Spainball It, as Catalonia is angry with Franceball for stealing Roussillonball. It enjoys the benefits from British and German tourists in Benidor. It likes being in the EU but not that much NATOball. It, unlike its sibling Cataloniaball like being in Spainball, as it gets less taxed in some stuff compared to the rest of the country, but it still gets very taxed as every coastal region in Spainball. But only because it likes being with Spainball that doesn't mean that it loves the Spanish King. In fact, a significant majority of the Valencian population wants a Third Spanish Republic. It doesn't love Cataloniaball 100% because it says Valencian is not a language. It cares very little about politics and mainly just enjoys the benefits of having many British and German tourists.

    Territorial Organization

    File:Castellon de la Plana-icon.png Castellonball - The northernmost province of the Valencian Community and has the 3rd biggest population (or 1st smallest).

    Valenciaball (city) - The province in the middle of the Valencian Community and has the 1st largest population, similar to Barcelonaball.

    File:Alicante-icon.png Alicanteball - The southernmost province of the Valencian Community and has the 2nd biggest population inside of it.

    How to draw

    Drawing Valenciaball is not really easy.

    1. You color the background yellow .
    2. You draw red stripes, four to be exact (just like Cataloniaball)
    3. You draw a blue stripe.
    4. You draw the yellow details. If you're drawing the Separatist flag you can add a red star instead.

    Flag Colours

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Venetian Red 198, 11, 30 C0-M94-Y85-K22 #C60B1E
    Gold 255, 215, 0 C0-M23-Y100-K0 #FFD700
    Blue 0, 47, 187 {{{color3-cmyk}}} #002FA7



    • Aragonball - My cousin. More Castilian than me. It's okay. And it's friendly.
    • EUball - I like you! You give me money and I can build stuff and make me richer so British and German tourists so you give me more money and I get richer! Anyway thanks for making a possible European collaboration.
    • UKball - Yes more money please!


    • NATOball - I hate you, you're a slave of USAball, but as long as you keep your promise of protecting me, I'm fine.
    • UNball - You're kinda pointless if you can't do anything...
    • Franceball - I love you, but GIVE ME BACK ROUSILLON YOU STEALING BI-. Anyway thanks for making Valencian a thing since it's a weird combination of Spanish and French, just as Catalan but Valencian is 10 TIMES BETTER YOU PIG!!!





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