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    Uralball is a geographical regionball of Russiaball. It can also be the race and language type of Hungaryball, Finlandball and Estoniaball as well as that of certain Russian republicballs like Mordoviaball, Khanty-Mansiball, etc. It is often called Slav or European Russiaball, as 4/5 of the Russian population lives here.


    Uralball was born as a 1ball, adopted by Russiaball. Its oblastballs are Kurganball, Sverdlovskball, Tyumenball, Khanty-Mansiball, Chelyabinskball, Permball and Yamalo-Nenetsball.

    How to draw

    Drawing Uralball isn't difficult:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes, black, yellow and green
    2. Draw the eyes and you've finished.



    (:Aww, my cute kids. I lub yuo all.)


    • Russiaball - Although it is Slavic, a lot of its republics are Uralic. But stop bullying my child.
    • All Uralic Countryballs - My family and my best friends. I will always take care of yuo. I love yuo all.
      •  Estoniaball - My cute child who loves me. Aww, I love you too. *hugs* But why do yuo want to be Nordic?
      • Finlandball - My child who also loves me. I love yuo too. Plox don't drinking. And stop the fight with yuor sibling.
      • Hungaryball - My child, it love me too. Yuo are of Uralic, not hunnic. But I still love yuo. And PLOX stop fighting with yuor sibling.
        • Székely Landball - My grandchild who is trapped. Hungary always cries if I mentioned it, and it makes me sad too.
      • Vepsball - My cute child, who died. I miss yuo. Rest in peace. *cries*
    • Norwayball and Swedenball - You have Samis here.


    •  USAball (Except for )- It is of being friend with most of my kids. But plox stop call my child hungry, it is of really hating it.
    • Hunnic Empireball - My ex-spouse but HUNGARY IS OF URALIC AND NOT HUNNIC!!!
    • Avarball - My child through Hun who has ambiguous/mixed origins and conquered Central and Eastern Europe together, your sibling/half-sibling HUNGARY IS ALSO OF URALIC AND NOT TURKIC/MONGOLIC!!!




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