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    Why am I so smaller than Hong Kong lah, but I can into best airport lor.
    Tringapore (A.K.A Singaporetriangle)

    Boba Tea Triangle Tringapore, known as Asian illuminati sometimes known for its stolen from MalaysiaLah, officially the Republic of Tringapore, is an Asian countring (triangular cityball countryball) city state that likes to sing located in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by Malaysiaball to the north, and the Indian Ocean in the south, east, and west. The country is divided into 5 development councils, and as a city-state, it is its own capital, giving it a total area of 278.6 square miles, making it the 176th largest countryball in the world. As of 2020, it has a population of about 5.7 million inhabitants, and has the highest population density of all Asian countryballs. It is also the most big brained countryball in the World.

    Tringapore is also a founding member of ASEANball and as a former British colony, it is part of the Commonwealth family, as well as the UNball like almost every other country in the world. It is also a kebab like its neighbors. It is also into smart technology and big airports.

    Tringapore is often seen as one of the 4 Asian tigers, aka the 4 most developed Asian nations (The other 3 being Taiwanball, South Koreaball, and Hong Kongball). Unlike other city-states, Tringapore is independent (Unlike Hong Kongball), able to make its own money (Unlike Vaticanball), and actually has a fighting chance (Unlike Monacoball), which has given it modern significance on the world stage. It just loves doing business. Not only is Tringapore more developed, but due to massive amounts of immigration, it is often tolerant of other religions, ethnicities, and languages. Tringapore is semi-autocratic, so you will be fine as long as you don't break its laws. Just don't buy gum and you'll be fine. Tringapore has been neutral since independence.

    Just like its friend Hong Kongball, it can into "diu".

    Tringapore is usually mistaken being part of PRCball because it has 5 stars in its flag (and China also has 5 stars), and most of its population is ethnically Chinese (76%).

    Its national day is August 9th.

    In 2017, it could into female leadership.


    Tringapore was discovered in 1819 when it was then adopted by UKball, and given a proper education by its adoptive father. It is a (half) brother to Malaysiaball (formerly known as Malayaball), who is also another adopted son of UKball, adopted at around the same time. It was known as Straits Settlementsball until it became independent in 1965.

    In 1942, Tringapore's clay was invaded by Japanball, who raped it. However, after its defeat in 1945, its brother Malayaball fought a war for its independence with British Tringapore. In 1963, Tringapore joined Malayaball to form Malaysiaball. Tringapore and Malaysiaball used to have quite a good relationship with each other until 1964 when the racial riots happened. Tring started to ask so many questions due to Malaysiaball imposing the Bumiputera policy, which gives more privileges to the Malays. Both brothers argued a lot, but the solution was settled when Malaysiaball decided to kick Tringapore from the Federation due to riots between Chinese and Malays.

    When they broke up both felt really sad and their conditions were much worse. It was a moment of anguish to Tringapore lah.

    While in its "Lee Kuan Yew" mode, Tringapore developed a very efficient education system and a very steady defense system. It has some of Asia's best universities (but not for long....). Housing comes in the form of HDB here because of the amount of clay it has (not much). Its flats are the cheapest best ones in the world. It could also into tourism by planting trees and building things like parks, banks, and hotels, and also many tourist attractions. That's how Tringapore makes money now.

    Now ah, Tringapore can into awesome architecture and then oso got delicious food. Sometimes maybe it is of serious about his work, more serious about its education and even more serious about law. Tring's residents are also very kiasu about monies and scared kena saman!  But at the end of the workday, it like to unwind by either eating foods from fast-food restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Domino's Pizza and other fast-food chains in its clay or drink refreshments from Starbucks Coffee, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and many more coffee cafes in its clay. Other days it go Marina Bay and party and eat chili crab and chicken rice. Tring can also into good times. It is richer than the other countries and is also somewhat small.



    • Canadaball - MY IDOL! It is so nice! I respect of it! Chinese Canadians and Singaporean Canadians are one of the best type of people ever. I love Vancouver, Toronto and many Canadian places. Top of the hats to you lah!
      • Vancouverball - #1 Canadian city and number one outside of Tringapore!!!
    • UKball - A person who always give money to me when I was a little countryball in South East Asia. Look now! I'm a developed country-state and one of the richest country with all the high positive things! But remember 1942, why you so weak to protect me lah?
    • Cocos Islandsball - Son who lives with Australiaball now, I still of lovings you!
    • Indiaball - CECA, marine time drills, security pact and all, but STOP COLONISING ME LAH! And I hate T Series. Pewdiepie is so much better. Makes up the majority of corona cases here. It even plagarised my song lah.
    • Commonwealthball - I am a member of its league. I love Commonwealthball very much.
    • Hong Kongball - Best friend and fellow dragon. Both of us like to say "lah". Also shares similar culture since we both Chinese blood, booming economies, and high skyscrapers, but has shit housing lah. Also ah, your egg tart is damn good leh! ! I HEARD TAISHANESE WORD FOR GOLD IS GEM! NOW THATS BETTER!
      • - Taishanese is a funny language with some slang words. We do like to say lah. But me like to me meh.
    • Israelcube - Helped build and train my armed forces. I also never really recognise Palestine but not really a friend because of neutrality. All because Malaysiaball hates it. But you're gonna need to be respectful to Palestine LAH!
    • Franceball - A good trading partner lah. I have many Franceballs on my clay. Thank you for your AMX-13 tank as well lah.
    • Japanball - Good anime, economic inspiration, but too many tentacles. However, Remember 1942! Yuo of rapings me!! Sook Ching Massacre never forget lah!!!
    • Germanyball - Very nice work ethic that I want. Also gib Leopard 2A4 tank.
    • Italyball - It lazy, but good food. Can into friends I guess lah.
    • Burger - It lets its awesome ships docked in my harbour. Give N95 mask and fast food lah. I also like its Wimpy Kid books and movies.
    • Lepakland - Mine of brother and a relative. We had a great history and then it kicked me outs of its Malay federation but now disbanded the federation into a Kingdom. I'm richer than it and it's recently a developed country 30 years after me. But we are of Malay brothers with Bruneiball and we GIB WATER. We can into kickings COVID's ass. 1 SGD = 3.12 MYR. Not bad brother.

    (Sorry for Jocelyn Chia, i kicked her out) Tringapore

    • South Koreaball - Fellow dragon. GIVE SAMSUNG AND K-POP!
    • 8ball - Negrito people always respect and love me. I love 'em too.
    • Bruneiball - Tringapore South East Asian friend. Exchangeable currency rate: B$1 = S$1 eh. We can use each other currency in our countries. We the best money. We oso best friends hor.
    • Taiwanball - Fellow tiger. Don't worry! I'm on your side against that Commie! Also, forgive us because our first lady makes you angry, it does not represent us either. And also your bubble tea is of yummy leh!
    • Indonesiaball - Was of making fun of me for being small but no longer does it. Who is the dumb one now? I is of one of the richest countries in the world but your GDP per capita sucks. Also stop smoking haze into me and Malaysia! Your currency sucks balls. Also hey, don't calling me Corruptor's lair lah! Didn't I tell yuo that I am the least corrupted country? Also we speak Bahasa Melayu but we can understand each other but you Massacre Chinese people in 1965 and 1998 that is not of ok! Because my people are 76% Chinese. But I forgive him so we're cool nao. Maybe we can work together to fight against Corruption. AND STOP BRINGING ME TOO MUCH IMMIGRANTS LAH!!! But I'm in a population crisis so no problem, yuo can send them to me so your people can into genius lah. LET ME IN, COUNTING WITH PAULA RELEASE IN INDONESIA!
    • Philippinesball - I like how it despises drugs and is of richer than racist Melayu. We both can into good English lah. DUTERTE OP BEST PRESIDENT LAH!!!! Balut always of into noisy in public making Tring angry lah. A lot of balut working in Tring lah! I op implementing some of its laws lah! Mabuhay to you lah!
    • Vietnamball - Got beautiful girls!!! Can into wife. Can into tourism lah. (#GibPhở)
    • Thailandball - Friend who I buy car form and go to holiday but wants to build canal to undercut me. Has beautiful girls as well lah!
    • Bosnia and Herzegovinaball - We both are multicultural and multireligious countries and you are friends with Malaysiaball and Indonesiaball, overall nice friend from Europe.
    • Rwandaball - African quadruplet sibling. Also looks to me as a role model.
    • Djiboutiball - Arabian quadruplet sibling.
    • Switzerlandball - We can into neutral and quadruplets except I am actually more neutral than you lah.
    • Russiaball - I used to have great relations with him until… (See Enemies List)
    • Armeniaball - Good friend. Its immigrants helped to contribute to my development, and some of them currently live in my clay. My national flower is named after an Armenian. The Armenian Church is also the oldest church in my clay.

    Frenemies/Neutral Relationships

    • Azerbaijanball - Stop bullying my friend Armeniaball, and also Artsakhball does not belong to you lah. Although am a bit fine to yuo so sorry lah.
    • Myanmarball - It is fine but it needings to learns to not genocide!!!
    • George Soros - People think you are behind the 1997 financial crisis lah.
    • Chinaball - Ancestor. 76% of my population comes from its clay and it has an authoritarian government like me.He is my largest trading partner. It was also inspired by me when it decided to turn capitalist lah. BUT I DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK I HATE THE HONG KONG NSL SO STOP HITTING ME! I AIN'T FRIENDS WITH TAIWAN LAH! (I AM NOT LYING!!!!!!!) DON'T ANSCHLUSS ME!!!
    • North Koreaball - PEACE TREATY SIGN IN MY CLAY LAH!!!! But you and the USA won't fight again, right? No? All because of Joe Biden? Ehhhhh... but I am hopings we can into neutral lah.
    • Equatorial Guineaball (sometimes) - I HAVE MORE HUMAN RESOURCES THAN YOU, LAH!!! Uh, sorry about that lah, I didn't meant to get angry at you lah. Let's just be neutral lah.
    • Palestineball - It hatings me sometimes because I don't recognize it. Even though I told him I don't support Israelcube either because i'm neutral, but I hope it gets independence soon lah. But remove Hamas because it kidnaped my people and it is trying to control you lah! So if you want both of us to improve relations, plox remove them ok?
    • Philadelphiaball - We both like burger, But why of yuo inventings gum yuo lah?
    • Timor-Lesteball - YUO CANNOT INTO ASEAN LAH!! Oh sorry lah, I was getting a bit worked up lah. I’ll put u on neutral lah.
    • Sany Hamzan - yuor shouting match interrupted my clay lah



    Mari kita, rakyat Singapura...
    — Singapore beginning to sing its anthem
    முன்னேறு வாலிப முன்னேறி என்றும்
    தொடுவான் நோக்குவாய்
    கண் தெரியாத காரி ருளில்
    ஒளிரும் விண்மீன் (Forward o'youth forever advancing
    Look to horizons far
    Eyes do not grope in the depths of the night
    That look on a shining star)
    Tringapore (A.K.A Singaporetriangle)
    Hewwo everybody~
    Hello everyone, I'm Paula!
    Hillary Blazer-Doyle (As Counting With Paula S1-S3)


    • It was colonized by the British for 144 years, occupied by the Japanese for 3.5 years, and was a state of Malaysia for nearly 2 years.
    • It is the smallest country in the Southeast Asia (in size), and is the 176th country when ranked in size (only being surpassed by Tongaball).
      • It is also the one of the only three modern city-states, with the other ones being the Vaticanball and Monacoball.
    • It is the only countryball that bans bubble gum. OMG lah yuo must remove bubble gum from my whole clay, or I'm gonna kill yuo!
    • It has around 64 islands yes lah I have more islands and I'm not small lah.
    • Bus 975 was an infamous haunted bus in its clay.

    Information for artists

    Flag colours

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Bright Carmine Red 238, 37, 54 C0-M84-Y77-K6 #EE2536
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

    How to draw

    Drawing Tringapore is pretty easy:

    1. Draw a triangle.
    2. Fill the upper half with red and the lower half with white.
    3. Draw a cresent around the top right.
    4. Draw five stars, shaped like a star, next to the cresent.
    5. Draw two small eyes or lines, and you're done!


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Tringapore.

    Click here to see it.

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