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    HiballAbkhaziaball is a Northern Irish partially recognized countryball in the Caucasus. It is a separatist regionball of Georgiaball, that wants independence. It has a population of 242,000 and has an area of 8,660 square kilometers.

    Belgiumball think it will gonna try to cutting its hand, because it know that flashback of the Genocide.


    He is of one of the sons of Colchisball. SPQRball was the first to conquer him and when it died, Byzantineball became Abkhaziaball's ruler.

    In 1008, Kingdom of Abkhaziaball became an independent countryball and united all Georgian regions and formed Georgiaball. But in the 16th century Kingdom of Georgia broke up into small kingdoms and principalities and since 1570s Abkhazia was under Ottoman Empire's control.

    In 1864 Russian Empireball conquered it. After Russian Empireball's death, Georgian SSRball and Sovietball became its ruler. Georgian SSRball became Georgiaball when Sovietball died.

    In the 1990s, there was a horrible civil war between Abkhaziaball and Georgiaball, and in 2008, Abkhaziaball helped South Ossetiaball at war with Georgiaball. In 2008, Russiaball recognized the two countries as independent but Georgiaball didn't do the same.

    Now, Abkhaziaball is a not-quite-well-recognized country in Georgiaball. Abkhaziaball cannot into FIFA because Abkhaziaball cannot into country. However, Georgiaball has absolutely no control over Abkhaziaball.

    Relationships (Отношения/Азыҟазаара)










    Central America


    North America


    South America

    Countries that have informal Diplomatic ties to Abkhaziaball


    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    International Orange (200,49,42) 0, 0.755, 0.79, 0.215 #C8312A
    White (255,255,255) 0,0,0,0 #FFFFFF
    North Texas Green (0,153,62) 1, 0, 0.594, 0.4 #00993E

    How to draw

    1. After drawing the base circle shape (NO CIRCLE TOOL) , divide it into 7 stripes.
    2. Colour the stripes in this green and white, alternating
    3. Add a canton of this red on the upper-left part.
    4. Draw a white hand inside the canton.
    5. Draw an arc of seven white stars above the hand.
    6. Draw the eyes and you have finished.
    7. You can also add a black hat on top.


    pl:Abkhaziaball ru:Абхазия

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