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    Duchy of Luxembourgball

    Duchy of Luxembourgball was a HRE German county. It was once united with Kingdom of Bohemiaball.


    The Duchy of Luxembourgball was born as 2-icon.png 2ball, and then it was conquered by SPQR-icon.png Roman Empireball, and then the Roman Empire was dissolved and the Duchy of Luxembourgball was now apart of Western Roman Empireball, the Western Roman Empire dissolves and becomes apart of Francia-icon.png Franciaball, and then the Frankish Empire was dissolved and becomes apart of Middle Francia-icon.png Middle Franciaball, and then it was apart of Lorraine-icon.png Duchy of Lorraineball and HRE-icon.png Holy Roman Empireball, and then now the County of Luxembourgball was formed in 1059, breaking away from the Duchy of Lorraineball.

    The county was upgraded into a duchy in 1353 by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV of Luxemburg for his brother Wenceslaus, who became the first duke of Luxemburg. The House of Luxemburg became the heirs of the Přemyslid dynasty in Bohemia and inherited the large domain after the death of the last Přemyslid king Wenceslaus III. The decline of Luxemburg began with Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia. The Luxemburg rule was stabilized by Sigismund, who added large territories to the Luxemburg domain. However, after his death, the vast territories were inherited by his son-in-law Albert II of Germany from the rival House of Habsburg.

    The last duchess of Luxemburg, Elizabeth, was deeply in debt and sold the duchy to Philip III of Burgundy. The duchy passed to Maximillian I of Habsburg by marriage to Mary the Rich, last duchess of the Burgundian domains. It was part of the seventeen provinces until the French Vivelaspin.gif revolutionaries captured the Austrian Netherlandsball. After the defeat of Napoleon, it became a part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball.




    • Austrian Empire-icon.png Habsburgball- INCESTOUS BASTARDS! Me and him competed for supremacy in the Holy Roman Empireball. He eventually won because the House of Luxemburg died out. At least one of their ugly members married one of my princesses so that at least some blood of the House of Luxemburg could live on.

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