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    Look at these numerous skulls, that's what was left by the Soviet-icon.png Russians!

    Every USA-icon.pngBritish Empire-icon.pngIslamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.pngSoviet-icon.png enemy has failed, all their hopes got shattered!
    Now it is obvious to Earth-icon.png everyone, this is the home of the Afghans!
    This is the home of the brave, this is the home of the brave!

    Taliban-icon.png The Taliban in their anthem

    Afghanistanball, also known as Taliban-icon.png Talibanball, officially the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanball is Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball 2.0 a landlocked countryball in Central Asia that is run by Taliban-icon.png Talibanball. It came into power after DR Afghan-icon.png Afghanistanball suffered multiple personality disorders and several invasions by Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball, British Empire-icon.png British Empireball, and USA-icon.png USAball. When the first two withdrew from Afghanistanball, its different factions started fighting each other, in which the Talibanball took over Kabulball in 1996, and then established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanball. Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball hid in its clay prior to 9/11, and a few days afterwards USA-icon.png USAball and its allies invaded Afghanistan and ousted Talibanball's regime. After 20 years, Talibanball captured Kabulball on 15 August 2021, marking the emirate's second rise to power.

    The countryball is composed of 652,864 miles of clay, making it the 40th largest countryball (41st if you count Greenland-icon.png Greenlandball in Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball's area) by amounts of clay. In terms of population, they have the 43rd most people, with 32,890,171 people as of 4th of January, 2022.

    The country has the worst human rights ever. Because the Talibanball hates industry, they use traditional, old-fashioned ways of building up their economy. This makes Afghanistanball one of the few countries that don't use a Capitalism-icon.png capitalist nor Socialism-icon.png socialist system.


    Achaemenid-icon.pngIndo-Greek Kingdom-icon.png Pre-Islamic Afghanistan Kushan Empire-icon.pngSassanid-icon.png

    Until 650 AD, Taliban-icon.png Afghanistanball's clay known as Bactriaball, was occupied by Indus Valley-icon.png Dravidians from Indus Valleyball who started to build up towns around the Hindu Kush mountains. Iranian 2-icon.png 2ball tribes later dominated the region. These 2balls started creating ancient cultures and sites. Later decades on in the VI century BC, Achaemenid-icon.png Achaemenidball who expanded to the east took over. Achaemenid invaded Afghanistan as well as other tribes, bringing Persian cultures to Afghanistanball for centuries to come. Following by Macedon-icon.png Macedonball conquest and murder on Achaemenid-icon.png Achaemenidball, it conquered Afghanistan's clay and lots of Greeks were able to migrate to Afghanistan. Afghanistan evolved to a mix of Iranic, Hellenic, Indian, Hindu, and Zoroastrian.

    When Macedon-icon.png Alexander the Great died, three kingdoms formed out of Afghanistanball; Seleucid-icon.png Seleucidball first controlled it, but then from known as Bactria, Greco-Bactrian Kingdom-icon.png Greco-Bactrian Kingdomball revolted. In this period, Afghanistan was now a mix of Iranic, Hellenic, Indian, Hindu, and Zoroastrian.

    Parthia-icon.png Parthiaball took control of Afghanistan later on, however, the Kushan Empire-icon.png Kushites took over and used the lands as a base of conquests into India-icon.png Indiaball. Since Parthia-icon.png Parthiaball was too weak, Kushan Empire-icon.png Kushan Empireball continued their presences until Sassanid-icon.png Sassanidball came and destroyed most of the empire reducing it to a very small clay. Many Afghan (city) states like Kabul Shahi-icon.png Kabul Shahiball were independent resulting in the collapse.

    Abbasid-icon.pngGhaznavid Empire-icon.png Arabs, Turks, Mongols, and Timurids Mongol Empire-icon.pngTimurid Empire-icon.png

    The Caliphate-icon.png Caliphateballs expanded into western Afghanistanball's clay, but Afghanistanball would never fully convert to Islam until the 9th century. One of the cities, Zabulball, converted to Islam, evolved to Saffarid dynasty-icon.png Saffaridball, and had conquered neighboring Afghan-icon (division).png Heratball, Bamiyanball, and Udyanaball, and went on to invade the Abbasid vassal of Tahirid-icon.png Tahiridball. The conquest of the Abbasid controlled affected the Samanid Empire-icon.png Samanid Empire in Turkmenia, which went after Saffarid dynasty-icon.png Saffaridball, defeating it and making it a vassal. Under the Samanid dynasty, Iranic culture saw a revival under Islamic influence in Persia. Samanid Empire-icon.png Samanid Empireball also owned Turkic Council-icon.png Turks as slaves, but after a slave revolt the Turkic Council-icon.png Turks overthrew them and Ghaznavid Empire-icon.png established their own empire. Ghaznavid Empire-icon.png Ghaznavidsball was of really stronk, as it pushed into the Indian subcontinent, and would have expanded to Iran-icon.png Persiaball if it weren't for Seljuk-icon.png Seljukball in the Battle of Dandanaqan. Ghaznavid Empire-icon.png Ghaznavidsball ended up being otherthrown by Ghurid Dynasty-icon.png native Afghans.

    Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball invaded its clay in 1219 after the Mongol conquest of Khwarezmia. It became under the rule of Ilkhanate-icon.png Ilkhanateball and Chagatai Khanate-icon.png Chagatai Khanateball. After the Black Death, Shia-icon.png Kartidsball was bvorn out of Ilkhanate-icon.png Ilkhanateball's death from Illness, but in a short matter of time the Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurids would invade it. Heratball went under a renaissance.

    Khanate of Bukhara-icon.pngMughal-icon.png Early Modern Ages Safavid-icon.pngAbbasid-icon.png

    After the fall of Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurids to Safavid-icon.png Safavidball, the Timurids still ruled over their last province Timurid Empire-icon.png Kabulball. They later pushed into conquering the Delhi Sultanate-icon.png Delhi Sultanateball. This created the Mughal-icon.png Mughalball, who had presence in eastern Afghanistan but intended to expand and conquer all of India-icon.png Indiaball, or most of it.

    In 1705, Abbasid-icon.png Hotak dynastyball rebelled against Safavid-icon.png Safavidball, invading Persiaball and almost of killing them. Abbasid-icon.png Hotak dynastyball was killed years later.

    Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistanball became independent only in 1747, as the first modern Afghan countryball Durrani-icon.png Durrani Empireball. Durrani-icon.png Durraniball fought it's archemeny Sikh Empire-icon.png Sikh Empireball over for clay in Jammu and Kashmirball, but UK-icon.png UKball later killed Sikh Empire-icon.png Sikh Empireball. The Barakzai dynasty turned Durraniball into a Black-icon.png Emirate.

    UK-icon.pngBlack-icon.pngEast India Company-icon.png The Great Game and Cold War Pakistan-icon.pngPahlavi Iran-icon.pngRussianEmpire-icon.png

    UK-icon.png UKball had tried to seize control over Black-icon.png Emirate of Afghanistanball in the Great Game to avoid RussianEmpire-icon.png Russian Empireball from challenging British dominance over India-icon.png Indiaball. In the first Anglo-Afghan war, had sent armies from East India Company-icon.png India through their clay to Kabul-icon.png Kabulball. Following the seizure and replacement of Afghanistan's Shah, the British placed (a loyalist/puppet) Shah Shujah in power. Afghanistan got very angry at the fact it was forced to do whatever UK-icon.png UKball insisted and the two went to war in 1823. After UK-icon.png UKball was defeated, it was covered in scars as Afghan once ambushed it and stabbed it heavily while killing most of the East India Company-icon.png Company.

    This is something UK-icon.png UKball would never forget.

    UK-icon.png UKball knew it had to leave Afghanistanball alone. Meanwhile Pahlavi Iran-icon.png Pahlavi Iranball was getting ready to Anschluss the independent city of Durrani-icon.png Heratball for more clay, but was attacked by both East India Company-icon.png East India Companyball and the Black-icon.png Afghani Emirateball. In 1879 the British missionary of Afghanistan was murdered, declaring the Second Anglo-Afghan War. This time, UK-icon.png Britain won the war but didn't want to expand its clay. UK-icon.png UKball knew that Black-icon.png Afghanistanball would be a good buffer zone against the emerging RussianEmpire-icon.png Russian Empireball. That is why RussianEmpire-icon.png Russian Empireball could not into British Raj-icon.png Indiaball. Until after WW1, Black-icon.png Afghanistanball was de facto independent but UK-icon.png UKball would always watch over its foreign affairs.

    Having signed a friendship treaty with British Raj-icon.png British India the last war with the British Empire-icon.png British came to peace. As a result Emirate of Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistanball was recognized as 100% independent. Realizing it was so isolated from most countryballs, soon they started to be friends with other countryballs. Emirate of Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistanball wanted to modernize in 1919, and so it started to build modern schools, and use modern medicine. The Emir years later in 1926 upgraded the emirate into a Kingdom of Afghanistan-icon.png kingdom. They had joined League of Nationsball in 1934 and became friendly towards normalization of ties Pahlavi Iran-icon.png to its sibling. Controversially, It also had cooperative interactions with Nazi-icon.png File:Italian Empire-icon.png Japanese-Empire-icon.png the Axis powers, which is why it wasn't in WW2 either. But the war broken up the British Raj-icon.png British Rajball.

    Pakistan-icon.png Dominion of Pakistanball had gained independence from UK-icon.png UKball, but suprisingly, Kingdom of Afghanistan-icon.png claimed Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball as "Afghan clay". Why? Afghanistan still thought Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan was stolen land because Afghanistan had never recognized the Durrani line (aka Afghan-Pakistani border) that UK-icon.png UKball drew up. Kingdom of Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistan would proceed to befriend Pakistanball's archenemy India-icon.png Indiaball, which an Afghan-Indian alliance could ruin Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan´s economy in a future scenario. Afghanistanball had tried ways to destabilize Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball by funding separatist movements in Balochistan-icon (Pakistan).png Balochistanball. Afghanistanball also voted to deny Pakistan's admission into the UN-icon.png UNball. To piss of Pakistanball more, it sent Afghanballs to occupy Pakistan-icon.png Pakistani territory.

    In the Cold War, From the 1950’s to the year 1978, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball and USA-icon.png USAball had their competition of who can gib Afghanistan more monies. The 1950s and ’60s saw Afghanistanball receive billions of monies to help the economy. The countryball became more western and Liberalism-icon.png liberal. More schools, hospitals, hotels, airports were created with the help of Soviet-icon.png Sovietball. It was at its peak. The monarchy of Afghanistan had failed several reforms to complete. Sadly all things came to an end.

    In 1972 the countryball had suffered a horrible famine. The following year, Mohammed Zahir Shah left to go to Italy-icon.png Italyball for eye medication. Its sibling, Mohammed Daoud Khan betrays it by launching a Pakistan-icon.png Pakistani-backed coup d'état. The monarchy was of overthrown by a republic known as Republic of Afghanistan-icon (soldier).png Republic of Afghanistanball. The republic was very very secular, so women were allowed to not wear the hijab, and they can be assigned for education. The last two years of its existence saw it become a dictatorship.

    Soviet-icon.pngDR Afghan-icon.png Commie invasion and Rise of Taliban Jihad-icon.pngTaliban-icon.png

    Also see: Afghan Wars and Soviet-Afghan War.

    Thanks to Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball helping Communism-icon.png communist rebels in the ¨Saur Revolution¨, the Republic of Afghanistan-icon (soldier).png republic was otherthrown.

    Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball feared the Soviets would invade from DR Afghan-icon.png DR Afghanistanball if Afghanistan was of commie. What was worse was Afghanistan was still of sending Afghans to Pakistanball's clay, this time with the approval of it's master, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball. Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball looked to funding Sunni-icon.png Sunni mujahedeen rebels such as Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball, and of course, Taliban-icon.png Taliban with support coming from USA-icon.png USAball and China-icon.png Chinaball. Iran-icon.png Iranball on the other hand supported the Shia-icon.png Shia Mujadden factors. Both were meant to fight the DR Afghan-icon.png communist-backed Afghanistanball to drive Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball insane from havoc. The Mujadeen factors were effective, as they already seized most of DR Afghan-icon.png DR Afghanistanball's clay. DR Afghan-icon.png Afghanistanball was of too weak to rival them, so Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball made the decision to invade.

    Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball gave aid to the Afghans and protected the most important cities. For an entire decade, Sovietball's opponents kept on supporting Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaeda and the Taliban-icon.png Taliban, meanwhile some of the Afghanballs were inspired by Mao Zedong-icon.png Mao Zadong and started their own Maoist uprisings.

    When Soviet Unionball couldn't take it anymore after ten years, Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball finally pulled forces out of Afghanistanball on February 20, 1989. DR Afghan-icon.png DR Afghanistanball died when its president stepped down. After the end of the Soviet-Afghan War and Cold War, several Sunni-icon.png Several Mujahideen factors established peace and restored Islamic yet democratic order where Muslims are saved from secular persecution. However not all mujahedeen groups agreed to this and eventually on summer of 1994, Taliban-icon.png Talibanball rose to power and established the Taliban-icon.png Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanball. and started terrorizing civilians on Afghan clay. They would emerge from the Durrani line where they got support by the Pakistan-icon.png Pakistani ISI. Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball also funded the militant group because the Taliban-icon.png Taliban were strictly Sunni and also practiced Wahhabism-icon.png extremist versions of Islam. The Taliban were very quick to capture the capital Kabul-icon.png Kabulball in just two years. Tajik-icon.png Tajikistanball, now out of its commie phrase let Islamic State of Afghanistan-icon.png Afghans seek refugee in its clay.

    Under Taliban rule, the Taliban were very extreme towards its civilians. The Taliban had imposed westernization, which was one of the reasons they were formed. This was such as the banning of TVs, music, radios, and other stuff that seemed western. The Taliban wanted their civils to also look like if they were real Muslims, so grown men were forced to grow beards, women forced to wear burkas. Anyone who refused to follow orders was beaten to death in certain ways, such as whippings to stonings. Then, these murdered bodies would be shown hanging in the public to show civilians what would too happen to them if orders were misbehaved.

    Putumayo-icon.pngAl-Qaeda-icon.png Resistance, Victory, and American Occupation USA-icon.pngAfghan Interim Administration-icon.png

    However, not all hope was lost, until the 2000s, anti-terrorist resistant groups such as the Putumayo-icon.png Northern Allianceball. Islamic State of Afghanistan-icon.png Northern Allanceball was founded notably by local Tajik-icon.png Tajiks and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png in Afghanistanball to sabotage Taliban-icon.png Taliban control over the whole country. The resistance fought against not only Taliban-icon.png Talibanball, but also Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball who was helping Talibanball. The Northern Alliance would give refugee camps to Afghans living in the controlled parts of the country's clay the infamous Islamic State of Afghanistan-icon.png Ahmad Shah Massoud had reigned over. However Taliban-icon.png Taliban encorned the Putumayo-icon.png Northern Allianceball all to Afghanistanball's uppermost province, Afghan-icon (division).png Badakhshanball.

    In December 1999, one of India-icon.png Indiaball's commercial planes were hijacked by Islamic terrorists and landed in Kandahar, which pleased the Taliban. And in March 2001, it destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas, claiming it to be a false religion. Ahmad Shah Massoud, one of the strongest resistance fighters, was found to be dead on September 9, 2001. It is assumed it was killed by a terrorist, but not by Talibanball. It looked like the end for the Alliance. But then for Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball, who sparked the controversial 9/11 attacks on USA-icon.png USAball's twin towers, USA-icon.png USAball finally made the choice to interveine and went full hell on Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball and Taliban-icon.png Talibanball. Following USA-icon.png USAball's declaration of War on Terror against several terrorist organizations and bombed the living crap out of Afghanistanball's clay. To do this however, USA-icon.png USAball needed to confront Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball about aiding the Taliban-icon.png Taliban which forced Pakistan to comply.

    Many countries fought in the Liberation of Afghanistan with the Northern Alliance. These countries were USA-icon (modern soldier).png USAball, Canada-icon (soldier).png Canadaball, UK-icon (modern soldier).png UKball, and Australia-icon (modern soldier).png Australiaball with aid and support coming from multiple countries such for India-icon (modern soldier).png Indiaball who was very pissed about the hijacked planes, Tajikistan-icon (modern soldier).png Tajikistanball, and Uzbekistan-icon (modern soldier).png Uzbekistanball. Following the liberation at Kabul-icon.png Kabulball, Taliban-icon.png Talibanball and Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball were ousted from its clay in October 7.

    The Islamic State of Afghanistan-icon.png Islamic State of Afghanistanball was finally restored, as the Afghan Interim Administration-icon.png Afghan Interim Administrationball. The Afghan-icon.png Islamic Emirate wasn't dead however, it is awaiting reorganization, and should the Taliban-icon.png Taliban rise again. Many Taliban fighters found shelter in Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball's clay.

    Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.pngUSA-icon.png Taliban Insurgency, and reestablishing of the Emirate ISIS-icon.pngAfghan-icon.png

    USA-icon.png USAball unofficaly colonzied occcupied Afghanistanball. The Afghan Interim Administrationball would go through a Islamic State of Afghanistan-icon.png transitional phase restoring peace upon all and the true form of what is Islam-icon.png (Sunni) Islam. It would later become the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistanball.

    In the 2004 elections, a president (Hamid Karzid) was finally elected in Afghanistanball, which officially started the failed Murican colony Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Islamic Republic.

    For many years, Afghans lived their lives and foreigners were allowed to visit, but the bombings by USA-icon.png USAball and instability made Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistanball feel painful to be alive deep, deep, down...... these years of destruction by USA-icon.png USAball and its allies forced some Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanballs to side with the Taliban-icon.png Taliban, who were gaining more land year by year.


    Years later, ISIS-icon.png ISISball invaded its clay in 2015. Afghanistanball got infected with the Coronavirus on February 24, 2020.

    Things worsen from May to June following NATO-icon.png many NATO members and their allies withdrawing, one by one, or in groups. Eventually, UK-icon (modern soldier).png UKball withdrew on July 8th, 2021, but a month later, troops landed back in Kabul-icon.png Kabulball to recuse it's embassy. On August 15th, 2021, the Taliban-icon.png Taliban won the 20-year conflict and took control over the central government in Kabul-icon.png Kabulball, establishing a new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanball.

    With the Kabul Airport captured on the last day of August, marking the end of the Afghan Republicball. One of ISIS-icon.png ISISball's suicide bombers bombed the Kabul Airport recently. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Ashraf Ghani, the president had fled with 169 million dollars taken out of the country's national bank. It was unknown were Ghani fled to, but it was later annouced Ghani had fled to UAE-icon.png UAEball's. Former members of Putumayo-icon.png Northern Allianceball surrounded up to form a second resistance, known as Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Panjshir Resistanceball who is ready to remove the Taliban-icon.png Taliban again fighting for the Panjshir Valley. Recently, it has normalized relations with USA-icon.png USAball after 20 years. On September 6, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Panjshir Resistanceball had mostly fallen to the Taliban-icon.png Taliban rule.

    In consequence of the Taliban takeover, USA-icon.png USAball and EU-icon.png EUball have taken away financial support to the countryball and slapped UN-icon.png UNball sanctions. Since the 2000s Afghanistanball has been relying on western currencies, without that, people are already starving and are relying on fruits and leftovers. Afghanistanball is also currently suffering an economic crisis. As to response, the Afghan-icon.png Afghanistanball banned foreign currencies in response with the Taliban quoting: "The economic situation and national interests in the country require that all Afghans use Afghani currency in their every trade". The Taliban-icon.png Taliban are BEGGING EU-icon.png EUball to bring back the western currencies.

    Right now, it is clashing with Iran-icon.png Iranball in its border because of the Taliban-icon.png Taliban murdering some Iranians.



    Anyone whose friends with Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball and hates Iran-icon.png Iranball is my friend.

    • Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball - I shelter them in my clay.
    • Bangladesh-icon.png بنګله دیش - We have good relations with each other and we might be of friends in the future.
    • Pakistan-icon.png پاکیستان - Best friend! Great akhi and Sharia ally and congratulated me for becoming the true sole Afghanistan.
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png سعودي عربستان - My akhi, we practice true and pure Wahhabism-icon.png Islam. Al-Qaeda-icon.png Osama was also born here.
    • Qatar-icon.png قطر - Loyalist friend since 1996. You never betrayed me unlike stupid UAE-icon.png UAEball.
    • Turkey-icon.png ترکیه - It used to be one of my worst enemies, but now it is one of my best friends, and it funds Islamists. THANK YOU Erdogan-icon.png ERDOGAN!
    • Turkmen-icon.png ترکمنستان - I like them, not because they recognize me but they also are isolated and totalitarian too!

    Neutral/بې طرفه/خنثی

    • China-icon.png Chinaball - First one willing to have a relationship. In response, I gave up support for the Turkistan Islamic Party-icon.png TIP. Regardless, stop oppressing File:Xinjiang-icon.png Uyghurball and yuor own Muslim population pl0x!!
    • Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump - It was the one who originally started to pull troops out of my land, so thanks for that, Trump. But it still hates my fellow Muslims, so I don't really support Trump...
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball is not your clay!
    • Taliban-icon.png Pakistani Taliban - Me but in Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball, I used to fund them and they helped me against USA-icon.png burger. But it wants to anschluss Pakistan-icon.png my ally. You're scary even for my standards!
    • USA-icon.png USAball - It caused an insurgency in my clay and helped Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png faker. It still doesn't recognize me. But it might fight ISIS-icon.png ISISball with me if my government treats women and Hazaras better. I remembered that it supported me in this war.
    • Palestine-icon.png فلسطین - I recognize your freedom, but you calling me a terrorist?!
    • Malaysia-icon.png ملایزیا - Kebab friend in Southeast Asia who follows Islamic law. It is also can into some conserativism. However its prime minister is unsure to recogize me, SO PLEASE OF RECONGIZE! But WHY DO YUO SUPPORT AND LIKE FAKE Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png AFGHAN?!
    • Indonesia-icon.png انډونیزیا - Our government congrated yuo for yuor independence day. How yuo fought colonialism was just like how I fought burger imperialism! We can be friends sometime, right?
    • Russia-icon.png روسیه - YOU SUPPORTED Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png this thing. And also, I tried to get along with you in Moscow-icon.png Moscowball so you can recognize me (as I even said Crimea-icon.png CRIMEA was yours) and you also now unbanned me???!! We could had allied against Murica-icon.png imperialist burger! Anyway thanks for handing over the Afghan embassy to me. But still please recognize me.
    • Taiwan-icon.png تایوان - You might be Fake China, but I'm starting to question China-icon.png Mainland Chinaball as it keeps oppressing File:Xinjiang-icon.png Uyghurball.

    INFIDELS Enemies/دشمنان/دښمنان

    Almost Earth-icon.png everybody hates Afghanistanball for becoming a terrorist and fundamentalist, but most importantly:

    • DR Afghan-icon.png ANOTHER FAKE AFGHANISTAN - Incompatible for Afghanistan, stupid infidel occupying kebab clay!! But this time it is a Soviet-icon.png vodka puppet! Also removed yuo!
    • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Panjshir Resistanceball - Yuo are defeated, so DON'T EVER DARE TO COME BACK TO Universe-icon.png THE UNIVERSE!!
    • UK-icon.png انګلستان - YUO'RE ONE OF THE "SAVIOURS", HUH? Remember when we Afghans removed you many times?!?! Now that I know it's USA-icon.png USAball father, I hate them more! But we atleast talked so it can leave me alone in the future...
    • UN-icon.png ملګری ملتونه - له یوو څخه مننه، زه ژاړم!!! REMOVE SANCTIONS!! AND RECOBNGIZING ME ALREADY!!! (Please give back monies...)
    • India-icon.png هند - Crazy Hindu, cry harder about Your hijacked plane And That stupid Buddhist Temple YOU DUMB COW! Wait, if you're the cow, then why is USA-icon.png USAball burger? AND STOP TRYING TO ATTACKINGS Pakistan-icon.png MY BROTHER AND ALLY!! At least my goverment is less harser on Hindus then we are on infindel Christians and Shias by allowing them to verify their sovereignity.
    • Greece-icon.png یونان and Armenia-icon.png ارمنستان - Inshallah Turkey-icon.png kebab will of killings yuo, kebab haters!
    • LGBT-icon.png همجنسبازان -
    • Israel-icon.png اسراییل - I will not recognize yuo! JUST PLEASE DIE ALREADY!!!! STOP OCCUPYING Palestine-icon.png PALESTINE!
    • OIC-icon.png د اسلامي همکاریو سازمان - These clowns banned me for this Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png fake crap!!
    • Finland-icon.png فینلینډ - Stop making fun about me being of into the unhappiest country in the world, yuo infidel!
    • Tajik-icon.png تاجیکستان - Yuo were one of the many countries responible for helping the west remove me back in 2001! Also, am not gonna invade yuo, what's that all about?
    • Japan-icon.png جاپان - You western puppet of Asia, I hate you for being best friends with Burger and his bastard friends and for making Haram stuff. REMOVE ANIME! REMOVE HENTAI! REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE! but thanks for making manga about me Mashaallah!


    Despite most countryballs still recognizing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Islamic Republic, only a few recognize the Islamic Emirate as the true successor.


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