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    ¿Those aren´t monkeys?
    — Cantabria when it was asked about south Spain communities.

    Cantabria is an autonomous community and provinceball of  Spainball.


    It's so proud of itself, because of its culture, but nobody cares about it because Basqueball is more interesting than him (It even hurt it sometimes with ETA). He likes cows, but everybody looks Asturiasball when that´s the conversation interest. It got famous writers like Jose María de Pereda, but when books are important, everybody looks and Castile and Leónball. The interesting thing is that Cantabria doesn´t care about this, because it is happy. It can do so many things, and it doesn't care about what other communities think (but it sometimes wants more relevantie from dark ways)

    It likes hiking, fishing, swimming, being at the camp, eating and drinking products of its "tierruca", looking after its cows, goats, chickens, horses, seeing Cantabrian wars acting, talking with Asturiasball...


    The first appearance of Cantabriaball was when appeared the tribe of Cantabriball in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. When SPQRball wanted to conquer Spain and dominated the South, it went to the north and founded Cantabrians, who resisted it for 20 years before being invaded. The Cantabrians never accepted Roman culture, so when this one was abused by Germanic tribes and killed, Cantabrians returned to be the coolest in Europe with the company of Basque.

    When Visigothic Kingdomball arrived, Cantabrians kicked its ass because they were fucking tired of invaders. Then, Visigoths used their power to end Cantabriaball defenses. When they ended that power (that didn´t make anything), they were so bad, so Al-andalusball enter to fuck more the situation. They killed Visigoths but they were so distracted giving a lesson to this guy, that forgotten Cantabrians and (not so much) Asturians. Then, Asturiasball made a kingdom where they didn´t say anything about Cantabrians and make Asturias the hero. Then Castile added Cantabriaball to its territory. Why? Because YES.

    Centuries later, Cantabria (called Santander) still being Castilia slave. In the Spanish Civil War, Francoist Spainball fucked up Cantabriaball, because Castilia ran away with Francoist Spain with all Cantabrian Weapons. Nazi Germanyball and Kingdom of Italyball fucked more Cantabria and this one ended fully destroyed.

    Years later, Cantabria was tired of all of that shit to not being named or used or liked or famous, so it get separated from Castilia (finally) and get autonomy. Today it still is irrelevant and hates it, with all of his history of fights and losses.


    • Spainball - The parent that never looks at me.
    • Asturiasball - A person que talks with me. It is a good guy who helped me a lot of times. But it gets the mérito in some things like the defense with Romanians, reconquer of the peninsula...
    • Basqueball - Guy who doesn't stop shouting independence. Definitely a weird guy, but sometimes a good guy.
    • Cataloniaball- This one is weird. Don´t be soon of it.
    • Castile and Leónball - Muy clever guy. It knows a lot of things about literature, and books. It's my big sibling/parent, because I was part of it before.
    • Murciaball - Orange monkey.
    • Franceball - I don't know so much about it, but I tasted so much food from it. It's good... maybe... well, I don't really care.
    • Portugalball - Well... the same as France, I don't know so much about it...
    • SPQRball - My parent said that it was the real creator of the Spanish Empire but I hate it.
    • Al-andalusball - Oh, this guy was an idiot. I really hate it. If mountains wouldn´t protect us, maybe we wouldn´t be here, and that scares me. But later Asturias and I fought against it and we saved Spain, but the rest of person get the mérito. And I was joined by Castilia! Stupid Al-Andalus...

    How to draw it

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Paint the down half of it red.
    3. Add a shield in the center
    4. Divide the shield in two. (If you don't wanna paint details in the shield, jump to part 7)
    5. In the part up, draw a boat tied with chains to a yellow tower on a desert island. Up the boat, paint two heads.
    6. In the part down, draw a circle grey, and in its center, draw the "lábaro cántabro"
    7. (Dont follow if you painted details) Paint the up part blue and the down part grey.


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