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    Can i into British Empire V2.0?
    English-icon.png Commonwealthball

    Commonwealthball, also known as British Empire 2.0 is the British Empire-icon.png British Empire v2.0 an organization of former British territories, lead by UK-icon.png UKball.

    The Commonwealthball isn’t the British Empireball; it’s a group of nations that were former territories of the British Empire and now are fully independent and are in the early stages of becoming the British Empireball again.

    Every four years on the year the Winter Olympics is held, the Commonwealth Games is held during the summer (or early fall for Australiaball and New Zealandball) where Commonwealthball's member states participate in various sporting events.  It is the only time when Englandball, Scotlandball, Northern Irelandball, Isle of Manball and Walesball participate as separate teams.


    Commonwealthball first came into existence in December 11th, 1931, and assisted UK-icon.png Great Britain to keep the Empire a bit. Today, instead, it's British Empire v2.0 a loosely organization that merely lives only for keeping the Anglosphere more united. The only Anglophones countries that aren't members of the Commonwealthball are USAball, Irelandball (he was one of the six founders but he left in 1949), Zimbabweball (also left in 2003) and British Hong Kongball (became Hong Kongball  in 1997, China didn't allow). Why do not you want to be members? We have seats reserved for you.

    The only countryballs without any history of British sovereignty, that are in Commonwealthball, are Mozambique-icon.png Mozambiqueball (former Portuguese colony) and Rwanda-icon.png Rwandaball (former Belgian colony).

    The sun never sets in thy empire.



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