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    Andalusiaball, or Andaluciaball in Spanish, is the southernmost arab autonomous communityball of  Spainball. It is well known for being the final stand of reconquista. (When Castileball drove the Arab Muslims out of the Iberian peninsula). It could be mistaken for Anschluss.


    Andalusiaball is very interesting, elegant, arrogant, and proud. It has a lot of both Christian and Muslim architecture and enjoys the Mediterranean climate, food, and beaches.

    It is often stereotyped as "North Morocco" because of not only its geographical position but the fact that it was occupied by Muslim countryballs for centuries and people think Andalusia is mainly Islamic influenced, and that Morrocco is located very close to it.

    Andalusiaball is the most populated and second-largest autonomous community of Spainball.


    Before the Romanballs, Celts inhabited the region and ancient Greeks settled on its coast. Carthageball conquered the region and then came the SPQRball (Romans) who conquered and settled everywhere. It remained part of the Romans until their collapse.

    Then came the barbarians who sacked and destroyed the SPQR and created the Visigothic Kingdomball to rule the Iberian peninsula. in the 700s AD, the Islamic caliphate conquered the region and almost the entire Iberian Peninsula. In 758 AD, the Emirate of Córdobaball (situated on the central and southern Iberian peninsula). The Emirate of Córdobaball eventually became the Caliphate of Córdobaball. Córdobaball got split into Taifaballs.

    The allied Almoravidball (Moroccoball), and later Almohad Caliphateball took the region. At one point during the Moroccan rules, there were Taifaballs again. After the Almohads, there were Taifaballs again for the third time. The Emirate of Grenada arose off the Taifaballs in response to Reconquista (Castileball, Portugalball, Asturiasball, and Aragonball taking over their lost souths and driving out the Muslim Arabs from the Iberian Peninsula).

    The Emirate of Granada was the last of the Muslim Arabs in Spainball. The last phase of Reconquista took its final stand in 1492 when Castileball (Spainball) ultimately kicked and defeated and incorporated Granadaball. After this, Castileball (Spainball) started conquering the Americas. All the former Islamic countryballs and influence in the region is now known as Al-Andalus.

    The Reconquista shaped the future of Spainball. Andalusiaball played a major role in the Spanish renaissance with art and architecture. A lot of the ports used for ships to the Americas were in Andalusia. At some point in modern history, Andalusiaball politically became an autonomous community of Spainball. One day, Spainball plans on building a bridge/tunnel across the Strait of Gibraltar to Moroccoball.



    • Umayyadball - He bought Islam to Iberia, I'm very thankful that he did.


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