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    Canary Islandsball is a Spanish autonomous regionball near the coast of  Moroccoball. They are mainly known for their tourist attraction and beaches. It is sometimes counted as an oversees territory with special voting rights like French Guianaball. They are very proud to be a part of  Spainball because that made them stronk, but apparently for a reason, they don't like  Madridball at all. In 1977, the worst aviation accident in history on Tenerife Island in the Canary Islandsball, the Tenerife air disaster, killed 583 people.


    The original inhabitants of Canary Islandsball is 2ball called Guanches, they are Berbersball's relative. However despite only separated by 62 km wide strait with Africa, there is no records of contacts with fellow Berbersball, even more strange that Umayyadball and its kebab successors ignored him. Nevertheless, he is reported to have met Phoeniciaball, Ancient Greeceball, and Carthageball back in antiquity times.

    Beginning in 14th century Europeans from Iberian Peninsula and Italy started exploring the islands and establishing religious missions. Then Spanish Empireball conquest started in 1402 and ended in 1496 with native populations almost exterminated; the survivors assimilated with Spanish colonist. After that Spanish Empireball and fellow Europeans used Canary Islands as stopover for its trans-Atlantic voyages to use strong winds passing its clay.

    In the 20th century he became popular tourist destination, however some of its inhabitants turned into separatist. They carried several terrorist attacks including one attack at Gran Canaria Island airport in 1977, which forced him to divert air traffic to another airport in Tenerife Island. Because of this chaos, Tenerife airport disaster happened, which until today remain the deadliest aircraft incident in Earthball. In 1979 the separatist movement ceased activity.

    Today he is still busy with tourist as ever, and likes to enjoy mild Atlantic breeze with its brothers.


    • Spainball: Father. I am an autonomous region of its you won't be rich without me lmao. Sorry for my separatist era
    • Portugalball: Uncle who rules my brother Azoresball and Madeiraball
    • Azoresball: Faraway brother. He is located on the meeting of Eurasian, American, and African plate. Unlike me, he is not populated before conquest.
    • Madeiraball: penaldo Portuguese brother.
    • Moroccoball: long lost brother I REJECT MY AFRICANITY MOROCCO!!!!
    • Azawadball and Sahrawiball: I WILL LEAD A NEW AFRICA WITH MY BROTHERS!!!
    • Cape Verdeball: Independent and underrated portugues-speaking brother in the south
    • Thailandball: I made Siam Park in your image - be grateful! Also I like your food.


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