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    Me gusta Cataluña, me gustan sus gentes porque, hacen cosas.
    Mariano Rajoy
    I suc dic
    — google translate translating 'and juice i say' to Catalan

    Cataloniaball is an autonomous communityball of  Spainball, located in northeastern  Spainball.

    It is often controversial as in 2017 it had declared independence as Catalan Republicball, but it cancelled it 8 seconds later and the Spainish government had to overthrow Catalan autonomy and call new elections in Cataloniaball.

    Catalonia is home to Barcelonaball, famous for its excellent soccer team. It made an independence referendum considered illegal by Spainball on October 1, 2017, with ~90% of voters supporting independence, though with a turnout of ~42.34% despite the unreliability of the referendum due to the fact that mainly only the pro-independence catalans people went to vote and there were also people who voted in different electoral centers. The referendum itself ended up with Spanish police brutality against Catalan voters.

    It will not forgive ISISball for running its dear Barcelonaball over on August 17, 2017.


    Cataloniaball was born as a 2ball, and then it became a Iberianball, got settled by Greeceball who estabilished a small colony in its clay, and got adopted by SPQRball, the Visigothic Kingdomball and the Umayyad Caliphateball, who had also passed through the Pyrenees. Because of this, the Franksball kicked out the Umayyadballs from northern Cataloniaball and formed various countyballs to prevent Umayyadballs from invading them again. When the County of Barcelonaball finally got its independence from Franksball, it became the Principality of Cataloniaball, and then it married the Kingdom of Aragonball, forming the Crown of Aragonball (where both countries still had autonomy despite the misleading name.) Many years later the Crown of Aragonball joined Castileball into the Spanish Empireball. Sometimes Spainball would mistreat Cataloniaball and once even abolished its autonomy and prohibited its language and ever since Cataloniaball became very rebellious, declaring independence or revolting many times throughout history, such as Catalan Republicball (1641). When the Second Spanish Republicball appeared, Cataloniaball had hope to heal. The Catalan Stateball was proclaimed, and some years later Cataloniaball became an Anarchist zone but got captured by Francoist Spainball who hated it very much. Many years after Spainball became democratic, it recently declared independence again as the Catalan Republicball in 2017.

    Origins (600 B.C.-988 A.D.)

    It was born as a happy 2ball, it was then kidnapped by SPQRball during its fight against Carthageball, but it would build Tarracoball, Barcinoball and many roads.

    When SPQRball died, it was invaded by the Visigothball, which created a strange mixed German-Roman kingdom, but because its capital was Toledoball, sometimes began into rebellion, a tradition that never losed.

    Principality of Cataloniaball and Mediterranean expansion in the Crown of Aragonball (988-1479)

    Umayyadball invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 711, and many Christianballs took refuge in the Pyrenees, expecting better times. So, Franksball, which it was stronk, conquered territory until the Llobregat river, included Barcelonaball, and created many counties, the most powerful of them was the County of Barcelonaball.

    In 988, this Countyball and the others, angry because West Franciaball ignored them when the Caliphate of Córdobaball attacked its cities, decided to break with its parent. Despite this, Franceball ignored this fact until 1258. So, Cataloniaball was born (more or less) and a few years later the County of Barcelonaball was married to its neighbor, the Kingdom of Aragonball, creating together the Crown of Aragonball. Also in 1258 the Treaty of Corbeil was signed, where the Crown of Aragonball and the Kingdom of Franceball would form their stable borders and the King of Franceball would renounce the Catalan counties of the Iberian Peninsula, while the others would go to Franceball.

    Under the terms of the marriage, every stateball of the Crown remained independent from the other, and Cataloniaball, now as the Principality of Cataloniaball, discovered that feudalism and Mediterranean trade were awesome things, and at the same time, it created a parliament before it was cool and mainstream.

    Feeling stronk, the Crown of Aragonball sent its navy to conquer most of the Mediterranean in the Aragonese king's name, conquering Valenciaball, Majorcaball, Sardiniaball and Sicilyball, and sending a group of terrible almogàvers to Greece which occupied Athensball.

    Meanwhile, in 1283, thanks to this parliament (the Catalan Courts), it developed a strange obsession for constitutions and for the ban on the king's power, because simply IT CAN. Barcelonaball turned very rich. But the splendor finished when the Mongol Empireball, during one of these friendly travels across the steppes, made a presentation to Europe, the Black Death. Also, plagues and earthquakes made Cataloniaball less rich, and, finally, in 1410 the last king of its native dynasty died. Maybe adding a shitter man figurine into the Nativity scene wasn't a very good idea to God.

    In 1462 the Catalan civil War began, where Cataloniaball raised an army against the Catalan peasants, this annoyed his father the Crown of Aragonball and the Aragonese supported the peasants against Cataloniaball, in the end of the war Cataloniaball loses and the Catalan government suffers a great discredit for the Catalans.

    Union with Castile and the Spanish Empire (1479-1714)

    In 1479, the Crown of Aragonball and the Crown of Castileball married and create the Spanish Empireball. The new agreement was very similar to the Catalan-Aragonse marriage- every state remains politically independent with the same king, so Cataloniaball was very happy. It wasn't very interesting when its cousin Castileball discovered America, because it had its Mediterranean trade, but the Ottoman Empireball attacked the coast, and Cataloniaball cannot move into the trade.

    Also cannot into America, and turned more poor and angry, so they started to make many rebellions when discovered the trap: Castileball wanted to centralize the kingdoms of the Empire. This was the worst thing for this little ball. During the Catalan Revolt (1640-1652), many Catalans sided with Franceball and Cataloniaball adopted the name of Catalan Republicball as a vassal state of the Kingdom of Franceball. Expecting help from cousin Franceball, this ally was even more pro-centralization than its cousin Castilleball, finally many catalans ended up tired and sided with Castillaball and Cataloniaball surrenders in 1652.

    During the peace treaty between the Spanish Empireball and the Kingdom of Franceball, Spainball ceded Roussillon (Northern Catalonia) to Franceball.

    In 1700 the last Spanish Habsburg king died and, with no heirs, a European war for the Spanish throne began. Cataloniaball and other territories of the Crown of Aragonball at first recognized the Bourbon king, but years later switched to the Habsburg side thinking that if they supported the Habsburg candidate they would keep their privileges and fight against Bourbon centralism, they joined the war with a little help from UKball, but in the Pact of Utrecht, the war ended giving the House of Bourbon the Spanish throne, even so, the Catalan government decided to continue fighting and had to fight alone against the Bourbons.

    After the war of succession (1714-Present)

    The War of the Spanish Succession ended with a siege of the city of Barcelonaball in 1714, where the Catalan council fought until the end. With the victory of the Bourbons, Catalonia lost its institutions and Spainball began a process of centralization similar to Kingdom of Franceball.

    In 1812 during the Napoleonic Wars the First French Empireball annexed Cataloniaball de jure but it was liberated by anti-Napoleonic forces and returned to Spainball.

    During the Carlist Wars Cataloniaball strongly supported the Carlist, as they promised the return of the furs, but were defeated by the Liberals.

    Over time, Catalanism began to increase, in the First Spanish Republicball Cataloniaball declared itself an independent state but failed. During the Second Spanish Republicball proclamation in 1931 Cataloniaball was proclaimed as a state within a "Spanish Federal Republic", but this declaration was abolished. In 1934 this time it was proclaimed outside of Spainball as Catalan Stateball (1934), but he was also annulled and his leader imprisoned by the leftist Spanish government (and later freed by the Spanish right government).

    During the Spanish Civil War, anarchist militias controlled Cataloniaball and founded Revolutionary Cataloniaball, but the Communist Party of Spain (part of the government of the Spanish republic) wanted to nationalize the militias and as revenge the militias occupied the headquarters of Telefónica in Barcelonaball. This caused on 3–8 May 1937 anarchist/trotskyists groups will shoot versus communist/stalinist groups (these supported by the Catalan and Spanish governments).

    The anarchists lost and the Catalan government gained the control of Cataloniaball... until it was defeated by Francoist Spainball.

    During the Franco dictatorship, Cataloniaball was subjugated and politically persecuted, in this time the Catalan language was not allowed in high places and used on rare occasions. With the death of Franco, Spainball returned to democracy in the form of a kingdom and Catalonia recovered its autonomy and the official status of the Catalan language in his region.

    In 2014 he held a referendum asking if the Catalans wanted to be a nation, and if they wanted to be an independent nation. The 37.02% of the Catalan population voted and the winning result was the Yes-yes but it was not recognized by Spainball.

    2017 Referendum and De Facto Independence

    Main Article: Catalan Republicball (2017)

    On October 1st, 2017 a referendum was held if Catalonia should become independent and the winning vote was "Yes" with 90% although the referendum was voted mainly by pro-independence catalans and did not have reliable results, however Spainball did not recognize the referendum as legitimate and claimed it was illegal according to the Spanish constitution. On October 27, Cataloniaball declared independence, but no one recognized it. On October 30, the Catalan president fled to Belgiumball and suspended his declaration. The Spanish Congress of Deputies voted in favor of the application of the Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution in Cataloniaball, leading to the dismissal of the Catalan government and the call for new elections in Catalonia.

    On October 14, 2019, protests broke out in Cataloniaball following the announcement of the imprisonment of the pro-independence leaders who attempted to declare independence in 2017. These were released from jail after being pardoned by the Spanish government of Pedro Sánchez.

    There is a group known as "Institut Nova Història" that creates pseudo-history about Catalonia, claiming things like personalities like Columbus and Beethoven were Catalan, that Franco banned Catalan or that Catalonia was an independent state until 1714. He also usually refers to the Crown of Aragonball as "Catalan-Aragonese crown" (this appears in some current Catalan history books, although the term was never used in reality) or even "Catalan crown".



    • Second Spanish Republicball - Visca la República! We shared a common government form and both hated Franco! I can't believe Franco made this imperialist parent who became more corrupt than you! But don't worryings! I will avengings yuo and someday bring you backings to life!
    • #1 Best Sib - We are both best twins and we share culture and we have very similar language! We are both separatists as it wants to be independent from France and I am a separatist from Spain! Together we will remove oppressors! Occitania LLIURE! Val d'Aranball is all yours :)
    • Moroccoball - Yuo have border problems with Spainball? Well then of course you can be el meu friend!
    • Kurdistanball - Want independent just like me!!! I recognise yuo
    • Venezuelaball - Nicolás Maduro is pro-Barça and també hates Spainball and yuo va conseguir the independence from Spainball.
    • Valenciaball - Sibling, but yuo speak Catalan, not Valencian. Join me plox!
    • Balearic Islandsballl - My child with beaches.
    • Basqueball - OMG!! Allies!! Allies!! Sib which also want to leave Spainball. It likes fueros very much. Has weird language.
    • Sardiniaball - Sibling that wants independence from Italyball. But plox remember Alghero is mine, OK?
    • Andorra la Vellaball - The capital of my beautiful child.
    • Andorraball - My beautiful child who is of independent. But WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME AND SAY MY REPUBLIC DIDN'T EXIST!
    • Hong Kongball - Your protests against Chinaball inspired me a lot in mine contra Spainball! Visca la llibertat!


    • UKball - I really, really love your British humor, but... I were more democratic than you and I ALSO REMEMBER 11/9/1714! WE HAD A PACT, UKBALL, BUT YOU IGNORED ME DURING THE FALL OF BARCELONA, AND YOU LEFT ME AND I HAD TO FIGHT CASTILE AND FRANCE! But... well, errr... Monty Python are molt funny! Hehehehe...! PLEASE AJUDA'M!
    • My parent- Thanks for helping me in the "Reapers' War"! We both have many things in common! But... GIB ROUSILLION BACK AND STOP TRYING TO ERASE MY CULTURE AND LANGUAGE FROM IT!! OH, YOU WANT TO BAN OCCITAN SCHOOLS. HOW DARE YOU! AND RELEASE MY SIBLING!! But yuo are not as bad as Spainball. Rousillion hates yuo more though. CATALUNYA NO ÉS ESPANYA, NI FRANÇA!!! but plox takings my exclave Llíviatangle
    • Russiaball - Although I am pro-Ukraineball I think you could help me in my independence and contact me.
    • Ukraineball - I don't like the invasion you're experiencing, but you also hated the Russian separatists in your area.
    • Chinaball - Free Hong Kongball and help me in independence, in the fight against ESPANYA.
    • EUball - EUROPA ENS MIRA!!!.... but listen to me, why do you still not recognize my independence? Enforce democracy in Europe and the dret a decidir and maybe I'll join your union if you recognize me.
    • UNball - It is your duty to recognize peoples and minorities and support my independence even though the referendum was rigged because I voted 5 or 6 times in different polling stations. THAT YOU RECOGNIZE ME AS AN INDEPENDENT NATION, READ YOUR ARTICLES OK???
    • Galiciaball - Although when you want independence I support you but... FRANCO AND RAJOY WERE GALICIANS AND I CAN'T FORGET THAT! REMOVE PP!


    • Spainball - I WANT TO BE AN INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC! DO YOU HEAR ME? Yuo are ALWAYS telling me to speak Castilian Spanish and not Catalan. Yuo also won't let me self-govern myself because you are still a dictatorship claiming to be "democratic", puta Espanya! Did you win football? Screw that! Go Spainball YA! Maybe... NO! RECOGNIZE MY INDEPENDENCE AND MY REFERENDUM NOW!! WORST PARENT EVER! However if you depose your king and become a Republic maybe we can be friends.
    • Madridball - Barcelonaball it's better than yuo! Visca el Barça i visca Catalunya! Espanya ens roba!
    • Aragonball - ¡Hahaha I stole your good from your city of Sijena for 30 years! I will not hand back Lerida and Tortosa for it is no longer your marks! Your "history" is my history, and the Crown of Aragon should had been known as the "corona catalanoaragonesa" you irrelevant, small province.
    • Budaball - FLAG STEALERS!


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