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    За Слободу Сарајева гину храбри момци
    Из Вогошће, Илијаша, Српски добровољци
    Гину Срби млади за слободу града
    Републико Српска сви смо са тобом сада
    (Za Slobodu Sarajeva ginu hrabri momci
    Iz Vogošće, Ilijaša, Srpski dobrovoljci
    Ginu Srbi mladi za slobodu grada
    Republiko Srpska svi smo sa tobom sada)
    Lepi Mica - Republika Srpska

    Republika Srpska
    Тамо гдје најљепша се зора буди

    Часни и поносни живе добри људи
    Тамо гдје се рађа нашег сунца сјај
    Горд и пркосан је мој завичај!

    Republika Srpskaball singing his anthem

    Republika Srpskaball is an entityball of Bosnia and Herzegovinaball. It is mostly inhabited by Serbs, but UNball doesn't let it leave Bosniaball and join Serbiaball. Plus it got infected by COVID-19.


    In the Yugoslav Wars, it almost took over all of Bosniaball, but after it mortared Sarajevoball a third time, NATOball began bombing its most important pieces of clay. During this time, it launched a genocide against Bosnian kebabs. It killed lots of Bosniaballs, separated families, and many other atrocities occurred. The most notable example is in Srebrenica. In 1995, it was integrated into its worst enemy, but given lots of power in the government. It is currently planning to leave Bosniaball and either join Serbiaball, or become its own countryball.



    • Serbiaball - My parent. I wanna be just like it, taking out the kebab. Уклоните Кебаб из просторија! (Uklonite Kebab iz prostorija!) Srpska jaka!
    • Russiaball - Hates NATOball and is a friend of Serbiaball. It sent soldiers to fight for me even though it was weak during the 1990's.
    • Montenegroball - My good but lazy relative. But why do you like these sh*ts?
    • Greeceball - Removes kebab as well. It also sent soldiers to fight for me during the Yugoslav wars.
    • Chetniks - Volunteers who fought for me during the Yugoslav Wars. Also they are very patriotic and want to be new Serbian Army, oh yeah and removing kebab!
    • Romaniaball - A good friend of my parent and a good kebab remover.
    • Armeniaball and Indiaball - best friends of my parent.


    • NATOball - Why you bomb my parent and relative! You bomb me as well. Idiot!
    • Bosniaball - Worst countryball! Remove kebab and Cevapi! Gib independence! 1995 best year of my life. XAXAXAXA your clay stink!
    • Albaniaball - Stop bullying my parent! Remove Shqip kebab! Kosovoball is Serbia!
    • USAball - Main terrorist bomber of Serbiaball! Why you bomb it?! Why you bomb me as well?! Apologize right now, this minute instead! But you host one of my 9 offices (other ones in Germany, Israel, Cyprus, etc.) so maybe we can into friends into the future. BUT 1999 NEVER FORGET!
    • Malaysiaball - Helper of Bosnia & Herzegovina.
    • UNball - Why yuo not letttings me to join Serbiaball?!
    • Turkeyball - Tried to made me kebab during the Middle Ages. Well f*ck you kebab asshole.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Republika Srpskaball.

    Click here to see it.

    zh:塞族共和国球 es:República Srpskaball

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