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    Rahmat bahagia,

    Tuhan kurniakan, Raja kita, Selamat bertakhta!

    — Negaraku

    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
    — Tunku Abdul Rahman

    Selamat Pagi! Malaysia Boleh!
    — Any Malaysian ever

    Samseng, what you want!?! You nak gaduh dengan saya? Ini time!!! F*** you!
    — Bung Moktar arguing with Willie Mongin over being allegedly spotted at a casino

    I blew up Malaysia
    Mr. Black, Johnny Test

    Hey! Hang Pendang Apa Beruk! Hang Beruk! Pendang Beruk! Pendang Beruk! Pendang Beruk! a... Dia sebut dulu! Dia sebut dulu! Hey!!! Dia sebut dulu Ke! Dia sebut dulu! Ini satu lagi perangai tak elok ini! Ini lagi satu perangai tak elok! Kalau dalam kempen pilihan raya!!! Fitnah! Fitnah!!! Aku top up!!! Kau cerita tak betul! Untuk parlimen pun tak kau buat cerita tak betul!!! Ini jadi masalah Perikatan Nasional! Kata tak bersih!!! Kata tak seperti!!! Ini perangai tak betul!!!
    — Sany Hamzan

    — Uncle Roger

    I blew up United States of Malingsiaysial Molossiaball is a kebab version of USAball, that steal flags and names and gets confused by Russiaball aka Nicaragua 2.0 countryball located in Southeast Asia. It cannot into safe airlines is bordered by Thailandball and Bruneiball to the north, and Tringapore and Indonesiaball to the south. The country is divided into 13 states and 3 federal territories, which are Putrajayaball, Labuanball, and its capital Kuala Lumpurball, giving it a total area of 127,724 square miles (330,803 Square Kilometers), making it the 66th largest country in the world. As end of 2020, it maintains a population of about 33.10 million inhabitants of various religions.

    Being geographically in Southeast Asia, as well as being a former Islamic British colony, gives Malaysia the ability to join ASEANball, the Commonwealth, and the OIC. Malaysia is also a major non-NATO ally, as well as a UN member like every other country.

    Malaysiaball (except for Sabahball) as well as Tringapore and Bruneiball is of safe from most natural tragedies. (Thanks to those dudes)The word 'most' is used, because this year (2021) it sadly could into its worst flooding in half a century.

    Its national day (Hari Kebangsaan) is on August 31st and founding day (Hari Malaysia) on September 16th.

    Malaysiaball is an expert about the land it lives in and everything in it, from poetry, music, house-making, forest navigation, smithing... you get it. Probably the most famous example of Malay blacksmithing is the legendary Keris (or Kris), a short melee weapon with a curved blade that's really tough for almost all purposes (including fashion, Malaysiaball can be spotted wearing one during cultural festivities, paired with its favourite hat headgear known as tengkolok or tanjak).

    It also uses its own martial art (actually shared with Indonesiaball, the same thing with the aforementioned Keris), which is - wait for it - silat. Contrary to popular myth that said hat Malay weaponry is so backwards, it actually had already begun using rifles as early as the 16th century, even perfecting it to an extent never before achieved by European-made rifles. Another popular myth is that Malaysiaball is lazy, which is totally wrong. In fact, poor Malaysiaball overworks, rivalling, sometimes even beating Germanyball in terms of work consistency.

    The strength for Malaysiaball is its ethnically & religous diverse population. Malaysiaball has three main ethnic groups, Malayballs, Chineseballs and Indianballs. Malaysiaball also have indigenous population called Orang Asli. Sabahball and Sarawakball have even more indigenous ethnic groups while their major ethnic groups are Kadazan-Dusun and Iban respectively. However, since 13 May incident of 1969, Malaysiaball sadly can into interracial conflicts in its clay.

    Islam (Kebab) is its religion but other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Sikhism are freely practiced in its clay, apparently a good role-model in religious freedom. All Malayballs however, should be Kebabs and it is illegal for them to convert to other religions. This doesn't apply to any other ethnicity.

    What people didn't know though, is that Malayballs were always defined by religion. For the last couple of centuries, that religion was Islam. In fact, so ingrained it was in Malay culture that it's considered as part of Malay identity, and converting to other religion will strip Malaysiaball of its identity.

    It is the World Laziest Nations in ASEANball.


    Ye wanna learn how I was created? Good. Get your nasi lemak ready and wear that time-traveling tengkolok to get back into the Middle Ages.

    In 1400s, in the state of Malaccaball, became an empire and anchluss then Kingdom of Tringapura and some parts of Sumatra in Indonesiaball. In 1511, Kingdom of Portugalball ruled Malaccaball and destroyed its empire. The fall of Portuguese Malaccaball led to the birth of Johorball and Perakball. Later the Dutch Empireball and Johorball helped to remove Portugalball of Malaccaball in 1641, and then Dutch Empireball gave Malaccaball to British Empireball in 1825.

    Meanwhile in the Borneo Islands, Bruneian Empireball gave North Borneoball to Sulu Sultanateball and the Sulus later handed over to UKball, while Sarawakball became a kingdom as Bruneian Empireball gave it to the Brooke family (also a Pro-British) and Labuanball became a crown colony to the British.

    Since 1771, UKball started to colonize every state in Malayaball starting from the settlement in Penangball (then part of Kedahball) until the fall of Pahangball in 1863. Then of UKball started to centralise Malay states which led to Federated Malay Statesball and Unfederated Malay states. Also, UKball built Straits Settlementball by putting Penangball, Dutch Malaccaball, British Tringapore and Labuanball.

    Later in 1942, of Japanese Empireball anchluss and ruled Malayaball and Borneo until 1945. Then when they left, communism started to grow in the peninsular and had threatened to remove the monarchy which led to an emergency. UKball returned to Malayaball and forced all rulers in the state to sign a birth certificate of Malayan Unionball despite threats of mass removal by the Malays. Malayan Unionball was born and lasted 3 years after it was forced to remove by the Malays, it was later replaced by Federation of Malayaball until they can into independence on August 31st, 1957.

    Meanwhile in the Borneo islands, the Brooke dynasty in Sarawakball was dying and they promised to give independence earlier which was canceled after the Anschluss of Japanball. Sarawakball was handed to UKball and became of crown colony instead. While North Borneoball also became a crown colony of British Empireball after they easily accepted their offer.

    In 1960s, independent Malayaball managed to remove communism, grows up and calls Sarawakball, North Borneoball and British Tringapore to become Malaysiaball. Sarawakball, North Borneoball and Tringapore agreed to form the federation. Bruneiball wanted to be part of Malaysiaball at first but was later refused over oil issues. Malaysiaball became of reality on 16 September, 1963. Philippinesball and Indonesiaball are against it at first and they attacked us but Commonwealthball came and protected us, later they of accept the formation.

    With the attack ended, and the growing tensions of the Cold War, Malaysiaball was strongly against communism and decides to seek protection from UKball, Canadaball, Australiaball, and Australia's Australiaball if communism ever tries to remove it. Later, it founded the ASEANcoin along with its neighbors as a part to remove communism and seek monies.

    Tringapore wanted equal rights to all races after they formed Malaysiaball. Unfortunately, due to of racial politics, Malaysiaball didn't agree. This led to of racial disputes, causing racial riots in 1964. and on 9 August 1965, Tringapore was kicked out by Malaysiaball.

    In 1969, racial tensions between of Malay and of Chinese were growing over control of Malaysiaball's economy. This was due to the racial side effects left by UKball where it implemented a policy where one race work in just one industry. Basically, economic apartheid. The Chinese were far more rich compare to of Malay. Tensions grew even further after this issue was brought into politics. This led into a breakout of May 13 riots in which was later declared one of Malaysiaball's darkest day. With this, it decided to implement New Economic Policy and Oath of Allegiance (Rukun Negara).

    In 1970, the New Economic Policy has helped Malaysiaball gain monies and interracial conflicts in the economy had finally eased and ensured every industry was handled by every race, not one industry was monopolized by just one race.

    On February 13, 2017, two women from Vietnamball and other from Indonesiaball and four spies but two people arrested are from Malaysiaball and North Koreaball killed the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Nam with little support by the North Korean Supreme Leader. Malaysia was happy, but also become wary because of this.

    On 9 May 2018, the main opposition coalition called Pakatan Harapan ("Alliance of Hope") in the Malaysian Parliament won a total of 121 seats in the new Parliament, enough to form a government. This marked a historic defeat for the ruling Baziran Nasional coalition (which its name was tarnished by corruption scandals and misallocation of government funds), which had been the governing party of Malaysia and its predecessor state, Malayaball, since the country's independence in 1957. However on 25 February 2020, Pakatan Harapan government collapsed upon Mahathir's resignation and failed Sheraton Move coup and replaced by the Perikatan Nasional.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Navy Blue 1, 0, 102 C100-M94-Y24-K20 #010066
    Tangerine Yellow 255, 204, 0 C0-M25-Y94-K0 #FFCC00
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Boston University Red 204, 0,1 C12-M91-Y100-K2 #CC0001

    Hubungan( هوبوڠن ) / Relationships

    Kawan-kawan( كاون-كاون ) /Friends

    • Singapura - My relative and also a "friendly" rival. We share excellent relations forever. We had our good ol' days.. BUT HELP ME PLEASE OR ELSE I'LL GO DOWNFALL!! I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE. AND WHAT ABOUT THE HSR PROJECT??? IN RETURN I'LL GIVE YOU WATER SUPPLIES! IT MADE NASI LEMAK BURGER!!! Also, stop being friends with Isnotreal and recognize Palestine lah.
    • Australia - Thanks for introducing Milo to us in 1950 mate. It's so popular that it became a part of our Malaysian culture. We have a good relations overall and having economic and military alliance.
    • Brunei Darussalam - Another of my siblings who speaks weird Malay. Why would you implement Hudud law while your own royal family breaks it? One day your capital will be Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for not wanting Limbang anymore. Wow, you so clean lah... Also very sneak ah you, go and take the longest bridge in Southeast Asia from Penang? Ok lah, will build a longer one now to outrank you :)
    • Kanada - THANKS FOR CLEANING UP the un-recyclable plastics. Also a fellow Commonwealth friend! (Did you know that Mount Kinabalu's summit snows once in a year? Let's go ski but unfortunately we can't wkwk)! ALSO, CONTROL YUOR ISLAMOPHOBIA PLOX , I'm getting sick of Muslims not being treated as proper human beings. RIP, syuhadas of London, Ontario.
    • India - Sorry about Mahathir for backing kebab on Kashmir, he resigned. I wanted to have good relationships and restart our trade again. I hope you don't mind me keeping my friendship with Pakistanball too. Historically, we're friends. In the first millenia my people are mostly Hindus and Buddhists thanks to it. Many Indians such as Tamils, Malayalis, Telugus and Punjabis live in my clay.
    • New Zealand - Umm... please don't cry! Christchurch was not your fault... Don't cry, you're gonna made me cry as well... But congratulations for removing COVID-19 in yuor clay! Sorry for mistook your national bird as a shoe polisher thanks.
    • Indonesia - My sibling, and friendly rival, we had a very complicated admirable relationship. My people love to visit its clay and vice versa, its people love to visit my doctor child (Medan and Penang are one strait away). But stop claiming my culture as your own! It's not just yours, it's ours, aren't we related? We must do everything to protect Nusantaran heritage! But, no matter how much we've provoked or hated each other, we will always be siblings were both hate Merkelreich for banning our goods but your parent and you as a familiy in that union sometimes.
    • Ghana - (Meme country) Thank yuo for helping my people staying at home!! HEY WHY ARE YOU RUNNING!!? KEEP UP THE MEME ALIVE!!! Also, I made a Malayicized version of Astronomia (coffin dance theme song). I hope you like it, hehe.
    • United Kingdom -Thanks for letting me into independence. But how dare you disqualify my chef because of crispy rendang!! How dare you insult mah mighty Malaysian rendang, what you even mean by krispy rendang ah? It's like we said we should deep fry tea bag or fish served with tikka masala, Yuo also just insulted my nasi lemak again, why?? Oh nvm, we're mostly good. Maybe Gordon Ramsay will call you an Idiot Sanswich Sandwich. (it should need to learn how to cook rice, also, Chef Wan is by any means as skilled as Ramsay.) RIP Sean Connery at least yuo leave the Shitty Union for banning my palm oil. Pro-gamer move (?) right there.
    • Mauritania - Smilley North African Country yuo are friend with My child
    • Amerika Syarikat - We are of buddies! We train side-by-side in RIMPAC and CARAT. But your 8-ball son hates me in neutrality because of my flag which is because we are DEMOCRATIC NATIONS. I hope your new president Biden will remove sanctions and buy my palm oil. Sometimes it helps me to find my lost plane. You're my side character of my comic book Covid Ball Z.
    • Hong Kong - It rebels against Chinaball but I simply don't care, we're both rich. His people can into self-identity and yuo no need to interfere with their FREEDOM. Accept foreigners lah! Anyway I told that bitch to resign, unfortunately it didn't. If you want to move out of your clay, I will let your people move into my clay and join the glorious Melayu community, you're welcome anyways.
    • Albania - Great Potatoes. Also I will support you against that filthy Rakija. Not many of my people know about you (Or your language) but that's okay. At least traveling into your clay is cheap. Yuo had great culture and great music, let's collab together! Also, thanks for the Dua Lipa (ahem Shqip, if you don't know, Dua, as in Dua Lipa, means 2 in Malay.)
    • Bulgaria - The original Serb remover.
    • Austria - Where are your Kangaroos... Oh forgot, you're not Australiaball. At least I'm still your friend.
    • Azerbaijan - Sibling of Turkeyball, we're cool lah. We're both members of G77. My oil company PETRONAS is operating in your clay. Congrats to your peace deal and victory in Nagorno-Karabakh. Unlike this "extremist" Shia, it is mostly secular and doesn't care much about 'halal'. Maybe I should represent ASEANcoin to be an economic partner.
    • China - Of good trading partners and friend since the glorious Ming Dynasty. It gives us weapons and aid against COVID-19 and taught us how to contain the virus very well. Since Tun Mahathir and Xi Jinping became friends. But can you stop killing Blue kebab please? They had the right to live and an amazing history yetbeautiful land. Even though I don't condemn you, It does not mean your free to kill innocent people. (You should use them as a focal point to attract tourists to go to Xinjiang instead, which will improve yuor economy even more.) YOU ARE VITAL to my demographics, cuisine and ECONOMY. One Tip for you... RESPECT EVERY COUNTRIES SEA AND AIRSPACE!
    • Perancis - Thanks for the warships, weapons, cars (Peugeot who?), tourists and luxury stuff. I liked your Croissants and Macarons (But not Macron) We had a French village in my clay (But Paris is overrated as f*cking hell oh no swearing haram in ramadan lah). It used to have some sort of rivalry with my parent. But you are a Kebab remover.
    • Jerman - Besides my arms supplier (HK416 is best raifu!!), I welcomed its tourists to my clay. (Never say that yuor culture is superior than us, you overrated Euro boi.) I'm the only countryball in the world that uses the XM-8 rifle. Also Mercedes Benz AMG is partnered with PETRONAS in motorsports. We're F1 dominators! Thanks to you, Petronas is very well-known. (Give credit where credit is due, Deutschland.) We can into Work. Also gib quality cars (but ho-ho expensive) but yuor anak pungut boycott my palm oil and my kakak's nickle.
    • Hungary - My sibling hates yuo for 6-0 in 1938. How can I learn your language? But thanks for appreciating my cuisine and sharing Langos (European Cakoi)!! Magyar girls are pretty lah and alternative to Thai one. Also, Vienna is overrated af, let's have a horse ride in Budapest! (Or any Magyar city for that matter.)
    • Jepun - I allowed its waifu to enter my clay and having the same birthday, 31 August. It also met Dr Tun Mahathir and our stronk ally. But a few of us (especially the older generation) don't like you because of your evil counterpart bombed Penangball & Tringapore back in WW2 days.
    • Jordan - A good Arab friend who protects Palestineball and it is mostly against Israelcube. We have good relationships overall. I'm sorry for calling you a shoe.
    • Kosovo - I Recognize yuo into freedom from that kebab removing rakija. Pristina is such a nice city, I wish that you could open tourism to Malaysians.
    • Kuwait and Samoa Amerika - Laziest Nations Friends.
    • NATO - Good friends of mine, thanks for removing Republika Srpska, I helped its club a bit during that crisis. Call me when yuo want, I'll help ya.
    • Palestin - I feel bad for you, you should have been independent. That Idiot Koyak is being mean to you. Defend Al-Aqsa!
    • Poland - Happy 100th anniversary! KURWA (Bukit Bintang) SIBLINGS!! It gib me MBT PT-91 Pendekar tank as my MBT, which I upgraded a bit but my neighbour Tringapore has much more Leopard 2SG than me. Sorry, I always mistook you as Indonesiaball.
    • Korea Selatan - My good friend and trading partner. My brother is a member of your MIKTA. Most of our youths like your K-pops, which is cool and also uncool at the same time, in the sense that it made our youth lost interest on my traditional Malay music. I have issues with your crazy sibling and it wanted to cut ties with me recently, so this makes us true allies. Putrajayaball is twinned with Sejongball.
    • Sweden - It Gave us Volvo, IKEA and meatballs with jam. Also gave me its Bofors guns and speedboats for my navy called CB90. My people love your culture, from Vikings, Minecraft, to Greta Thunberg... (Overrated af country)
    • Thailand - It's my neighbour and a good friend despite being a majority Buddhist country, we get along pretty well. It's real nice ball, my true friend. Its girls are quite pretty and good leh (Eww, shemales). (My girls are pretty too) Also, Pattaniball is yours (for now, before my inner Malay wakes up again), even though they are mostly Malays. But it keeps wanted to join me tho. (but still, one day, all the traditional Malay lands from Narathiwat to Phetchaburi will be mine, am I sounding a bit medieval here?). She also used to rule my four sons.
    • Switzerland - Thanks for giving us Milo and Maggi goreng, saya suka Maggi Goreng, glory to Maggi Goreng!! (that's how it secretly invades the world, because beneath that innocent body, there may lie a rebellious heart.) It has its embassy and companies in my clay. Teach me how to stay neutral and have good politics + economy plox. Overrated af country, but overall, pretty good.
    • Itali - Thank yuo so much for making novel series set in my clay. Sandokaaaaaaaan! Sandokaaaaaaaan!
    • Taiwan - PARENT OF AUSTRONESIANS!! HURRAY! No, I'm not mad that you legalised LGBT or something, you gib Bubble tea and yuor president's birthday has the same date as my national day, nice! Why yuo mad at me that I like Chinaball tho? I thought yuor president wants to normalize relations with me at 2021.
    • Filipina - A Great clay for tourism, but we should be fine. We have love-hate relationships. It is another one of my siblings (Austronesian family). Hey, Sabahball is mine, they volunteered to join? Oh, I can see that Marawi is attacked by ISIS militants. We'll keep watching... wait, you handled them? I am of impressed. Pleases improve yourself and Don't use the excuse that Sabahball is "yours" so you can dump migrants onto my clay. Also, I heard that one of your people are fans of some animated film from Chileball, well, mine has one too!!
    • Cuba - Good friend, I hope you can get better relations with USAball. Cuba = try
    • Tunisia - Best North African country. I have a lot of companies in Sfaxball and we both send students to each other. Despite it is supporting countries that I don't necessarily like, we still can be kawan-kawan.
    • Turki - Another kebab sibling, defend kebab! Also thank you for helping me build my Deftech armored vehicles. I manage your Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul and my people liked to travel to Istanbul and enjoy your Kebabs. My former Health minister, Dzulkefly Ahmad is referred as "Erdogan" of Malaysia and he was the first to greet Erdogan when he arrived to my clay. Thanks for the delicious Kebab (dish).
    • Pakistan - We fight side-by side with America in Battle of Mogadish during 1993. I sold my Proton cars to you. I know you had problems with me for being friends with Indiaball again and no longer interfering with Kashmir but both of yuo can be my friends. (Y no one talks about Kashmir's beauty? I'm baffled. The Kashmiri landscape was so majestic, it makes the overrated af Alps look like a cheap film set.)
    • Rusia - Priviet moy tovarishch! Thanks for letting me into space. Although, I recognize Crimeaball as Ukrainian clay, We can be friends and it sent my first Malaysian into space in 2007. But, why did you back this evil war criminal who shot my plane down?
    • Afrika Selatan - It can into mass diversity like me, and it gib Nandos and fruits! It also have Malays in its clay. Also, we removed your apartheid parent in 1994. Nelson Mandela rocks!
    • Emiriah Arab Bersatu - 10-0 NEVER FORGET!! It can Into Skyscrapers like me, Your airline Emirates are of BEST! It hired my pilots because not many people want to travel with my Malaysia Airlines. But why you started being friends with that Israel? Nvm, my sultan likes it so I don't really care much meh why yuo buy so many supercars but never actually drive them fast?
    • Argentina - It can into mass diveristy but it is my Latin American version me but stop hating my Bapa.
    • Ukraine - Don't worry buddy, I recognize Crimeaball as yours instead of Russiaball. One of my children hates you for stealing its flag. (Also since its basically a reverted version of my child, might as well anschluss it) Why do you like this kosher?
    • Vietnam - My ASEAN friend that tried taking mino tallest building in ASEAN in 2018 (Since reclaimed back by Malaysia) ! but I can into beating yuo in football (not always)! Its children likes my show Upin Ipin and BoBoiBoy. Many of you people are in my clay, and probably vice versa. We had a love-hate relationship since the beginning of time. Also, Tun Mahathir visited your clay in 2019, so I think we're good now. Hooray!
    • Colombia - South American version of me.
    • BRICS - All of my best friends there. South Africa is kinda similar to me and btw, thanks to Russia for letting me into space but hey, stop bullying NATOball! It did nothing to you!! I want to join you pls...
    • Ireland - Fellow supporter of Palestin. It is my relative from Eropah, but I don't talk about him much.

    Berkecuali( بركچوالي ) / Neutral

    • Kesatuan Eropah - Of having many friends in EU, It could be my 3rd largest trade partner after Chinaball and ASEANCoin. It is similar to ASEANcoin and uses a single currency. But Pls remove palm oil ban!! Also my parent left in Yuor union because politics.
    • Armenia - I really don't know it but it's not my Enemy-stan and I still liked you anyways. And thanks for giving me a hotel and a street to Penangball that still likes you. It went to Yerevan for WCIT 2019. Because I'm still okay with you, why not make a village in my clay as that frogleg lover did? You used to have one here. I love yuor culture actually, can't wait to visit Khor Virap and eating khorovats with you. (Should I make a mosque on top of a hill?)
    • Bangladesh - I was one of the countries who recognized its independence. Most of your foreign workers were Bengali who can speak Malay. Also I'm one of the largest investors in my clay and gave its Protons. But stop turning my clay into BENGALASIA!! ALSO, DON'T PHANTOM VOTE ON MY ELECTIONS, IT'S ONLY FOR LOCALS!! Of course you once voted for stupid Barisan bcos they paid you but stop it... also, why am I so blind to see that yuo have a great culture, and had an incredible wildlife?
    • Iran - A good friend whom I have trade relations despite USA's sanctions. I had a historical relationship with it and some of my rulers were of partial or full Persian descent. My language also borrowed some words from yours. But Stop promoting Shia Islam to me and my sib's clay! Do it to Thailandball instead.
    • Qatar - We don't have much problems to deal with as we had trade relations, also an Arabball, But AL-JAZEERA, STOP MAKING THOSE FAKE NEWS ABOUT ME! Thank yuo for being locked up in Lockdown documentary, we don't like your media mostly. Honestly, I don't want to put you on my enemies list. Apologize now, or else.....
    • Makau - Macau Adidas Hijau, just like your flag. (Do you get the joke?) But stop scamming my people!! ALSO FIND BACK JHO LOW!!! Other than that, I appreciate your culture, we both for some time, were under Portugis rule.
    • Liberia - I thought it was a flag stealer, But it is USAball's child which makes me its relative so let's be neutral btw.
    • Malawi - Nearly an African name stealer, but we both like tea, so let's be neutral.
    • Trinidad dan Tobago - I don't know it that much but its "birthday" is also at 31 August. And it's slightly similar to India. Does Tobago mean Tobacco?
    • Laos - We're members of ASEAN but it calls me it frenemy for some reason.
    • Chile - Yuo are of Kawan with bapak and my abang but please stop bullying my anak for stealing yuor flag.
    • Kesatuan Soviet - Why did yuo make me do this!? Yuor helping the traitor so everybody around can watch yuo die and also yuo stole one of my States flag! Think Soviet, think! Yuo will not live forever for your family, friends and everyone you love on this Bumi, you died when the Cold War finishes already! Everybody and everything you know will be gone soon! Because yuo need to know what your thinking yuor doing! But it did stress out parent until it had no choice to give me independence, but I visit it at Moscow too... Hehe? (Starts singing Moskau song)
    • Arab Saudi - A good friend from Middle East, because it gave us Jawi script also gib oils too, BUT WHY ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH ISRAEL??
    • Mongolia - I know it's getting old, but I didn't mean to murder Altantuyaa. PLS DON'T ANSCHLUSSS ME!! I'll punish my evil policemen who did this thing... At least Najib is gone now. Malacca Sultanate and Mongol Empire stronk! Imagine if my music was fused with yuor music. That'll shook the world.
    • Myanmar - Look, I don't want to fight with yuo because we're part of ASEAN right? But I can't accept Rohingya's refugees anymore. What did they do to you? STOP REMOVING KEBAB OR I WILL CLAIM ALL YOUR LANDS ALL THE WAY TO PUTAO YOU HEAR ME?! Also I'm better than you at e-sports lol.
    • Serbia - STOP REMOVING KEBAB AND PLAYING THAT EARRAPE MUSIC, GAH!!! (Meanwhile my artists produced obscure music that resonated to no one outside SE Asia) But yuo forgive Bosnia and Herzegovina? Aight, I'll forgive you back. But I still recognize Kosovoball, it can't be yuors. At least it is not that stupid Kosher.
    • Somalia - I mean we agree, we love Turkeyball and Azerbaijanball and it is a good Arab friend and we have diplomatic relations but... Remember the black hawk. If your evil pirates attack me one more time, I will fucking kill your wrecked shithole with my BARE HANDS!!! REMOVE PIRATES!! But other then that we're OKAY. Its girls are pretty too! and a future alternative to Thai girls
    • Pattani - Sorry, but you're part of Thailandball. Even you are technically Nusantara. And I won't recognize your secession from Thailand. But still, if something like the Masjid Kerisik (Krue Se Mosque, Siamized version of Malay name is funny) raid happens, maybe I'll back yuo. (Maybe even gib yuo independence, or, hey, let's join papa Malaysia. Kelantan and Terengganu awaited yuo for a long time...)

    Musuh-musuh( موسوه٢ ) / Enemies

    • Isnotreal - It did nothing wrong to me directly since my independence from UKball. Honestly, I don't really hate the Jews, BUT PLEASE STOP BULLYING PALESTINEBALL OR ELSE I WON'T NORMALIZE TIES WITH YOU! Even though you are a friend with USAball, YOU'LL NEVER BE MY FRIEND! At least we can into trade but please stop hurting the Palestinians.
    • 🥓 Pork - OH NONONONONO!!! REMOVE! IT’S HARAM ON ISLAM! I allow non kebabs to eat it however.
    • 🍸🥃🍺🍷🍻🥂🍾 Alcohol - The country permits the selling of alcohol to non-Muslims. There are no nationwide alcohol bans being enforced in the country, with the exception of Kelantan and Terengganu which is only for Muslims, BUT STILL! I REALLY HATE IT!!!
    • Cameroonball - REMOVE PAUL BIYA! How dare yuo friends with Isnotreal and hating My friends but at least you're a friend with abang because of West Papuaball and it Hates me for being Friend with Palestineball and Kosovoball don't be do that as a Palestine remover!! Or yuo Will get anschluss'd by Nigeriaball and accomplished by Boko Haramball!!
    •  Vanuatuball - Yuo need to stop accusing my Sibling for West Papuaball yuo Israeli puppet!!
    • Republik Rakyat Donetsk - NEVER FORGET MH17 YOU WAR CRIMINAL! Really, do I ever interfere in your matters to the point that you think that my plane is your enemy's plane? No, UNTIL NOW! ALSO GO BACK TO UKRAINE!! Donetsk is actually a pretty good city tho. Too bad it was taken by radical terrorist murderers!
    • Papua Barat - Yuo aren't real country because yuo are stupid monyet and yuo part of my Abang clay!
    • Crazy clay - Why you kept blaming me for Kim Jong Nam's death? YOU were the one who killed it and you knew it! But It wasn't me or Vietnam or my sibling who killed your leader's half sibling. YOU EVEN FRAMED PEOPLE OF ME, YOU, VIETNAM, AND INDONESIA IN MY CLAY!!! Oh you want to severe ties with me? FINE, I DON'T CARE, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT NOW! SOUTH KOREA BEST KOREA!
    • Krimea - YOU ARE UKRAINIAN CLAY AND THAT'S FINAL! HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY CHILD'S FLAG, STOP CALLING IT FILIPINO YOU BITCH!!! But besides, you had a rich history and colorful culture, just like me. BUT DON'T CALL MY CHILD THAI!!! Atau I'll take my rotan first!!

    States and Territories

    Malaysiaball map

    Federal Territories of Malaysiaball (Wilayah Persekutuan)

    • Kuala Lumpurball - Home of the twin towers, and a whole lot of skyscrapers (90% of all skyscrapers in Malaysia in fact). The best place to go sight-seeing a Ferrari (why do Malaysians suck at saying foreign brand names? Anyway)
    • Putrajayaball - The equivalent of if Washington D.C decided to be in Malaysia instead. Second Capital, Home of the government and the prime ministers. Has a great man-made lake and futuristic architecture. Nice mosques too. It is a role-model and are usually twinned with Sejongball.
    • Labuanball - The one who takes care of Sarawakball and Sabahball, and can into cheap cigars, liquors, and CHOCOLATE!! MMM. Tax-free haven. Also has a cemetery dedicated for some WWII heroes.

    Peninsular (Semenanjung)

    • Selangorball - The most urbanized state. Also the most populous one, and the richest. One of its mosques has the biggest dome in the world! The coastal port of Klang is currently the country's main port. Its clay can get very crowded in some places, while being completely empty on other places. Has the only major track in all of Malaysia, the Sepang Circuit, ya ever heard of it? soon it will anschluss Kuala Lumpurball if i moved the capital like my sibling and stop shouting match in parliament plox
    • Perakball - Gold and Silver mines goes here, in fact, its probably named after the Malay word for poop(berak) silver(perak). Its rulers are of direct Malacca Sultanate descent. It creates the innovative clay container known as labu sayong. Makes good Gongpian too. Makes good chicken rice too. HisItsroyal capital has the beautiful Ubudiah Mosque. The city of Teluk Intan (Diamond Bay), formerly known as Teluk Anson (Anson Bay), has a leaning tower called Menara Condong (literally means 'Leaning Tower' in Malay), similar to Pisa's. Pulau Pangkor is very nice, it has the ruins of a Dutch fort (remains from when the Dutch flee the island after being attacked by locals, who said Malays are weak?)
    • Penangball - Another most urbanized state, THE food capital, professional doctor, and a tourist attraction that includes a UNESCO site, beaches, 2 long bridges and a verdant hill. Some people actually think that learning how to drive in its clay will make you a great driver, although this is unjustified. Once part of Kedahball, it was the first Malaysian state to go under British rule, in 1786. Even today there are statues of Francis Light in its capital.
    • Malaccaball - Used to be SPQRball version of Southeast Asia that was Anschlussed by Portuguese in 1511 (actually it almost totally rekt Portugis, but it got backstabbed by one of its ministers), now it still remembers its former glory. A tourist magnet. Has many relics from the ancient times such as the A'Famosa fortress and a replica of the wrecked Portuguese flagship vessel, the Flor de la Mar (The Flower of The Sea). Also runs a dead monorail system not as well known as the one in Kuala Lumpur.
    • Kelantanball - Smiley Flag State Has a very catchy accent of Malay. Loves its animals, especially its mousedeers. It loves playing wau, a really big kite handcrafted by itself, and can take on many shapes and forms, but the most well-known (and possibly the biggest and the most striking) one is Wau Bulan (Moon), shaped like a crescent. It even wrote a song about it (eh wau bulan, eh wau bulan, eh wau bulan, teraju tiga...). Can into female leadership during the good old days. Many tribes live in its interiors. Best buds with Terengganuball. Almost everything is the same between them - both have great folk music, both have Islamic-oriented leadership, both can be hit hard by floods (though Kelantanball usually takes more pain because its heartlands are not as mountainous as Terengganuball's, but it has more tourists anyway), and both use the Jawi writing system more frequently than other states.
    • Kedahball - Communist Detected!!! Rice, rice, and rice. As someone to draw a picture of Kedah's countryside, and they'll likely to include vast paddy fields in the foreground, maybe with a traditional Soviet Malay house, a coconut tree, or a stream, with hills in the horizon (Sometimes they may include the Alor Setar Tower in pictures as well). Its known for being the 'rice bowl' of Malaysia, the rice capital of Malaysia. Its rice has gone global. Another catchy accent of Malay, known as 'the Northern speak' is spoken here.
    • Terengganuball - I HUGGED THE EAST COAST! Loves the Jawi writing system. Its most famous artifact is a slab of stone from the ancient times that signified its acceptance of Islam (it is the first one to do so). Yet another catchy accent of Malay is here, which is quite similar,but quite different (wat?) to Kelantan's accent. Its Pasar Payang (Payang Bazaar) is still one of the most well-known bazaars in the country. Legend has it that Terengganu and Kelantan once had a chicken fight over who should rule the land between their respective clays, a.k.a, Besutball. Long story short, Terengganu wins and got to keep Besut. Yes, it's not clear if this actually happened, but still, it's a good story.
    • Perlisball - Nothing much other than it's close to Thailandball, and for being the smallest state. Amazing limestone formations and caves are found here. Speaks a slightly harder version of Kedahball's accent. Northernmost state (into the unknooooooooooooownnnnnn). Used to be friends with Sadaoball until the latter came under direct Siamese rule. Yeah, it's not Ukraine. Far from it. Also, dengan nama tuhan, please don't call it Thai.
    • Pahangball - Home of the strawberries, tea, casinos delicious tempoyak, the tallest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, a very big and broad river (the largest in the peninsula), the National Park, Siti Nurhaliza (greatest singer, change my mind) Bera Lake, Chini Lake (with a legend stating that there's a dragon living at the bottom of the lake, similar to the Nessie lore), nothing much. Genting is of in Pahang not from Singapore wannabe Selangor. Has the highest mountains in the Peninsula. Best state for sea fishing, many sailfishes and other big game fish in its waters, but I've heard that you got scarred from that Haunting Volkswagen Car. The same territory also houses the wrecks of two British WWII warships.
    • Negeri Sembilanball - Abnormal enclaves of monarchy. Its unique culture is the result of a mix between local traditions and customs with Minangkabau traditions and customs brought by Minangkabau explorers from the Pagaruyung Sultanate in what is now West Sumatra (Malay and Minangkabau people, best friends! Our languages are pretty intelligible to each other, but it has some weird spelling). You may know about its royal palace, the majestic Seri Menanti Palace, in a setting that's frankly, quite similar to the Pagaruyung Palace back in Sumatra. Also, best spicy food and smoked duck you'll taste in your entire life.
    • Johorball - Tringaporean wannabe? Where most dumb people become famous and went viral nationally. Other unfamous people are smart. (That's nice.) Leads other states in football. Calls itself the 'Southern Tiger'. And it (probably) has the handsomest boys and prettiest girls in the country. There's a legend stemming from its highest mountain, Gunung (Mountain) Ledang about a beautiful princess that once offered crazy demands to the ruler of Malacca Sultanateball in order to marry her, which he ultimately refused because the craziest part of its demands includes the blood of his own son. It is very rich too. It is good in football too, although lately Terengganu is catching up to it.

    Borneo/Kalimantan (Malaysia Timur)

    States in Borneo (East Malaysia)
    • Sarawakball - They formally wanted to join us, now they regret it. If it doesn't get equal developings and keeps getting its money and 'ol stealed, it and Sabahball will be independent some time. Anyway, don’t worry bcs you both are currently developing right now. They can into oil and timber, and, TOURISM! Biggest state.and edible worms, !
    • Sabahball - WORST COVID-19 INFECTED IN MALAYSIA!!!But not anymore. Formally wanted to join us, but our neighbors won't accept it. Until today. BUT DONT ABDUCT MY NORTH BORNEO CHILDREN PLS!!! Also, pls stay in Malaysia. Don't be like Crimea! or else my money would be wasted bcs of developing yuo & Sarawakball

    Former and Proposed

    • Tringapore - Kicked it out by mistake, oops actually it was too much Chinese and had to be removed. We both have our ways. Stay strong, rich bro.
    • Bruneiball - Didn't want to join us :( But we still treated it as a little sibling. Your rulers have so much exotic cars, we only had like, 1 exotic car per 10000 cars on the road (I will make a supercar one day to beat Italy, Germany and Britain's asses). Got separated in two by Limbangball. (gib oil and money). I'll be back someday later and yuo capital will be Kuala Lumpurball...


    • Kuala Lumpurball- My greatest invention ever. This place has the largest population in my clay. Kuala Lumpur can into skyscrapers.
    • Putrajayaball - de facto capital. Planned City and my administrative centre. It is a role-model and twinned with Sejongball.

    Trivia (Perakah Remeh)

    • it was under British Rule for 131 Years and Japanese Occupation for 3,5 years
    • Quotes of "betul, betul, Betul" was from Malaysian Animated series called Upin & Ipin Was Created in its clay in 2007.
    • It was created Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik
    • Its Flag is Called "Jalur Gembilang" because its clay has 14 states.
    • Their National Animal are the Malayan Tiger Most of its people says that Malayan tiger is its National Animal.
    • "Israel koyak" translated "Israel Torn" was originated its clay where It support Palestineball against Israelcube.
    • together Trinidad and Tobagoball and Kyrgyzstanball as a countries that gained independence in 31st August
    • It Is Afraid When Someone insulting it in Real Life if you insulting me again i will get rotan about that!!!
    • It likes its this thing get missing.
    • It is also has a biggest loss in the world are 10-0 to UAEball Curse yuo UAE #UAEkoyak!!
    • They has a tallest Tower in its clay 1998-2004, hah Eat that Losers Taipei 101 is shorter than my tower!!
    • Its clay always protest they called Bersih Rally founded 2007 until 2016.
    • Malaysiaball Culture has same Culture with Indonesiaball that happen in 2007 where it claims their culture, sometimes UNESCOball mad when its culture got stolen.


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