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    Azərbaycan! Azərbaycan!
    Ey qəhrəman övladın şanlı vətəni!
    Azerbaijan-icon.png Azərbaıjanball sıngıng its anthəm
    Bol bəhrəli Muğan düzü, Mil Düzü, Şirvan Düzü
    "Gəl-gəl deyir, Şən Azərbaycan!
    — Polad Bülbüloğlu

    Azerbaijan-icon.png Azərbaıjanball, offıcıally the Republıc of Azərbaıjanball, has an evıl-soundıng anthem or an upsıde down "E" ınto "e" ıs a fıre country based from the Avatar countryball ın South Caucasus regıon. İt ıs bordered by Russia-icon.png Russıaball to the north; Iran-icon.png İranball to the south; the Caspıan Sea to the east; and Armenia-icon.png Armenıaball and Georgia-icon.png Georgıaball to the west. The country ıs dıvıded ınto 9 regıons and one Nakhchivan-icon.png Autonomous Regıon, gıvıng it a total area of 86,600 square kılometers, makıng it the 111th largest country ın the world. As of 2019, it maıntaıns a populatıon of around 10 mıllıon ınhabıtants.


    Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaycanball ıs a descendant of the Oghuz Turks, but Azerı culture also has some Iran-icon.png Persıan ınfluence. For a long tıme, its clay was domınated by Caucasıan Albanıans (not Albania-icon.png modern Albanıa) and has been part of many Achaemenid-icon.png Persıan empıres. İn 650 AD, its clay became part of the Khazaria-icon.png Khazar Khaganateball.

    The first Turkic dynasty in Azerbaijan was Eldiguzidsball. (WIP)

    Sometıme ın the 1200s, its clay was part of Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol empıreball. When ıt collapsed, many Iran-icon (hat).png Persıan empıres were ın Azerbaıjıanball's clay but became part of Russian-Empire-icon.png Russıan empıreball ın the 1820s. İt became part of Transcaucasia-icon.png Transcaucasıaball ın 1918 but soon became ındependent. İn 1920, the Communism-icon.png Bolshevıks ınvaded Azerbaycanball, whıch was part of Soviet-icon.png Sovıet Unıonball untıl 1991. It has been havıng lots of conflıcts wıth its arch enemy Armenia-icon.png Armenıaball over the Nagorno-Karabakh regıon (whıch ıs over 90% ethnıc Armenıan) but ıs currently under Azerbaycanball's control. İn modern tımes, it stıll has some conflıcts wıth Armenıa and has lots of oıl, makıng it the rıchest country ın the Caucasus. İn 2020, Azerbaijan-icon.png Azərbaıjanball fought a war wıth Armenia-icon.png Armenıaball.

    Flag colors

    Maın colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Proccssed Cyan (Prosesi Cyan) 0, 185, 228 C76-M1-Y9-K0 #00B9E4
    Husky Red (Boğuq Qirmizi) 237, 41, 57 C0-M90-Y80-K0 #ED2939
    Apple Green (Alma Yaşil) 63, 156, 53 C70-M16-Y96-K5 #3F9C35

    emblem colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Chalk White (Tebaşir Ağ) 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF



    • Albania-icon.png Albanıaball - He doesn't even have what İ am and stop usıng Albanıa as your name because that was my old name years before. But he can ınto frıends because we have same tradıtıons, and he ıs frıends wıth Türkiye-icon.png Türkıyeball so he can ınto frıend of me. İ gave hım 12 poınts at eurovısıon 2018.
    • Bashkortostan-icon.png Başqırdıstantop - Another part of Russia-icon.png Russıaball that is my sibling.
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - We both lıke Türkiye-icon.png Türkiyeball.
    • Belarus-icon.png Belarusball - even though he lıkes Russıa, he stıll supports me!
    • Georgia-icon.png Georgıaball - Only frıend ın Caucasus. Many Azerıs ın hıs clay. Javakhetı ıs Georgıan. İs also ın the G.U.A.M. allıance. Best buddy and fellow Churka. Cultural tıes and more.
    • Vatican-icon.png Vatıcanball - İ lıke Pope Francıs, ıt ıs really nıce, ıt vısıted here one tıme and congratulated me on my relıgıous freedom.
    • Israel-icon.png İsraelcube - Thanks for supplyıng weapons. Large Jewısh communıty ın Baku and a Jewish town in my clay. We shall remove Iran-icon.png this islamist together. Good luck wıth your troubles wıth Palestine-icon.png Palestıneball, Hope a non-vıolent solutıon can be reached.
    • Northern Cyprus-icon.png Northern Cyprusbal - İ am recognızıng you at heart. But Cyprus-icon.png South Cyprus mıght recognıze traıtor, so İ cannot do so ın realıty.
    • Somalia-icon.png Somalıaball - İ lıke hım. İt can into friends with Turkiye.
    • Pakistan-icon.png Pakıstanball - My best frıend! And thanks for not recognızıng Armenıaball!
    • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball - İt always wrıtes songs for eurovısıon to me.
    • Türkiye-icon.png Türkıyeball - Best brother, together removıng Armenia-icon.png Armenıaball. Our languages are very close, but he doesn't use glorıous "e" letter because he says ıt ıs mıne to keep. Whenever someone attacks me, Türkıye ıs always on my sıde. And he's stronk! But come ınto eurovısıon agaın so we can gıve each other 12 poınts every year plox. Defend Kebab!
    • Turkmen-icon.png Turkmenıstanball - Best stan ever. But stop stealıng my oıl!
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraıneball - Thanks for supportıng me. One of best frıends ın the near regıon. Crımea ıs Ukraına, also Donbass. We are ın the G.U.A.M allıance along wıth Georgıa and Moldova-icon.png Moldovaball. We gıve 12 poınts ın eurovısıon. İ do kında feel bad for ıt rıght now because ıt ıs at war wıth Russia-icon.png Russıaball. İ wıll try my best to support you.
    • Malaysia-icon.png Malaysıaball - Thank you for goıng agaınst my rıval Armenia-icon.png Armenıaball! Also, we can ımprove relatıons!
    • Dagestan-icon.png Dagestanball - İt ıs the only part of Russıa İ lıke. İt also lıkes Türkiye-icon.png Türkıyeball, Pakistan-icon.png Pakıstanball, and me. İt also hates Armenia-icon.png Armenıaball.


    • Russia-icon.png Russıaball - Thank you for gıvıng 12 poınts at eurovısıon and for weapons, but stop supportıng ermenı, Armenia-icon.png Armenıaball ıs of bad. Stıll, İ'll try to be nıce to ıt. My survıval depends on ıt; ıf İ put ıt on enemıes or neutral, ıt wıll hate me and fund Armenıa to kıll me. İ wıll do my best to appeal to you. And can you stop fıghtıng wıth Ukraine-icon.png Ukraıneball, plox. Culturally, we have been sıblıngs. But İ lıke your chıld Dagestan-icon.png Dagestanball.
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbıaball - Stop tryıng to remove kebab or else İ wıll remove you! But thanks for not recognızıng Nagorno-Karabakh! İ wıll not recognıze Kosovo. BUT STOP TRYİNG TO ReMOVe KeBAB!
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudı Arabıaball - İt's a good frıend ın Arabıa BUT WHY DİD YOU START HATİNG US AND MY SİBLİNGS?! YOU TRAİTOR?! But thanks for hatıng Iran-icon.png İranball and İ also lıke ıts mosques and oıl a lot.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - İt ıs a cool frıend! İt has more oıl lıke me. But why are you recognize Armenia-icon.png Armenıa's genocide? It not of real. but we both have a Iran-icon.png common enemy.
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestıneball - İ recognıze you but please be nıcer wıth Israel-icon.png İsraelcube so the war can end.
    • Vietnam-icon.png Vıetnamball - Baku-icon.png My capıtal and your cıty has sımılar each other street names but. İt lıkes my sıblıngs, so we are fıne.


    • Armenia-icon.png Armenıaball - My poor relıgıous Caucasus sıblıng wıth scrıbbles as alphabet. We fıght sometımes... İ just recently took back a vıllage from ıt. İ'M NOT LOOKİNG FOR YOUR CORe TeRRİTORY, JUST SOMe OCCUPİeD TeRRİTORİeS. BUT We HAVe PeACe, SO YOU CAN'T TOUCH Me.
    • Iran-icon.png İranball (aka history stealer) - F*** YOU. We GReW UP TOGeTHeR AND NOW YOU WANT TO MAKe Me AND MY PeOPLe PUPPeTS. GİB MY PeOPLe LANGUAGe RİGHTS! F*** İSLAMİSM. İSRAeL AND AZeRBAYCAN <3 ReMOVe İRAN! SAFAVID, AFSHARID, AND QAJAR OF TÜRK, NOT İRANİAN! You havıng my clay you şıtty fake alevı smell thıef. Gıb rıghts to ethnıc Azerbaycanıs. Remove khomeını! And eurovısıon ıs not a gay parade!
    • OSCE-icon.png OSCeball - Only thıng ermenıstan and İ can agree on ıs how useless you are at solvıng Karabakh conflıct. WAR İS THe ONLY WAY!
    • New Caledonia-icon.png New Caledonıaball - FLAG STeALeR!
    • Greece-icon.png Greeceball - We could be good frıends maybe, but İstanbul cıty ıs Türkiye-icon.png my sıblıng's cıty, but you love Armenia-icon.png thıs robbery, so NO OİL FOR YOU! HAHAHA!
    • France-icon.png Franceball - 10-0 NeVeR FORGeT! HOW DARe YOU Be FRİeNDS WİTH Armenia-icon.png ARMeNİA BUT HATe Türkiye-icon.png TÜRKİYe! ReMOVe BAGUeTTe!
    • ISIS-icon.png ISISball - GeT OUT OF HeRe, YOU STUPİD TeRRORİST!
    • India-icon.png İndıaball - WHY ARe YOU FRİeNDS WİTH Armenia-icon.png THAT STUPİD ARMeNİA, AND WHY DO YOU HATe MY FRİeND Pakistan-icon.png PAKİSTAN?
    • Western Togoland-icon.png Western Togolandball - AFRICAN FLAG STeALeR!
    • Eritrea-icon.png eritreball - YOU STOLe South Azerbaijan-icon.png MY SIBLING'S FLAG BUT IN A SINISTeR WAVe!
    • Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball - STUPİD KeBAB ReMOVeR!
    • CAR-icon.png CARball - ANOTHeR STUPİD KeBAB ReMOVeR!


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