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    Crown of Aragonball was a personal unionball of kingdoms in the current Spainball, formed by the kingdoms of Aragonball, Valenciaball, the Principality of Cataloniaball and others like Athensball, Duchy of Neopatrasball, Sicilyball, Sardinia and Corsicaball, Kingdom of Naplesball. During the early modern times, it was married with its cousin Crown of Castileball, but finally, after the War of the Spanish Succession, the country annexed the Aragonese kingdomballs in 1716, creating the Kingdom of Spainball.

    It is the parent of Cataloniaball, Valenciaball, Aragonball Jr and Balearic Islandsball.


    It was born in 1164 from a dynastic union between the Kingdom of Aragonball and the County of Barcelonaball, thus, all the Catalan counties would be annexed to Crown of Aragonball as a dynastic merger. Gradually the Crown of Aragonball began to conquer territories thanks to its King James I, who after failing to invade the northern Kingdom of Franceball, managed to invade Valenciaball and the Balearic Islandsball. Also, the Aragonese soldiers were going to conquer Murciaball but in the end decided to recognize it under the Crown of Castileball.

    After these events, Crown of Aragonball focused on maritime trade and came to invade Athensball and the Neopatrasball, where he created some duchies (lasted from 1311 to 1388) and expanded its power in the Mediterranean, this during the "Great Catalan Company" where Almogavars soldiers of the Crown of Aragonball hired by Byzantineball fought commanded by Roger de Flor against the Ottoman Empireball. One day Byzantineball assassinated Roger de Flor, betraying the Almogavars of the Crown of Aragonball, and in revenge the Crown of Aragonball invaded Byzantineball and the Almogavars soldiers greatly weakened Byzantineball, devastating it for two years, so Ottoman Empireball. took the opportunity to finally invade Byzantineball.

    Crown of Aragonball began a personal union in 1479 with the Crown of Castileball through the marriage of the Catholic Monarchs to create Spanish Empireball, but the Crown of Aragonball continued to have its own rules and continued to expand into Naples, the island of Sardinia, among other territories while Castileball focused on the Americas.

    Finally during the War of the Spanish Succession (a kind of civil war in the Spanish Empire) the Crown of Aragonball in 1701 originally supported the Crown of Castileball and Kingdom of Franceball, but between 1705 and 1706 it changed sides, supporting Austriaball and declaring him king of Aragon and count of Barcelona, therefore the Crown of Castileball (who supported the French king) razed cities of the Crown of Aragon, losing its institutions after the Decree of Nueva Planta and its final demise.





    How to draw

    Draw Crown of Aragonball is simple:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into nine horizontal stripes, five in yellow and four in red
    2. Draw the eyes and a (optional) crown over and you've finished.


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