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    Navarreball, officially the Chartered Community of Navarreball, is an autonomous communityball and provinceball of  Spainball. It was once its own country ( Kingdom of Navarreball) until Crown of Castileball looked for more clay.

    It can into anime swordsman.


    Antiquity and Early Middle Ages

    Navarreball was first inhabited by non-Indo-European 2balls, who then became Vasconesball.

    Then the region became part of SPQRball and Western Roman Empireball, afterwards the Vasconeballs became independent again, though under pressure from Visigothic Kingdomball and Franksball, until Kingdom of Navarreball was founded.

    Kingdom of Navarre

    Main article: Kingdom of Navarreball

    Kingdom of Navarreball was established around 824, and in 1034 reach it's largest extent, but afterwards it never recovered power; in 1200 it lost the lands which make modern Basqueball to Kingdom of Castileball, leaving Navarreball landlocked.

    In 1234, it's native line of kings died out, and Navarreball would then pass to various French families (with some interruptions) until 1515 when Crown of Castileball invaded it's southern half.

    Despite Navarreball being part of Spanish Empireball it continued to be autonomous, until 1841 when it became a province.

    Modern Navarre

    Loss of home rule


    Republic and military uprising


    Post-war scene


    Tension during the Spanish transition





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