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    I bless the rains down in Africa!
    — Toto
    We have to believe in African people and allow them to decide their own fate.
    — Pedro Pires
    Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. Please spread the word
    — Jamal

    I bless the rains down in African Unionball is complicit in corruption a place where when every 60 second passes here, a minute passes elsewhere multinational union, which is comprised of almost all the independent sovereigns in the African region. It is based in Ethiopiaball's clay, and its predecessor Organisation of African Unityball EUball's model, but is not as cohesive as a union. It is comprised of many different communities merging, resulting in a confusing system of different sub-organizations. It's also seen as kinda useless since it doesn’t care about the reports and outsides of Africa assume it does nothing. Foreigners also say it's a weirdo because of its culture.



    Before the African Unionball, African countryballs were gained independence from their colonizers. Moroccoball comprised the Casablanca Groupball with these Africanballs: Moroccoball, Algeriaball, Libyaball, Egyptball (at the time under the UAR), Maliball, Togoball - Wanted "Togo" hang out in the union headquarters, HAHA!!! (Why are you a hereditary dictatorship? Shouldn't you embrace democratic rule?)

    • Tunisiaball - Has an amusement park named after its ancestor. Having protesters about COVID-19.
    • Ugandaball - We sent help against its terrorist rebels. But I AM NOT OF KNOWING DA WAE?!
    • Zambiaball - Tried to into space once but you could into space hoho. Nice Copper and zebras! Anyways what is this "debt trap" from Chinaball I been getting?
    • Zimbabweball - STOP IT WITH THE INFLATION PLOX!!! Kenya was right, I should have given you a timeout for the rigged 2007 election!

    Pillars of the African Unionball

    • AMUball (Arab Maghreb Unionball) - Why did yuo go inactive?
    • ECOWASball (Economic Community of West African Statesball) - The one that hates coups the most. Good luck on dealing with those.
    • ECCASball (Economic Community of Central African Statesball)
    • EACball (East African Communityball)
    • SADCball (South African Development Communityball)



    • Organisation of African Unityball - Father. I also had your flag as official from 2004-2010.
    • EUball - My Inspiration, but please stop sanctionings my creator!
    • Chinaball - Its president pledged to offer vaccines. The younger generations are mixed on you on trade. But don't make us your puppets plox!!!
    • UNball - We do peacekeeping together in Darfurball, and took action in Burundiball when I got bored. It helps me a lot.
    • Indonesiaball - Hosted a conference in 1955 with a few of my members involed, which led to my origins.
    • Russiaball - Why you let Maliball bypass sanctions? But still thanks for the weapons and money!!!!! Yeah!!!! Any superpower is good if they help me!
    • USAball - Helps us in a lot of situations our members get in. The younger generations are mixed on your foregin intervention. Also, control your police!
    • ECOWASball - One of my children. I never meant to assign you to such a region filled with coups. I'm sorry...
    • Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball - It was well, Gaddafi, to say the least. Yuor pan-Africanism is good and many African goverments condemned the stupid NATO invasion. One currency of Africa is good.



    • Lord's Resistance Armyball - HEY!! QUIT TERRORIZING THESE INNOCENT GUYS!!! REMOVE!!!
    • Boko Haramball - STOP TERRORIZING MY MEMBERS!!!
    • ISISball - Your friend is already here... SO GET OUT!
    • Al-Shabaab - Really? You just had to step in and make Somaliaball 10x worse than it already is?
    • Somalilandball - I'm sorry, but none of my members do not recongize yuo ( except for dad). Go back to Somaliaball.
    • Israelcube - Yuo no longer observer, why yuo sent the wrong official to the summit?
    • Myanmarball, Lithuaniaball, Boliviaball & Zabaykalskyball - IMPOSTORS!!! Red, Yellow, and Green are rightful Pan-African colors from Ethiopia, you of stealings!
    • Coups (Mostly) - NOOOO! This will lead to immediate suspension. (But coups like Sankara's are good.)

    How to draw

    Simply draw the African Union logo in a dark green ball.



    Republic of South Africa - Unity in Diversity
    Provinces and dependencies Western Capeball Northern Capeball Eastern Capeball Free Stateball KwaZulu-Natalball Gautengball Northwestball Limpopoball Mpumalangaball Robben Islandball Marion Islandball
    Capitals Pretoriaball Bloemfonteinball Cape Townball Johannesburgball
    Former entities 8ball Kingdom of Mapungubweball Dutch Cape Colonyball Ndwandweball Natalia Republicball Griqualand Westball Griqualand Eastball Goshenball Stellalandball Upingtoniaball Nieuwe Republiekball Klein Vrystaatball Zulu Kingdomball Orange Free Stateball Transvaalball Colony of Natalball Cape Colonyball British Transvaalball Union of South Africaball Bantustanballs
    Tsamina mina eh eh wakka wakka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa, This time for Africa!
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