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    The Duchy of Lorraineball was a Holy Roman Imperial duchyball situated between West Franciaball and Duchy of Swabiaball.


    Duchy of Lorraineball started when Lotharingiaball died in 959, and its territory was divided between its children, Lower Lorraineball and Upper Lorraineball. The Duchy of Lorraineball was coveted and was briefly occupied by Duchy of Burgundyball and the Kingdom of Franceball. The Burgundian duke Charles the Bold campaigned for Lorraineball, but was defeated and killed at the 1477 Battle of Nancy.

    Due to the weakening of Imperial authority during the Thirty Years War, Kingdom of Franceball occupied the duchy in 1634 and kept it until 1661 when Charles IV of Lorraine was restored. In 1670, the French invaded again, forcing Charles into exile. His nephew and heir Charles V (1643–1690) spent his life in the service of the Imperial House of Habsburgball. France returned the Duchy in the 1697 Treaty of Ryswick ending the Nine Years' War and Charles V's son "Leopold the Good" became duke. Leopold revived the war-stricken duchy and began reconstruction.

    In the War of the Spanish Succession, parts of Lorraine, including the capital Nancyball, were again occupied by Franceball, but Leopold continued to reign at the Château de Lunéville.

    In 1737, after the War of the Polish Succession, an agreement between Kingdom of Franceball, the Habsburg Empireball and the Lorraine House of Vaudémont assigned the Duchy to Stanisław Leszczyński, former king of Poland. The duke of Lorraine Francis Stephen was compensated with the Grand Duchy of Tuscanyball.

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