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    Kingdom of the Suebiball, or the Kingdom of Gallæciaball, was a Kingdomball in the Iberian Peninsula.

    It was founded by the Suebiballs, a Germanic tribeball who did a pact with Western Romeball to estabilish a Kingdom on the province of Gallæciaball.

    Many say Kingdom of the Suebiball can into the first Kingdom of Europe.


    Little is known about the Suebiballs who crossed the Rhine in 406 AD, if they were threatened by Hunball, which forced them to enter SPQRball. Still, they apparently could into the Column of Marcus Aurelius. When a civil war erupted in the Iberian peninsulla, it left the Pyrennes pass temporarily neglected and suscetible to Barbarian Attacks. This made Suebiball, Vandalsball (which would after establish a kingdom in North Africa), and Alansball.

    But Suebiball abandoned the big group to settle North-West Iberia, while the other two headed for North Africa. Six Years later, Visigothsball arrived in Iberia, but only to “purge” some barbarians. After that, Suebiball was the major power in Iberia, as Visigothsball settled Aquitaineball. Apparently, Vandalsball got somehow angry at the Suebiball for being STRONK, and attacked them (they were still preparing for the crossing). Or, instead, Suebiball caused it, as a warlord arrived to plunder Lusitaniaball (This theory is, obviously, infamous for the Suebi). Anyways, the warlord drowned in a river before he started, so it was over before it started.

    Then, Vandalsball went away to Africa. After a new king rose up, Suebiball started to expand south in Iberia, and to other Roman Provinces, but was stopped in Eastern Andalusia by SPQRball. Then, it started praticing Catholicsm (Actually, it was Chalcedonism the schism was yet to happen then.) Though, after some troubles with kings, one king was able to stabilize the situation, but he practiced the Christian Heresy of Arianism (Not the Nazi). After that, the Kings converted back to the main branch. (By now, Western Roman Empireball already came and had been already gone) After a bit of colonization, it went into decadence, and as Visigothsball established themselves in Iberia and founded Visigothic Kingdomball, Suebiball were in danger. After 176 years of existence, the Kingdom came to an end when it was annexed by Visigothic Kingdomball.


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