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    Smålandball is a provinceball of Sweden-icon.png Swedenball. Also is the home of IKEA.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Smålandball was born during the 1500s through a merge of lots of smaller regions (2balls), hence the name Småland (=small lands). Smålandball was adopted by Medieval Swedenball, Kalmar Unionball, Sweden-Norwayball and Swedenball.

    During various feudes with Denmarkball, parts of Smålandball fell under Danish rule much like his brothers Scania-icon.pngScaniaball and Blekinge-icon.png Blekingeball.

    The Dacke war[edit | edit source]

    One of the most famous historical moments in Swedish history is probably the Dacke war or "Dackefejden" 1542-1543 when Smålandball tried to protest Swedenball's taxes and gain independency. This ended terribly for Smålandball which has behaved ever since.

    Other[edit | edit source]

    Smaland may be confused with the playhouse thing in Ikea, for little children to do random fun stuff while you shop.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Sweden-icon.png Homogay Caliphate of Swedistan Kingdom of Börk Sweden Subscribe to Pewdiepie! Sweden-icon.png
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