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    Smålandball is a provinceball of  Swedenball. Also is the home of IKEA.


    Smålandball was born during the 1500s through a merge of lots of smaller regions (2balls), hence the name Småland (=small lands). Smålandball was adopted by Medieval Swedenball, Kalmar Unionball, Sweden-Norwayball and Swedenball.

    During various feudes with Denmarkball, parts of Smålandball fell under Danish rule much like his brothers Scaniaball and Blekingeball.

    The Dacke war

    One of the most famous historical moments in Swedish history is probably the Dacke war or "Dackefejden" 1542-1543 when Smålandball tried to protest Swedenball's taxes and gain independency. This ended terribly for Smålandball which has behaved ever since.


    Smaland may be confused with the playhouse thing in Ikea, for little children to do random fun stuff while you shop.


    Kingdom of Sweden: The Börk, Heir Of Swedish, And The First EDM In Sweden (Avicii)
    Historical provinces Götalandball Svealandball ( Stockholmball) • Norrlandball
    Provinces Ångermanlandball Blekingeball Bohuslänball Dalarnaball Dalslandball Gotlandball Gästriklandball Hallandball Hälsinglandball Härjedalenball Jämtlandball Lapplandball Medelpadball Norrbottenball Närkeball Ölandball Östergötlandball Skåneball Smålandball Södermanlandball Upplandball Värmlandball Västmanlandball Västerbottenball Västergötlandball
    Former entities Migrants from the South (Prehistoric Europeans) Kingdom of Svearball Kingdom of Götarball Medieval Swedenball Kalmar Unionball Swedish Empireball Sweden-Norwayball
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