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    See, the five countries I mentioned- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, are very closely linked economically. They're what people like to call the 'BRICS' nations, and they aren't allied per se, but it's in each of their interests to keep the others strong.

    BRICKSbricks is an economy club (alliance). The members are Brazilball, Russiaball, Indiaball, Chinaball, Kazakhstanbrick, and South Africaball. In 2010, South Africaball whined until the others let it into the group. Indonesiaball wants to become a member. BRICKSbrick wants to smash the financial stranglehold that USAball has on the world's economies and replace it with theirs (Only China, who isn’t even that integrated in doing it, and Russia) Until annoying South Africaball joined, it was simply known as "BRICbrick". In 2024, Egyptball, Ethiopiaball, Iranball, Saudi Arabiaball, and UAEball joined the alliance.



    • Belarusball - It is so adorable! I might need it if that is the case. (It also wants into Russiaball so maybe I should let its join and give its nukes.)
    • Venezuelaball - Oh, His Economy Was Ruined By Political Drama, Please Join us To Fix Your Economy!
    • Serbiaball - My states recognize that Kosovoball is yours. (Except them.)
    • Palestineball - You can into independence. And You'll Join us.



    Applications to BRICs


    Algeriaball Afghanistanball Bahrainball Bangladeshball Belarusball Boliviaball File:Boliviaball-icon.png Comorosball Cubaball Democratic Republic of Congoball File:Democratic Republic of Congoball-icon.png Gabonball Hondurasball Indonesiaball Kazakhstanball Kuwaitball Mexicoball Moroccoball Nicaraguaball Nigeriaball Pakistanball Palestineball Senegalball Sudanball Syriaball Thailandball Tunisiaball File:Tunisiaball-icon.png Turkeyball Uruguayball Venezuelaball Vietnamball Zimbabweball




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    Tsamina mina eh eh wakka wakka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa, This time for Africa!


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