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    رددي أيتها الدنيا نشيدي
    ردديه وأعيدي وأعيدي
    — - Yemenball about to sing its anthem

    German Empireball Usher, Yeah manball Yemenball is a countryball in the Middle East. It shares clay borders with Saudi Arabiaball to the north and Omanball to the east, and is across the Bab al-Mandab Strait from Eritreaball and Djiboutiball. Yemenball is often suffering because it is one of the poorest countryballs in the world and it is the poorest countryball in the Middle East. It also can into poverty, corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, incest, and child brides. Yemenball is the highest failed state in the world with a score of 113.5 (2022). It is also predicted to be the first countryball whose capital will run out of water. As a result, it is often sad and dejected but attempts to keep faith in Allah. Yemenball gets nearly all of its money from oil. Yemenball has clay disputes with Eritreaball and Djiboutiball. It also once could into the highest case fatality rate of COVID-19 at 28%. It has no age of consent.


    Yemenball was born as a tribe known as Sabaeanball. Sabaeanball later evolved to the Kingdom of Sababall. Its culture was heavily influenced by Ancient Greeceball with the pagan god Rahmanan being an important religious figure to it for some reason. Before it was taken over by Himyarite Kingdomball, it conquered other Yemeni tribal kingdoms such as Kingdom of Awsanball, Kingdom of Ma'inball, and Kingdom of Qatabanball.

    Aksumball settled the Arabian Coast around after 100 AD, invaded Yemen. Himyarite Kingdomball would remove Jew and Christians in its clay. One of its Jewcubes, king Dhunuwas fled to Byzantineball for assistance in his uprising. But, Byzantineball rejected it because Byzantineball and Himyarite Kingdomball are too far. Then Byzantine told him to go to Aksumball for help. After Himyarite Kingdomball was defeated, Himyarite Kingdomball became Christian and Aksumball's vassal. Then Aksum and they built a church (Al-Qulais) in Sanaa.

    One day, a Meccan stalker silently entered his church at night, throw a shit inside it and crap the jewelry and property. The next day, King Abrahah (Aksum General) found this and felt outraged and planned for Mecca invasion for destroying Holy Ka'bah. Himyarite took elephants from Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and use them to crush anything that stands in the way. King Abrahah could use them to destroy Mecca's Holy Ka'bah. but his army of elephants was destroyed by Ababil birds that carried hot stones onto every elephant. Then Sassanidball sent an army to South Arabia and anschlussed him. After that event, Prophet Muhammad PBUH was born and Rashidunball anschlussed Himyariteball.

    After being a part of many Caliphateballs, it finally got autonomy as Ziyadidball from Abbasidball.

    After many years of Isllamic rule, colonization, and two countries claiming to be Yemen, Yemenball is often depressed to famines and bombings. Saudi Arabiaball bombs its Houthiball terrorists that Iranball is funding to establish a Shia Jihad state. Al-Qaedaball is making everything worse.



    • Canadaball - It is USAball's best friend so why not? Plus, you were always nice.
    • Kuwaitball - It is one of my al-favorite Arab siblings! You are better than this scum who keeps on occupying and splitting me!
    • Omanball - Oh Man Teach me to be rich!
    • Ethiopiaball - Colonized me once, but I forgive it as long as it keeps Eritreaball away from me. Also starving just like me. We both also hate Saudi Arabiaball for putting our people in detention camps.
    • Germanyball - European Version of me. It was divided into two like me. Except for your empire... Because he stole my flag.
    • Japanball - Thank you for accepting my refugees. Also I like its cars and anime!
    • Djiboutiball - Al-Arabian Tringapore! It lets my refugees into its clay. Unlike its neighbors, it is relaxed calm and not power hungry. It is probably the best Afro-Arabian friend I can possibly have.
    • Mexicoball - Good al-tacos.



    How to draw

    Drawing Yemenball is easy.

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into three vertical stripes.
    2. Color the stripes of this red, white and black.
    3. Draw eyes and you have finished.
    4. Alternatively, just draw German Empire upside down.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Philippine Red 205, 17, 37 C0-M92-Y82-K20 #CD1125
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Black 0, 0, 0 C0-M0-Y0-K100 #000000


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    zh:葉門球 pt:Iêmenball

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