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    ECOWASball (French and Portuguese:CEDEAO(balle/bola)), officially the Economic Community of West African Statesball, is a reigonal organization of West African countryballs.


    ECOWASball was established on 28 May 1975, with the signing of the Treaty of Lagos, with its stated mission to promote economic integration across the region. Considered one of the pillar regional blocballs of the continent-wide African Economic Communityball (AECball), the stated goal of ECOWASball is to achieve "collective self-sufficiency" for its members by creating a single large trade bloc by building a full economic and trading union.

    ECOWASball also serves as a peacekeeping force in the region, with members occasionally sending joint military forces to intervene in the bloc's members at times of political instability and unrest. In recent years these included interventions in Côte d'Ivoireball in 2003, Liberiaball in 2003, Guinea-Bissauball in 2012, Maliball in 2013, and Gambiaball in 2017.

    Covering a region known as a "coup belt," ECOWASball, since the 1990s, has attempted to defend the region's shift towards democracy against authoritarian attacks. However, it has been cited for weak and ineffective responses in the early 2020s, when three members suffered military coups -- two in Maliball, one attempt in Nigerball, and one in Guineaball.


    Although most of the time it is generally happy, ECOWASball is actually controlled by its children, UEMOAball and WAMZball. The two`s personality is very similar, but the former likes French and CFA franc, while the latter likes English and dislikes the CFA franc. This sometimes makes ECOWASball very confused.


    All members except for Cape Verde-icon.png Cabo Verdeball are founding members. Also, there are 2 categories that divide the members, Zone A/B, UEMOA/WAMZ/Neither.

    Zone A

    • Cape Verde-icon.png Cabo Verdeball (Neither UEMOA nor WAMZ)- Smallest and isolated, and has highest GDP per capita, and had no coup. But is it right that yuo are preparing to halfly leave?
    • Gambia-icon.png Gambiaball (WAMZ) - Another small one that I helped removing the president refusing to step down, Yahya Jammeh.
    • Guinea-icon.png Guineaball (supsended)(WAMZ) - Another military coup? You know what that means...
    • Guinea-Bissau-icon.png Guinea-Bissauball(UEMOA) - I helped in civil war and endless coups.
    • Liberia-icon.png Liberiaball (WAMZ)- Member that I helped in 2003.
    • Mali-icon.png Maliball (suspended)(UEMOA) - STOP with the civil war and stop the endless COUPs!!
    • Senegal-icon.png Senegalball (UEMOA) - No coup, and has own type of Jolof rice.
    • Sierra Leone-icon.png Sierra Leoneball (WAMZ)-

    Zone B

    Former Members

    • Mauritania-icon.png Mauritaniaball - Enslaver!! As yuo are already in another union, don`t come!

    Future Members

    • Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball - Wants to join, but I don`t think accepting is good.


    Things that only UEMOAball or WAMZball feel is in Italic.





    • There are 8 Francophone, 5 Anglophone, and 2 Lusophone countryballs(Currently suspended Maliball and Guineaball are included; both suspended countryballs are Francophone) in the organization. This largely determines whether a countryball joined UEMOA or WAMZ, provided that all Francophone countryballs except for Guineaball, and Guinea-Bissauball(that is the only non-Francophone in UEMOA) joined UEMOA and all Anglophone countryballs and Guineaball joined WAMZ. Cabo Verdeball joined neither.
    • Will never decide whose Jolof rice in the region is the best.

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