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    Kebab-icon.png Kebab (Arabic: كباب; also kebap, kabob, kebob, kabab) is a (delicious) Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean, and South Asian dish of pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables roasted or grilled on a skewer or spit originating in the Eastern Mediterranean, where it is mentioned by Homer, or the Middle East, and later adopted in Central Asia and by the regions of the former Mongol Empire and later Ottoman Empire, before spreading worldwide.

    Döner Kebab

    Döner Kebab, also known as Shawarma (Arabic: شاورما), is a fast-food dish that originated from Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball and is today popular in the Islamic world and EU-icon.png EUball, especially Germany-icon.png Germanyball, (goes well with Bier und Brazilian tears) Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball and Sweden-icon.png Swedenball who puts kebab thier his pizza. The Netherlands uses the term "shoarma" for a dish consisting of spiced meat served on bread with lettuce and garlic sauce. Unfortunately, it's usually made with pork, so Muslims cannot eat it.

    Döner Kebab consists of seasoned fresh meat, usually lamb, select halal-slaughtered beef, or chicken, mixed together with a marinade of cumin, coriander, garlic, and other herbs and spices (contributing to its savoury taste). When finished marinating, the resultant mass is then introduced to its most iconic symbol: Impalement on a vertical Stake, next to the flames for roasting. Sometimes the impaled meat is topped by a flavour-enhancing garnish (e.g. fat, onion, fruits, MOAR GARLIC, etc), and whatever garnishes were on top would infuse themselves on the meat below through gravity. When the outer surface has become roasted enough for consumption, it is shaved away on demand leaving the rest of the uncooked mass to roast. In most cases, the removed pieces are wrapped in a wholemeal high-fibre pita bread, usually wrapped together with a salad of various fresh herbs and vegetables as well as a choice of sauces e.g. EXTRA GARLIC Sauce, hot sauce, herb sauce, yogurt sauce or melted cheese, though a variety of other styles for service exist, for example the aforementioned Swedish Kebab Pizza. Europeans consider Kebab to be healthier than the rival fastfood in the form of processed, high-sugar, chemical-weapons-laden USA-icon.png burgers, contributing further to its popularity in the Eurozone.

    Shish Kebab

    Another version of Kebab exists called the Shish kebab (Turkish: şiş kebap; Arabic: شيش كباب; often simply called kebab), which is closer to an ordinary barbecue than the iconic and famous Döner.

    In Polandball Universe

    In the Polandball universe, however, it also became used as a pejorative for the Islamic world in general. The name stemmed from the "Remove kebab" phrase, a nickname given to a Serb nationalist music video from the Bosnia War actually called "Karadzic, Lead Your Serbs." Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball has historically had conflict against Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball and other nearby Eastern European countryballs with a Muslim-majority, culminating in the popular meme "REMOVE KEBAB". Kebab originally was targeting Turkish, but because apparently to modern political culture Islam now counts as a single race, the pejorative has extended to even non-Turkish races such as Arabs (it would be more accurate to, when insulting Arabs, say "Remove Shawarma") Other Turkic people, but strangely seldom associated with Kebab, include Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball, Kazakhstan-icon.png Kazakhbrick, Uzbek-icon.png Uzbekistanball, Turkmen-icon.png Turkmenistanball, Northern Cyprus-icon.png TRNCball, Kyrgyz-icon.png Kyrgyzstanball and others, and the dissociation with the Islamic world and therefore "kebab" may have been the result of their rule under the Soviet-icon.png Soviet Union, an Atheist state with an Eastern Orthodox majority. There are rumors that Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball (BULGARIA'S KHANATE THEY COME FROM Tajikistanball's clay but they mix with the slavs) was kebab in the past but then he betrayed his brothers and now he is a slav.

    It may be probable that Wallachia-icon.png Vlad Dracula the Impaler and his choice of punishment was inspired by his Turkish arch-enemies impaling meat vertically, considering how he grew up his childhood life as a Turkish political prisoner.

    There is a common saying when Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball, Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball, Israel-icon.png Israelcube or another country wants to destroy Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball or hates Islam-icon.png Islam, they will say "REMOVE KEBAB" and if a country likes Islam-icon.png Kebab (Islam) like Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball, Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball and Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball, they will say "DEFEND KEBAB".

    Kebab Removers

    Here is the list of kebab-removing nations.

    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball: The most famous Kebab remover in the Polandball meme. Serbiaball's worst Kebab enemy is Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball, which it shouts "Kosvo je Serbia" the moment someone mentions it (or Serbia sees Kosovo). In reality Serbia is only friendly to Muslims that support it on the Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball dispute. Serbiaball (still) kinda hates Bosnia-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball and Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball for historical conflicts.
    • Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball: Another famous kebab remover, Myanmarball can into removing Rohingya-icon.png Rohingyaball in a genocide! Myanmarball only started 6 years ago.
    • Israel-icon.png Israelcube: Like Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball, Israelcube is currently in a conflict with a smaller Kebab nation called Palestine-icon.png Palestineball, except that the Kebab nation is not supported by the west, but more likely by Muslim nations. Even though Israelcube has almost no Muslim allies, it does have some friends from the Muslim world.
    • France-icon.png Franceball: Franceball once had a conflict with another Kebab nation called Algeria-icon.png Algeriaball, and in 2010, Franceball banned Muslim women from covering their faces and wearing the niqāb in public, and in 2011, it became the first European country to enforce a ban on full-face veils in public. It also hates Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball's president for saying that its president needs help and doesn't let Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball into EU-icon.png EU.
    • Slovakia-icon.png Slovakiaball: In 2016, Slovakiaball's President Andrej Kiska has passed legislation to effectively block Islam from gaining official status as a religion in the country, as a First EU-icon.png EU country to banned Islam.
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball: Armeniaball is accused to have committed massacres towards Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball's in the ongoing Kebab war. But most importantly, it is mad at Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball for the Armenian Genocide.
    • CAR-icon.png Central African Republicball: Since the 2000s, CARball was actually fine with Islam until it went though a coup. François Bozizé, responsible for the coup was accused of discrimination towards Islam-icon.png Muslims. This caused Bozizé to be couped by the people he oppressed, but this led to civil war. Since then, CARball is portrayed as a kebab remover in memes. In reality, the government has been trying to promote religious unity so CAR's position is debated.
    • China-icon.png Chinaball: Since 2017, because of the terrorist attacks by the Turkistan Islamic Party-icon.png ETIM, Chinaball threw Uyghur-icon.png Uyghurballs and Muslim minority groups into internment camps until today! (Unlike Myanmar however, the genocide is only a cultural one, and that most Kebab nations ironically support China, wtf?!)
    • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball: Ethiopiaball is currently in a conflict with their neighbor Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball in ongoing Somali-icon (Ethiopia).png Ogadenball war since 1977. Ethiopia does not have anything against Islam personally, but someone gets into fights with Muslim groups in its own nation too.
    • Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball: Like France-icon.png Franceball, People from Denmarkball makes a Anti-Muslim Propaganda in 2006 Altrought it is amongst Western Europe's most 'Muslim-friendly' countries.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball: After Collapse of Soviet-icon.png USSRball, Russiaball had fight with Muslim Rebels of Chechnya-icon.png Chechnyaball during First war in 1994-1996 and another civil war was broke out again in 1999-2000.
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball: During the Macros era, Philippinesball fought the Kebab rebels BARMM-icon.png Bangsamoroball against their president Ferdinand Macros until 1989, but in 2017 ISIS-icon.png ISISball attacked Lanao del Surball's capital city Marawiball until Former president Duterte attacks them back with help from its parent, USA-icon.png USAball.
    • USA-icon.png USAball: One of the world's strongest countryballs was also a kebab remover. During Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump's presidency, USAball adopt the Order of Executive Order 13769 after the September 11th 2001 terrorist attack in New York Cityball. After Trump's term ended in 2021, USAball's current President Joe Biden-icon.png Joe Biden revoked Executive Order 13769 and replaced it with Presidential Proclamation 10141.
    • Thailand-icon.png Thailandball: Like Philippines-icon.png the Philippinesball, Thailandball fought Pattani-icon.png Muslim rebels in 2002 until now.
    • East Timor-icon.png Timor Lesteball/East Timorball: In 1975, Timor Lesteball got annexed by a Kebab nation, Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball. Most of the people in East Timorball at that time want to rebel against Indonesia until 1999, where it was placed under administration by UN-icon.png UNball and in 2002, they gained full independence.
    • South Sudan-icon.png South Sudanball: Like East Timor-icon.png Timor Lesteball, Before it was a Independence, South Sudanese Rebelion Forces Decided to break away From kebab Nation Sudan-icon.png Sudanball due the an exploitative governance since 1983-2005 Second Civil War broke out after First civil war in 1955-1972.
    • India-icon.png Indiaball: Like Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball, since their independence in 1947 they have been in a war with their neighbour Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball for Kashmirball, except Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladeshball who helped them in 1971. Indians also have Islamophobic issues.
    • Greece-icon.png Greeceball and Cyprus-icon.png Cyprusball: Both countryballs have tensions between Turkey-icon.png Türkiyeball and Northern Cyprus-icon.png Northern Cyprusball.

    Kebab Defenders

    Here is the list of kebab-defending nations.

    • Turkey-icon.png Türkiyeball: The most famous Kebab defender in the Polandball meme. Turkey-icon.png Türkiyeball is friends with a small Turk countryball, Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball, which both countryballs like to team up to kill Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball in comics, and Türkiyeball hates Greece-icon.png Greeceball for Historical wars and Greeceball's claim on Istanbulball.
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball: Another famous kebab defender, Saudi Arabiaball is the religious origin for Islam and can into Sharia law.
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball: Like Turkey-icon.png Türkiyeball, it is in a conflict with a kebab remover nation called Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball for Artsakh-icon.png Artsakhball.
    • Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball: Since 1967, Pakistanball declared war on the neighbouring India-icon.png Indiaball for Kashmirball, which is still happening to this day.
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball: Indonesiaball is an important kebab-defending countryball because Indonesiaball is the countryball with the most kebabs. One of its clay is Aceh-icon.png Acehball, which can into Sharia Law after being colonized by Turkey-icon.png Ottoman Empireball in the past. (although Indonesiaball's anschluss form was a Kebab Remover.)
    • Sudan-icon.png Sudanball: Before Sudan's Independence, during pre-Colonial era, Sudan got annexed by the kebab nation of Egypt-icon.png Egyptball under Amr ibn al-Aas and it also Fight with their Neighbour South Sudan-icon.png South Sudanball in the 21 years of Civil war.
    • Mali-icon.png Maliball: During the 9th century, Berber and Tuareg populated most of its clay, with the most popular one is said to be the richest person in history, who is King Mansa Musa.
    • Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball: In the 15th century, traders from the Arabian Peninsula spreaded Islam into their clay just like their cousins Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball and Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball.
    • Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball: Bruneiball is a small kebab nation that also adopts the Sharia Law like Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball. It also hates the leader of the Kebab Removers, Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball.
    • Iraq-icon.png Iraqball: During the Messophotamian era, Iraqball used to be 2 Kebab removing kingdoms which are Babylon-icon.png Babylonball and Assyria-icon.png Assyriaball. 1,400 years later, Muslims conquer their clay. During the Saddam Era, Iraqball invades two other kebab defending nations Iran-icon.png Iranball and Kuwait-icon.png Kuwaitball.
    • Kuwait-icon.png Kuwaitball: Kuwaitball was Formerly a Christian state until the 7th Century AD when Muslims swept their clay. In 1991 Kuwaitball was anschlussed by their neighbour Iraqball from 1990 until 1991.
    • Nigeria-icon.png Nigeriaball: Africa's most populated countryball is also a kebab defender. During the 11th century Muslims populated in their clay, with the development of Islam in the wider West Africa region. Trade was the major connecting link that brought Islam into Nigeriaball, but in 2002 a terrorist Organization named Boko Haram-icon.png Boko Haramball was created and annexed a few of Nigeriaball's and Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball's clay.
    • Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball: Defends kebab by fighting a Ethiopia-icon.pngKenya-icon.pngEritrea-icon.png group of kebab removing countries.
    • Chad-icon.png Chadball: Unlike CAR-icon.png Central African Republicball who is a Kebab Remover, during the 11th century, Muslims conquered Chadball because they thought their descendants were from Lake Chad. It is also a chad compared to other kebab defenders and the kebab removers, who all of them are ABSOLUTE virgins.
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball: During the 19th century, Iranball was formerly named Persiaball which resulted by Muslim conquests in 633-654 AD thanks to Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistanball and Tajik-icon.png Tajikistanball. But mostly Iranball hates another kebab nation Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball ehh....
    • Syria-icon.png Syriaball and Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball: During 634 until 640, both of them got conquer by Muslims, and they both hate the kebab removing nation Israel-icon.png Israelcube for torturing Palestine-icon.png Palestineball.


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