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    Vrei să pleci dar nu mă, nu mă iei, nu mă, nu mă iei, nu mă, nu mă, nu mă iei
    — O-Zone
    Hey ho! Let’s go! Folklore și Rock’n’roll! Pleacă trenul, unde esti? Chișinău–București!
    — Zdob și Zdub

    Moldovaball, officially the Republic of Moldovaball, is a landlocked countryball in Eastern Europe sandwiched between Romaniaball and Ukraineball. It has the lowest HDI of any European countryball, with an HDI of 0.700 and is the second poorest countryball in Europe with $3,300 GDP per capita. However, any countryball with an 0.7 or higher HDI can into developed.

    The countryball is divided into 32 districtballs, 3 municipalityballs and 2 autonomous regionballs, including the capital Chișinăuball being one of the municipalityballs located in the South, giving Moldovaball a total area of 13,068 square miles (Excluding Transnistriaball = 11,461 square miles), making its the 135th largest countryball in the world. As of 2018, Moldovaball maintains a population of 3.547 million inhabitants.

    Moldovaball cannot into European tourism. However, famous music band O-Zone is from here.

    Like Paraguayball, The Flag of Moldovaball was used to be has a front and back that are different until 2010!!



    Moldovaball was born as a 2ball in Eastern Europe and was adopted by Daciaball in 168 BC.

    Moldovaball's clay was Anschlussed by SPQRball and the local population was Romanized, taking from the conquerors their language and advanced culture of the Roman Empire.

    War veterans were given clay and Roman colonists were invited from all corners of the empire to accelerate the Romanization process.

    The people on that clay became Daco-Romans (although they considered themselves as only Romans). In 271, SPQRball Legions evacuated Daciaball and the migrations period began (Goths, Huns, Avars, Slavic).

    Since the migrants had no interest in agriculture themselves but needed food they made a deal with the natives, they are allowed to rule themselves and not be killed as long as they give 1/2 of everything they produce.

    Middle Ages

    Eventually, they ended up under Kingdom of Hungaryball and in 1359 successfully revolted forming Moldaviaball under Bogdan I "the Founder".

    As Moldaviaball they fought many battles against the Ottomanball and resisted for centuries. Their most famous ruler was Stephen the Great with a great win-loss ratio of 44 - 2 against kebab. It once asked all Western European Christian Nations to join it in an ultimate crusade against kebab. Unfortunately, nobody joined as they were too busy fighting each other.

    Moldaviaball fought against kebab for as much as they could but in the 16th century, Moldovaball was finally Anschluss by Ottoman Empireball.

    Modern Age

    In 1806, the Russo-Turkish war starts. After 6 years of battle, the Russian Empireball wins and anschlusses the eastern half of Moldaviaball, known as Bessarabiaball in the Bucharest treaty of 1812. While under Russian Empireball, Moldovaball became one of the poorest provinces of Europe.

    In 1859, ad-hoc meetings were organized in 1857 where the populations of Wallachiaball and the western half of Moldaviaball that remained under Ottoman Empireball expressed their desire for union. In 1859, the Great Powers allowed such a union and Romaniaball was born.

    In 1877, Romaniaball declares its independence from Ottoman Empireball fighting besides Russian Empireball, Bulgariaball, Serbiaball and Montenegroball in an Orthodox crusader coalition. In 1881, Romaniaball becomes Kingdom of Romaniaball.

    World Wars

    During World War I, taking advantage from the chaos of the communist revolution, Bessarabiaball declared independence from Russian Empireball as the unrecognized Democratic Republic of Moldaviaball. Three months later, the supreme authority of the new Bessarabian state – Sfatul Tarii voted for union with Kingdom of Romaniaball. The newly born Sovietball never recognized this union and saw it as the annexation of Russian clay, since Moldovaball was always under Russia's wing.

    They were together for 22 year until 1940 when Bessarabiaball was kidnapped by the USSRball as a consequence of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of 1939. Who took Budjakball (GIB SEA BACK!) and Khotynball from Bessarabiaball then started deportations of anyone who promoted a Pro-Romanian sentiment to differentiate Bessarabiaball from Romaniaball and eliminate tensions.

    The official stance of the USSRball government was that Moldovan culture and nationality are distinct from Romanian, the Latin alphabet was replaced with the Cyrillic alphabet, and the language was renamed Moldovan, the access of native Bessarabiaballs to positions in administration and economy was limited as they were considered untrustworthy, the authors that promoted a Romanian national sentiment were banned, ethnic cleansing by mass deporting native Bessarabiaballs in Siberiaball started and Gagauziaball, Russiaball and Ukraineball were brought in.


    When Sovietball died in 1991, Moldovaball became a free country. Some thought that Moldovaball and Romaniaball will unite like East Germanyball and West Germanyball. However, this did not happen, because after the breakup, Moldovaball was full of Russians that didn't want that, but Moldovans also did not like the idea anymore, they started believing in their own nation.

    Economically, some would tend to think it was Romaniaball who didn't want the union because it was 5 times richer than Moldovaball and union meant that it would have to invest a lot of money in Bessarabiaball. Strangely this wasn't the case, due to patriotic reasons >80% of Romanians wanted the union. On the other hand, Moldovaball did not want the union because they came to believe they are not the same people as Romaniaball.

    Moldovaball's declaration of independence from 1991 refers to the official language as Romanian, while their constitution from 1994 refers to the language as Moldovan. There's controversy in Moldovaball whether Moldovaball's language is Moldovan or Romanian, due to the USSRball occupyings when Moldovaball was Moldavian SSRball. Some claim "Romanian people Romanian language" while others claim "I'm Moldovan, I speak Moldovan language".

    People from urban areas predominantly call their language Romanian while people from rural areas predominately call their language Moldovan. Various Moldovan singers performed pro-Romanian language songs such as O-zone "Mw I won't forsake our language" with the last verse being "I won't forsake our language, our Romanian language", Doina and Ion Aldea Teodorovici performed a song called "GhlE The Romanian language". Aurica Dicusară Basarabeanca performed a song called "Bessarabia, don't cry" as a tribute to 25 years since the officialization of the Romanian language.

    After Moldovaball became a member of UNball in 1992, Moldovaball's president authorized a military intervenience against rebels who still wanted to be part of Sovietball. Backed by Russiaball troops, the rebels gained control over the eastern bank of the Dnister river attacking police sections loyal to Moldovaball, thus Transnistriaball was born. Moldovaball army was outnumbered by Russiaball troops which made them unable to regain control over Transnistriaball. A ceasefire was signed and Transnistriaball declared partial independence from them.

    Until 1995, Moldovaball had the same anthem as Romaniaball, "Awaken thee, Romanian!". Since 1995 the anthem of Moldovaball became "Our Language" written by Alexei Mateevici (1888-1917) as a prase to the Romanian language while under Russian domination urging people to keep using it. However, the song was ironically used by Moldovaball as a praise to the Moldovan language.


    In 2003, a Moldovan-Romanian dictionary by Vasile Stati was published. Linguists of Romaniaball Academy declared that all the Moldovan words are also Romanian words, although some of its contents are Russian loanwords. In Moldovaball, the head of the Academy of Sciences' Institute of Linguistics, Ion Bărbuță described the dictionary as an absurdity, serving political purposes. Vasile Stati, however, accused both of promoting Romanian colonialism. At that point, a group of Romanian linguists adopted a resolution stating that promotion of the notion of a distinct Moldovan language is an anti-scientific campaign.

    In 2006, Romanian newspaper Cotidianul estimated the cost of a union with Moldovaball for Romaniaball at €30–35 billion, and attracted criticism from the Romanian newspapers Ziua and Timpul for exaggerating the costs and disregarding other dimensions of a possible union.

    Starting 2009 the communist party lost power, the percentage of Moldovaball that wants union increased and keeps increasing, however, they are still a minority (about 30% of the country). And Moldovaball started moving towards EUball. However there is Russiaball who still has troops stationed in Transnistriaball that can repeat the Crimeaball scenario anytime and invade Moldovaball under whatever excuse.


    In 2010, Mircea Druc, former prime minister of Moldovaball in 1990 - 1991, declared that the unification of Romaniaball and Moldovaball is inevitable. However, acting president Mihai Ghimpu stated that a union is not included in the program of the governing coalition. On another occasion, it declared that if the people wanted unification, neither it nor anyone else could stop them. It admitted on several occasions to personally hold unionist views.

    In 2013, the Constitutional Court of Moldovaball ruled that the name "Romanian," as used in the Declaration of Independence to identify the official language, prevails over the name "Moldovan," given in the Article 13. Thus the official language settled for "Romanian". However the breakaway region of Transnistriaball continues to recognize "Moldovan" as the official language, along with Russian and Ukrainian (due to the many Russians and Ukrainians living there).

    In, 2013, Romaniaball President Traian Băsescu stated that the third priority for Romania, after joining NATO and EU, must be the union with Moldova. "I'm convinced that if in Moldova will be an unionist current, Romania will say 'yes' without hesitation". The Mayor of Chișinău, Dorin Chirtoacă welcomed the statements made by Băsescu. On the other hand, the Moldovan prime-minister, Iurie Leancă, described Băsescu's declaration as "creating crucial problems" for Moldova and affirmed its government's support for a sovereign Moldova. In present, Romaniaball supports the full integration of Moldova into the EU.

    In 2016, pro-Russian Igor Dodon became president and started moving towards Russiaball. The presidential site of Igor Dodon has seen the Romanian language option changed to Moldovan, which it described to be "in accordance with the constitution".

    Moldovaball’s greatest problems are poverty and lack of direction, can't decide whether EUball or Russiaball and doesn't know who to trust, and the fact that many Moldovans are leaving Moldovaball for a better life in western countryballs. Some see a solution in a reunion with Romaniaball that they describe as "the motherland" but there is the problem of Russiaball troops in Transnistriaball, others see a solution in joining EUball but without a union with Romaniaball, and others see a solution in Russiaball that they hope they can trust and acts in their best interests.

    But until then Moldovaball is doing okay, they are not in a threat or crisis situation and is independent (mostly), in spite of the different opinions and controversy within the country, Moldovaball's people don't live difficult times in spite of being the poorest country in europe or times of conflict as it may seem from history. It's a peaceful countryball where people live normal lives.

    On the bright side, as separate states Moldovaball and Romaniaball always give each other 12 points on Eurovision, so they got that going for them which is nice.

    In 2017, Moldovaball got their best-ever Eurovision result - third place in the final - thanks to the return of the beloved Epic Sax Guy.

    Because Russiaball invaded Ukraineball, Moldovaball applied to join EUball in March 2022.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Cobalt Blue 0, 70, 174 C100-M60-Y0-K32 #0046AE
    Cyber Yellow 255, 210, 0 C0-M18-Y100-K0 #FFD200
    Vivid Crimson 204, 9, 47 C0-M96-Y77-K20 #CC092F

    Emblem Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Cobalt Blue 0, 70, 174 C100-M60-Y0-K32 #0046AE
    Cyber Yellow 255, 210, 0 C0-M18-Y100-K0 #FFD200
    Vivid Crimson 204, 9, 47 C0-M96-Y77-K20 #CC092F
    Café Au Lait 176, 127, 85 C0-M28-Y52-K31 #B07F55
    Tropical Rain Forest 9, 119, 84 C92-M0-Y29-K53 #097754

    Relationships (Relații)

    Friends (Prieteni)

    • România - My boyfriend and my protective friend, it helps me removing Gypsies. I would never abandon him, and we are cooperative together, and together we are in solidarity with each other, and he helps me in the battle with Transnistria. Romaniaball relies on me how to describe its appearance and give it feedback because vampires don't have reflections in the mirror. Also, we have similar flags, right? But remember. We are close :) Maia Sandu said soo... WE NEED TO BE UNITED IN SIBLINGHOOD!! We are not nationalist btw
    • Bulgaria - Best friend's friend.
    • Armenia - I like it because it's my sibling's friend, and we both hate Turkey kebab.
    • SUA - Gib freedom and democracy plox because Joe Biden won! Thanks for sanctioning Turkey and Russia.
    • NATO - Mein current president is wanting to join yuo!
    • Georgia - one of my best Orthodox friends
    • Slavă - close cousins

    Neutral (Neutri/Prinamici)

    • UE - Gib membership plox! Or not? Not sure.
    • Rusia - Putin and Sandu are good friends at least. Hope to be "close" siblings you know what I mean. I understand why you're neutral on me, and your things are your things. I won't blame you. Ukraine is our common enemy. I know if you put me as a friend, this Ukraine will crush me so that is why I don't want to put you on friend or Ukraine will crush me as well. We are secretly friends. But Crimea is Ukraine, and you oppose friends. HOW DARE YOU INVADE UKRAINEBALL!
    • Ucraina - We're Not Really Enemies BUT CAN YOU stop being creepy and give me ACCESS TO THE SEA DIRECTLY RATHER THAN RIVERLINES PRUT, DNIESTER AND DANUBE DELTA?!? That will not stop us from being friends since Russia is at War with you and I DO NOT WANT TO ANGER THE RUSSKIES! I’ll help you with the peacekeeping force BECAUSE YOU WILL CRUSH ME IF I REBEL! (I SECRETLY HATE YOU FOR CLAIMING BUDJAK AWAY FROM ME) Plus we are G.U.A.M Buddies. I'll take your immigrants. Thanks, la naiba de comunist...
    • Transnistria - Illegitimate child with Sovietball. Please MAIA SANDU IS NOT A NATIONALIST!!
    • Polonia - for a while he was my boss

    Enemies (Dușmani/Inamici)

    • Tiraspol - Illegitimate grandchild. YUO IS NOT CAPITAL! STEFAN WOULD HAVE NOT BEEN PROUD!
    • Turcia - Worst nightmare, especially in football. ALSO A KEBAB!
    • Bugeac - YOU'RE MINE!!! GET ON!!!
    • Andorra - Flag stealer! Change it right now!


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