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    Warsaw Pactball was a ripoff of NATO military alliance in Eurasia. It was built in 1946 as East Block, and was created by various European socialist countryballs. It was declared disbanded in 1991 after the end of the Cold War.

    Since the death of Soviet Unionball, Warsaw Pactball was reprogrammed to work for CISball as CSTOball.


    In January 1949, Soviet Unionball created the 'COMECON' , an organization for the post WWII recovery and advancement of the eight communist nations in Eastern Europe. When West Germanyball officially joined NATO on May 6, 1955, Soviet Unionball viewed the rearmed West Germanyball as a threat. Just one week later, the Warsaw Pactball was established as a mutual defense treaty for Soviet Unionball, PR Polandball, East Germanyball, Czechoslovak Socialist Republicball, PR Hungaryball, PR Bulgariaball, PSR Albaniaball, and SR Romaniaball.

    After the creation of the Warsaw Pactball, Soviet Unionball hoped that it could help to contain West Germanyball and allow it to negotiate with NATO on a level playing field of power. In addition, the Soviet Unionball also hoped that the WarsawPactball could strengthen its reign on the Eastern Bloc nations by strengthening the ties between these countries and Moscow.

    Warsaw Pact in the Cold War:

    Fortunately, since the Warsaw Pact was created in 1955, there was no direct military confrontation between itself and NATOball. The only time that the two of them were the closest to war was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Instead, the Warsaw Pact troops were more like a tool that helped the Soviet Unionball to maintain communist rule within the Eastern Bloc itself. When Hungarian People's Republicball was trying to withdraw from the pact in 1956, Soviet troops entered Hungarian People's Republicball's clay and removed its government. Then the Soviet troops put down the nationwide revolution in Hungary‘s clay, causing an estimated 2,500 civilian casualties.

    Then, in August 1968, about 250,000 Warsaw Pactball's troops invaded Czechoslovak Socialist Republicball. It was triggered due to the concern of the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev when the Czechoslovakian government led by the political reformer, Alexander Dubcek, restore the freedom of the press and ended the strict government surveillance on people in Czechoslovakia. Dubcek's so-called 'Prague Spring' of freedom soon ended when the Warsaw Pact troops occupied the clay of Czechoslovak Socialist Republicball. This invasion eventually caused more than 100 civilian casualties and 500 people wounded.

    After the Prague Spring, the Soviet Unionball issued the Brezhnev Doctrine specifically authorizing the use of Warsaw Pact troops under the command of Soviet Unionball to intervene in any Eastern Bloc nation if it posed a threat to communist rule.

    End of the Warsaw Pact

    Just before the arrival of the 1970s, Soviet control over the Warsaw Pact nations slowly eroded. Public discontent has forced many of their communist governments from power. Also, due to the lowering of the tension between Soviet Unionball and USAball, Soviet Unionball began to loosen its grip over its satellite states in Europe.

    In November 1989, the Berlin Wall came down and the communist governments in PR Polandball, PR Hungaryball, Czechoslovak Socialist Republicball and PR Bulgariaball started to fall. Meanwhile, within the Soviet Union itself, political reforms and social reforms initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev began to signal the eventual collapse of the Soviet Unionball. Then on July 1st, 1991, the Czechoslovak president declared that Warsaw Pactball disbanded after 36 years of military alliance with the Soviet Unionball, and in December that year, Soviet Unionball was officially dissolved and was succeeded by Russiaball.

    Now, Russiaball along with Belarusball, Kazakhbrick, Armeniaball, Tajikistanball, and Kyrgyzstanball formed the CSTO, which is widely regarded as a reincarnation of the Warsaw Pactball.


    Members of its reincarnation, CSTO



    • Chinaball - Because Of Sino-Soviet Split.
    • Japanball - REMOVE ANIME! But you made Tetris for us. So I should thank you for that.


    • UKball - Why you like Monarchy and support NATO!? You're nothing but a big fat fool! REMOVE!!
    • Finlandball - YOU SUCK! REMOVE Mainospöllö!
    • West Germanyball - FAKE GERMANY! You are a threat just like the rest of your NATO friends!
    • PSR Albaniaball (after 1968) - Why do you keep calling my members revisionist, you hardliner bunker-loving psychopath?!
    • SR Romaniaball - Even though it is still in my pact, it is an EVIL place of that damn bastard of Conducător Ceauşescu. You are a TRAITOR! REMOVE CEAUŞESCU!!! I SHOULD HAVE KICKED YOU OUT OF MY PACT!!!
    • Yugoslaviaball - You could have joined us, but you didn't listen and built your own alliance and befriended NATO, who betrayed you in the end! GO AWAY FAKE COMMUNIST!!

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