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    يا بني الصحراء يا بني الصحراء انتم في الوغى حاملي المشعل في الدرب الطويل اصنعوا الثورة

    في أمتنا واسلكوا من أجلها هذا السبيل اقطعوا رأس الدخيل (O sons of the Sahara! O sons of the Sahara! In the battlefield, you are torchbearers In the long road, make revolution In our nation And follow this path for her sake. Cut off the head of the invader.)


    The Western Saharaball, officially the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (abbreviated to SADRball), has no data is a disputed countryball, located in Northern Africa, claimed and mostly controlled by Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball. They claim to have 266,000 km² (103,000 mi²) of clay (although Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball controls 85% of it), so if they were a fully independent countryball, they'd be the 77th biggest countryball (behind Gabon-icon.png Gabonball and ahead of Guinea-icon.png Guineaball), and their claimed territory has 612,000 inhabitants as of the 1st of 2022, which would make them the 165th most populous countryball (behind Luxembourg-icon.png Luxembourgball and ahead of Suriname-icon.png Surinameball).

    Nearly three eighths of the Earth-icon.png Earthball's countryballs recognise them as independent, though UN-icon.png UNball still considers them as part of Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball. Countryballs like Algeria-icon.png Algeriaball and Mauritania-icon.png Mauritaniaball support the SADRball's sovereignty, and also station their armies (and government in Algeriaball's case) in their clay.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Early History[edit | edit source]

    The earliest known inhabitants of the Western Saharaball were the Berbers-icon.png Berber people of the Gaetulian tribes. Depending on the century, Roman-era sources describe the area as inhabited by Gaetulian Autololes or the Gaetulian Daradae tribes.

    Berber heritage is still evident from regional and place-name toponymy, as well as from tribal names. It was a part of many of Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball's dynasties, and the first European to witness it was PortugueseEmpire-icon.png Kingdom of Portugalball.

    Backstory in the Conflict[edit | edit source]

    Spain-icon.png Spainball colonised the Spanish Sahara-icon.png Spanish Saharaball though the Oro River.

    Most of the time, Spain-icon.png Spainball never cared about its child as Spanish Sahara-icon.png Spanish Saharaball was gone was hot desert with barely any water, but after discovering the Spanish Sahara-icon.png Spanish Saharaball was filled with oil, phosphate (used for fertilizers), Spain-icon.png Spainball bulit infrastructure extracting these resources from the empty clay.

    Over time, Spanish Sahara-icon.png Spanish Saharaball got a bit rebellious and wanted independence. 10 May 1973 this is where the "Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Río de Oro" (known as Western Sahara-icon.png Polisario Frontball) came in, with the goal of moving for Sahrawi independence.

    There was the Partido de Unión Nacional Saharaui to counter this by the Spanish, but the Berbers-icon.png Sahrawiballs resisted. Spanish Sahara-icon.png Spanish Saharaball, not knowing what to do, visited Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball for help.

    In 1975, both Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball and Mauritania-icon (1959-2017).png Mauritaniaball bullied Francoist Spain-icon.png Spainball in giving them the colony Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball ruled for over 500 years.

    At first, Francoist Spain-icon.png Spainball refused as its colon- I mean province was resource rich, unlike Spanish Morocco-icon.png Spanish Moroccoball. As pressured by UN-icon.png UNball, and with many Moroocans flooding into its clay all of a sudden, Francoist Spain-icon.png Spainball signed the Madrid-icon.png Madridball Accords and left very frustated and humilated at Moroccoball.

    Spanish Sahara-icon.png Spanish Saharaball took off its clothes and put Pan-Arab colors on, but both Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball and Mauritania-icon (1959-2017).png Mauritaniaball swooped in to take its clay.

    Human Rights[edit | edit source]

    The Western Sahara-icon.png Western Saharaball conflict has resulted in severe human rights abuses, constantly reported by external reporters and HR activists, most notably the displacement of tens of thousands of Western Sahara-icon.png Sahrawi civilians from the country, the expulsion of tens of thousands of Moroccan civilians by the Algerian government from Algeria, and numerous casualties of war and repression.

    Recognition[edit | edit source]

    Africa[edit | edit source]

    Asia[edit | edit source]

    Americas[edit | edit source]

    Middle East[edit | edit source]

    Oceania[edit | edit source]

    Relationships (العلاقات/Relaciones)[edit | edit source]

    Friends (اصحاب/Amigos)[edit | edit source]

    My favourite leaders who recognised me: Slobodan Milosevic-icon.pngRuhollah Khomeini-icon.pngAli Khamenei-icon.pngThomas Sankara-icon.pngFidel Castro-icon.pngMuammar Gaddafi-icon.pngBashar al-Assad-icon.pngRobert Mugabe-icon.pngMaduro-icon.pngEvo Morales-icon.pngSouth Sudan-icon (hat).pngKimilsung-icon.pngKim Jong-un-icon.png

    Neutral (محايد/Neutro)[edit | edit source]

    Enemies (الاعداء/Enemigos)[edit | edit source]

    How to draw[edit | edit source]

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw a horizontal tricolor of black, white, and deep spring green.
    3. Draw a moderate red chevron on the left.
    4. Draw a moderate red star and crescent in at the center of the white part.
    5. Add the eyes.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Western Saharaball.

    Click here to see it.


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