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    — Pretty liars 1
    Hello, I'm a Nigerian Prince. I need a place to hide my funds and assets. If you give me your Paypal info then I can give you 15% of dah royal treasury. The money will stay in there until I can fix the current Nigerian rebellions dividing this country.
    Nigeria-icon.png Nigeriaball when scamming others
    No need to ask, he's a smooth operator...
    — Sade

    Nigeria-icon.png Nigeriaball, officially the Federal Principality Republic of Nigeriaball, is a countryball in West Africa. Its clay borders with Benin-icon.png Beninball in the west, Chad-icon.png Chadball and Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball in the east, and Niger-icon.png Nigerball in the north. The countryball is divided into 36 stateballs, along with one federal capital territory being its capital Abuja-icon.png Abujaball, giving it a total of 356,669 square miles, making it the 14th largest countryball in Africa, and the 31st largest countryball in the world. As of 2023, it has a population of 220.1 million.

    Being geographically in Africa gives Nigeriaball the ability to join African Union-icon.png African Unionball, as well as UN-icon.png UNball for being a fully independent sovereign state. With its growing economy, in a few years it could be in G20 (And because of it, it would have to become G21).

    It is the richest countryball in African Union-icon.png Africa (its flag even looks like money) and has a huge economy. It has the largest population in African Union-icon.png Africa and is ranked 6th biggest population in the Earth-icon.png world. It is the closest country to becoming developed in African Union-icon.png Africa. Nigeriaball gets its money from its oil and natural gas. Some people are saying he may be an emerging power.

    Its national day is October 1st.

    Its flag is easy to draw.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Before colonization[edit | edit source]

    Nigeriaball was born as an 8-icon.png Nokball. It later has kebab kingdoms like Sokoto Caliphateball, Bornu Empireball, and Kano Emirateball.

    8-icon (colony).png Colonization[edit | edit source]

    Near the end of the 19th century, UK-icon.png UKball discovered its clay and later took it. Its clay was split in 2, which are British Northern Nigeriaball and British Southern Nigeriaball. It later became one to form British Nigeriaball.

    Nigeria-icon.png Independence[edit | edit source]

    In 1960, Nigeriaball gained independence under a constitution that provided for a parliamentary government and a substantial measure of self-government for its three regions.

    Nigeria's government has changed several times since independence due to coups or instability:

    • 1960–1963: On October 1, 1960, Nigeria, which was previously a British colony in West Africa, became an independent state. The first government of independent Nigeria was based on a coalition of the NSNK and SNK parties, the representative of the SNK Abubakar Tafava Baleva became the prime minister. A federal Commonwealth realm is known as the Federation of Nigeriaball.
    • 1963–1966: A federal parliamentary republic based on the Westminster model. There was only one president during that period.After the proclamation of Nigeria as a republic in 1963, Nnamdi Azikive (representative of the NISNG) took over as president . The opposition was represented by an Action Group led by Obafemi Avolovo . Regional governments are headed by: in the North - the leader of the Council of People's Commissars Ahmadu Bello, in the West - S. Akintola from the Action Group and in the East - the representative of the NSNG M. Okpara. In 1963, a fourth region, Midwest, was formed on the territory of the eastern part of Western Nigeria. In the elections held in 1964 in this region, the NSNG won.

    In January 1966, a group of Igbo officers staged a military coup. The short period of the "first republic" is over. The military tried to establish a unitary state in Nigeria, divided into provinces. North Nigerian Muslims saw the coup as a threat to their interests, and ethnic clashes broke out across the country. At the end of July, military units consisting of soldiers from the northerners staged a new military coup. Lieutenant Colonel (later General) Yakubu Govon (reigned from 1966 to 1975) became the head of state .

    In the north, the persecution of Igbo resumed , thousands of people were killed, which led to a massive exodus of Igbo to the east, their attempts to create the state of Biafra-icon.png Biafraball and the 1967-1970 civil war. Biafra-icon.png Biafraball was known to have huge stocks of oil reserves and so UK-icon.png UKball wanted to protect its former colonies for economic purposes. The country returned to a federal system.

    • 1966–1979: Civil War 1967-1970 The country's political parties were banned from 1966-1978, 1984-1989 and 1993-1998. In 1975, Gowon was overthrown by a group of officers led by Murtala Muhammad, who was known for his intolerance of corruption and indiscipline; It is believed that the program of combating these phenomena in society, published and launched by him, could have been crowned with worthy results, but Muhammad himself was killed in February 1976 during another, this time unsuccessful, coup attempt, which was organized by Lieutenant Colonel Buka Suka Dimka . Olusegun Obasanjo , who succeeded him, handed over, as originally intended, power to the civilian government, headed by Shehu Shagari., elected to this post under very dubious circumstances.

    In 1979, a new constitution was adopted, which marked the beginning of the "second republic".

    • 1979–1983: In 1979, a new constitution was adopted, which marked the beginning of the "second republic". A federal presidential republic based on the USAball's model. Again, there was only one president during that period. It's freakin rich at this time, even becoming the 17th largest economy in 1982.
    • 1983–August 1993: In 1983, the Shagari administration, mired in corruption and despotism, was replaced by a new group of military, who then led the country almost without interruption for a decade and a half. Its economy sucked.
    • August–November 1993: The Interim National Government. It was a federal presidential republic under Ernest Shonekan.
    • 1993–1999: In 1993, elections were held, however, to the victorious Moshud Abiola , an ethnic Yoruba , the military, mainly representatives of northern ethnic groups, refused to transfer power. The Nigerian population suffer yet another military junta.
    • 1999–present: In 1998, during the period of preparation for the nomination of the country's military dictator Sani Abachi to the presidency, Abacha died, and his successor, Abdusalam Abubakar, nevertheless transferred power to civilians. The presidential election was won by a retired general, a representative of the Christian community, Olusegun Obasanjo. An interfaith consensus was reached, according to which representatives of the Muslim and Christian communities should replace each other in the presidency. Obasanjo spent two terms in office, and tried, through various manipulations, to achieve amendments to the constitution in order to run for a third term, but did not succeed in this. However, his protege, the Muslim Umaru Yar-Adua , was elected as the new president in 2007.

    From the first half of the 2000s to the present, the terrorist Islamist group Boko Haram-icon.png Boko Haram has been operating in Nigeria and neighboring countries, which advocates the adoption of Sharia norms and the eradication of the "attributes of the West" (secular education, elections, etc.).

    In 2003, there was an outbreak of riots in the state of Plateau.

    In 2006, there were acts of intercommunal violence between Hausa Muslims and Christians in Nigeria . Over a hundred people were killed in clashes in February. In September, sectarian clashes took place in Jigawa State.

    In November 2008, riots broke out again between Muslims and Christians in the city of Jos , killing about 300 people. The reason for the unrest was the victory in the local elections of a Muslim party representing the interests of the Hausa people.

    On January 13, 2010, a federal court in Nigeria handed over presidential powers to Vice President Goodluck Jonathan, as previously elected President Umaru Yar'Adua was undergoing long-term medical treatment in Saudi Arabia. On February 9, 2010, the Nigerian Senate confirmed the transfer of powers.

    In March 2010, Jonathan dismissed the cabinet he inherited from the previous president and proceeded to appoint new ministers, which caused discontent among supporters of Umaru Yar'Adua.

    In March 2010, as a result of bloody clashes between Christians and Muslims in the province Plateau, it killed more than 500 people).

    On May 5, 2010, President Umaru Yar'Adua died at the age of 58 in his villa in the Nigerian capital, where he returned in February after receiving medical treatment abroad.

    On May 6, 2010, Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in as the new President of Nigeria. He remained in office until the expiration of the term of his deceased predecessor. On April 16, 2011, Nigeria held a presidential election, which was won by incumbent President Jonathan.

    In March 2015, elections were held, which was won by former dictator Muhammadu Buhari. On May 29, 2015, Buhari was sworn in as the new President of Nigeria.

    Flag Colors[edit | edit source]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Spanish Green 0, 135, 81 C100-M0-Y40-K47 #008751
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    • Chad-icon.png Chadball - THANKS FOR SHOOTING TERRORISTS! But you are a bit strange.
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - Huge trading partner. We both like Hao Ge but CAN YOU STOP BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO MAI MIGRANTS?!?! I hate you a bit like Italy-icon.png Pizza because of Coronavirus-icon.png COVID.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - I have a good relationship with you and we cooperate in military and economic matters. But could you please stop bulying your neighbors. Also Crimea is still Ukrainian clay.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Buy more of mai oil pleaze! Also, please send monies so I can get back into power. We have similar cuisines! A genetic study observed that around 50% of de overall ancestry of da African Americans of the USA traces back to da Yoruba of mai clay (and also southern Benin). Help your sibling from Africa! BUT I CAN INTO HATINGS YUO FOR THIS!! (see enemies list)
    • UK-icon.png UKball - My parent. It's good and buys mai oil. One of its Youtubers "KSI" is descended from us (not America).
    • Niger-icon.png Nigerball - Our names have come to an understanding... also my French-speaking sibling.
    • Ghana-icon.png Ghanaball - YOUR RICE SUCKS! OUR JOLLOF RICE IS BETTER THAN YOURS! YOU CAN'T MAKE RICE! REMOVE GHANAIAN JOLLOF RICE!! But they can be rappers just like mi (Big Shaq). We also are good trading partners and are similar in terms of economy. We did population exchanges a few times.
    • Benin-icon.png Beninball - Small, irrelevant, and Francophone neighbour. But it is part Yoruba like mi.
    • Togo-icon.png Togoball - It is not da Yoruba, but still nice frend.
    • EU-icon.png EUball - Thanks for removing terrorists.
    • NATO-icon.png NATOball - I am one of de major non-NATO major allies in Africa (along with Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball) because they protect me from terrorists and I give them many oils.
    • Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball - Although mai's best friend hates you very much, I like it because it gives monies.
    • Spain-icon.png Spainball - I have Spanish green on my flag!!
    • France-icon.png Franceball - Relative. We're deciding to strengthen diplomatic relations.
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - A good sibling of mine from Asia. A lot of its people lives in mai cley Lagos-icon.png Lagosball. It sometimes goes to mai cley for the tour and I do de same as well. YAY! We also can into scamming people.
    • South Africa-icon.png South Africaball (sometimes) - We have da biggest economies in Africa and it is a BRICS member. But invest here pleaze!
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - Your Indomie Noodle tastes SO GOOD!
    • Botswana-icon.png Botswanaball - A friend from Southern Africa, hates Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball but hates my friend Ghana-icon.png Ghana because it makes fun of its name.
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball and South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - My favorite Asian buddies! I like both Anime and K-Pop!

    Neutral[edit | edit source]

    • Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball - We had clay disputes in the past, but thank god that we fixed them by now. There, happy???
    • Zimbabwe-icon.png Zimbabweball - Guy that has an unstable government, but wants to be of rich like me. But hey, it hates USA for sanctions, and I kind of do as well sometimes, so friends?
    • Twitter-icon.png Twitter - You lifted the suspension of my president's account but that doesn't mean I still don't like you...
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - What the f*ck man?! Stop mistreating my immigrants! I don't have too good of a relationship with Russia so I still believe Crimea is Ukranian.

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    • Biafra-icon.png Biafraball - Some irrelevant Igbo dude who thought it would win independence from me. Glad it's gone.
    • San Marino-icon.png San Marinoball and Vatican-icon.png Vaticanball - Nasarawa is not an Italy!!!
    • Ivory Coast-icon.png Ivory Coastball - Football rival.
    • Libya-icon.png Libyaball - I will sue your no government appoctolitic wasteland for what you have done to my migrant workers traveling to Europe.
    • Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball - They beat us at the World Cup and knocked us out of the group stage.
    • South Africa-icon.png South Africaball (sometimes) - YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARD!! You attack my people in your clay?! Is that how you thank us?! BOYCOTT SOUTH AFRICA!
    • Norfolk Island-icon.png Norfolk Islandball - FLAG STEALER!
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - You're a part of Serbia-icon.png Serbia, deal with it.
    • Peru-icon.png Peruball - Flag stealer!
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball (only in Ukraine invasion) - I got you a condemation order for invading Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine!

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Nigeriaball.

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