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    שלום (shalom)
    אױ װײ (oy vey)
    If you want a French girlfriend, you can always go to Vichy.

    - Shosanna Dreyfuss ( Inglorious Basterds )

    You've gotta go big like an Israeli nose!
    — Puff Puff Humbert

    Israelcube, officially the genocidal State of Israelcube, is not real a countrycube located in the Levant, which is in the Middle East, which is in Western Asia. It borders with Lebanonball to the north, Syriaball to the northeast, Jordanball to the east, Egyptball, and terrorist Jihad!!! Palestineball to the east and west, respectively, but it still has access to the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and Northern shore of the Red Sea. It is also the only country that has a Jewish majority population in the world, and it was born in 1948. Israel hates it when people call it a "Russian Arab" and all of the stereotypes against it: Playing the violin, controlling the world, being rich and greedy, having a big or long nose, or having nothing but deserts.

    There are some countries (23 in total) that do not recognize the cube, such as not accepting their passports, and some that used to hold diplomatic relations with the cube in the past but later withdrew. There are also countryballs that want him gone for what they officially describe as "resistance".

    The appearance of Israel as a cube is because of Jewish physics. If someone asks why Israel is a cube, the proper thing to do is respond with, in all caps: "JEWISH PHYSICS". Israel can into baseball, and it played very well at the World Baseball Classic.


    Ancient History

    History begins with 4balls that evolved into Canaanball, a region that had been under the rule of Ancient Egyptball and was fought over by Hittitesball. A common misconception is that the words "Jew" and "Hebrew" are synonymous. This is not true as a Hebrew describes anyone descended from Noah's great grandson Eber, while a Jew describes anyone descended from the tribe of Judah. According to the Bible, a Hebrew, Abraham, left southern Mesopotamiaball towards Canaanball. His grandson Jacob, later calling himself Israel, had twelve sons. Their names were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulon, Joseph and Benjamin. The twelve sons eventually created their own tribes, the tribes of Israel, that would serve as the origin of all Israelitecubes. Joseph's tribe would later be split into two to account for each of his sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. This changed the number of tribes to thirteen. All Jews, who are the largest ethnicity in Israel today, are descended from Judah. This makes the Republic of Israel today a bit of a misnomer, as while all Jews are Israeli, not all Israelis are Jews. The Biblical narrative and secular historians diverge on the period of time that the presence of Israelitecubes in Canaanball started.

    Israelitecubes had conquered some territories in Canaanball, but so far had not established their own kingdom there, living instead as scattered tribes that were governed in a decentralized way. While around the 12th century we had the establishment of Philistiarawr, and around the 13th century BC, several other countryballs such as Edomball, Moabball, and Ammonball, it would be just at 930 BCE that Israelitecubes eventually created their own kingdom, the Kingdom of Israelcube. When Solomon died, the kingdom had split into two kingdoms, Kingdom of Judahcube and Kingdom of Samariacube. All but the tribes of Judah and Benjamin joined Kingdom of Samariacube, while Judah and Benjamin's tribes joined Kingdom of Judahcube.

    As ten of Israelite tribes joined Kingdom of Samariacube, it continued calling itself officially the Kingdom of Israelcube, with Samaria referring to the geographic region it occupied. Meanwhile, the region Kingdom of Judahcube occupied in the south became known as Judea after it. Now, the set of these regions was known as Palestine, in reference to how Ancient Egyptball called the region after Philistiarawr. Herodotus, a historian from Ancient Greeceball, referred to Palestine as the region between Syria and Egypt that encompasses Judea, Galilee, Samaria, Perea, Idumea, and others. The name (controversial nowadays) would subsequently be used by Macedonball, Seleucidball and SPQRball.

    In 720 BCE, Kingdom of Samariacube would eventually be conquered by Assyriaball, while Kingdom of Judahcube was turned into a puppet state, but later, at the hands of Babylonball, it would suffer a similar fate in 587 BCE. According to the Bible, this was God's punishment for both Judah and Samaria having fallen into sexual immorality, child sacrifice, and idol worship. Samariacube got punished more severely than Judahcube though because, once Assyriaball came, its inhabitants were forced to leave their home clay for good. Some were deported, to forestall any insurrection, and assimilated into the local cultures and religion and thereby lost their separate identity as Israelitecubes. Others escaped to Ancient Egyptball, Kingdom of Judahcube, and Phoeniciaball, where they also assimilated with the locals. Those who remained in what had been the Kingdom of Samariacube and was then the Assyrian province of Samaria, became known as Samaritancubes.

    While Babylonball did something similar to Kingdom of Judahcube, the Jewcubes (Judahites) were eventually allowed to return to Judea under Achaemenidball. After returning to Judea, the Jewcubes rebuilt their holy temple on Mount Zion, in Jerusalemcube, starting what became known as Second Temple Judaism, which had some influences from Zoroastrianism out of the contact Jewcubes had with Achaemenidball. Meanwhile, Samaritancubes built their holy temple on Mount Gerizim. The two temples coexisted for a long time, with Jewcubes in Judea claiming Second Temple Judaism was the legitimate successor of Yahwism, while in Samaria, Samaritancubes claimed it was Samaritanism.

    After the fall of Achaemenidball, the Jewcubes of Judea went under the control of Macedonball, and later its successor Seleucidball. Out of that, Jewcubes ended up absorbing Hellenistic culture. It was during Seleucidball rule that Jewcubes returned to call for autonomy, having established Hasmoneancube after the Maccabean Revolt. Hasmoneancube would become completely independent as Seleucidball became weaker, having then established good relations with SPQRball. Hasmoneancube was also quite expansionist, and did not want to stay with just Judea, but with all other Palestinian regions as well. Pereaball was then conquered by Jonathan Apphus. Subsequently, John Hyrcanus conquered Samaria, with Samaritancubes trying to ask for help from the decaying Seleucidball, but ending up completely defeated, having their temple on Mount Gerizim destroyed. Hyrcanus would also later conquer Idumeaball. Later, Aristobulus I conquered Galileeball, and Alexander Jannaeus conquered Itureaball.

    However, internal conflicts and rivalries within Hasmoneancube, as well as power struggles, weakened its stability, with Jewcubes being religiously divided between Sadducees and Pharisees. At the end of Hasmoneancube, two factions, led by Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II, fought for the throne and control of Judea. While Hyrcanus II received support from the Pharisees, Aristobulus II asked for help from SPQRball, who was increasingly involved in the region. However, following SPQRball intervention and the conquest of Jerusalemcube in 63 BC by Pompey, Hyrcanus II was appointed high priest, but without the title of king, and Aristobulus II was captured and taken prisoner to Rome. Judea became a client state of SPQRball and Hasmoneancube ceased to exist as an independent political entity, which was not well received by Jewcubes.

    Instability subsequently followed in the region as SPQRball was sunk in internal conflicts in the context of the First and Second Triumvirate. In this context, Herod, known as Herod the Great, emerged as an influential political figure, establishing alliances with SPQRball, and was named king of Judea in 37 BC by decree of SPQRball's Senate. Antigonus II, son of Aristobulus II, with the support of Parthiaball, was briefly able to assume power in Jerusalemcube. However, his victory was short-lived, as Herod the Great recaptured Jerusalemcube in 37 BC with SPQRball support.

    With its victory, Herod the Great ended Hasmoneancube and established Herodiancube under SPQRball tutelage. Herodiancube marked a change in the governance of Judea, as a pro-Roman reign, it brought a period of stability and development, but was also marked by tensions with some Jewcubes. Herod was not well regarded by many Jewcubes due to his origins in Idumeaball and ancestry from Nabateaball, with both Sadducees and Pharisees opposing him. Second Temple Judaism in this period was also not divided only between Sadducees and Pharisees, but between the Essenes, a mystical sect, and the Zealots, who advocated violence against SPQRball, with the latter having even a more extremist offshoot, the Sicarii. Until one who didn't fit into any of those groups appeared, Jesus of Nazareth.

    Jesus spread its message of peace, love, and above all justice, stating that everyone could be saved, regardless of their origin, rejecting the discrimination the Jewcubes imposed against the Samaritancubes, for example. He was also said to perform miracles. Jesus began to be regarded as the Messiah by his followers, who formed the Nazarene sect within the broad Second Temple Judaism of the time. His message was radical in this anti-authoritarian stance stating that the last will be the first and the first will be the last. All of which drove SPQRball to arrest and execute Jesus through crucifixion.

    During this period, Herodiancube was near the end, Agrippa I was the last king with some level of autonomy. After his death, the administration of Judea was divided into several tetrarchs. Political instability and growing tension between Jewcubes and SPQRball led to riots and conflicts, which culminated in Judea being incorporated into SPQRball as the province of Iudeaball under emperor Augustus. Eventually, in 66 AD, Jewcubes launched the Great Jewish Revolt, which ended in 73 AD as a failure, with Jerusalemcube and the Second Temple being destroyed.

    Contrary to the common misconception, SPQRball did not order the expulsion of Jewcubes from Judea, but created the conditions with its crackdown for many to flee to the diaspora. Later, SPQRball did expel and prevent Jewcubes from entering Jerusalemcube specifically as a punishment for them launching the Bar Kokhba revolt in 132–136 CE, that ended with a lot of Jewcubes fleeing Judea and moving to Galilee, that became the center of Jewcubes in Palestine. Still, smaller communities continued to live in Judea. Nevertheless, Jewcubes remained the main religion in Palestine for around 300 years.

    At that time, the sect of the Nazarenes (followers of Jesus of Nazareth) had already broke away from what used to be Second Temple Judaism and became early Christianity, that would eventually become the main religion of Palestine and center itself in Judea, especially after SPQRball converted under Constantine and many Christianballs from all over the empire started to move to Palestine. Meanwhile, the other sects that composed Second Temple Judaism either lost relevance and disappeared over time or rebranded themselves. The Pharisees established Rabbinic Judaism, which is what we know today as Judaism, while the Sadducees influenced Karaite Judaism, which was always a minority among the Jewcubes who didn't convert to Christianity.

    In 132 CE, the province of Iudeaball was merged with Galileeball into an enlarged province named Syria Palaestinaball. In 395, when SPQRball got split, Syria Palaestinaball remained under Byzantineball, which divided it into Palaestina Primaball and Palaestina Secundaball. During this period, Christianity was consolidated in all of Palestine, in addition to a substantial increase in the influence of Arabballs, mostly through Ghassanidsball, that were allies of Byzantineball. Jewcubes numbered 10–15% of the population at that time and lived mostly in Galilee and Judea, being Judaism the only non-Christian religion tolerated, however, they were not allowed to build new places of worship or hold public office. Adverse conditions led Jewcubes and Samaritancubes to launch some revolts in this period, that were brutally reppressed.

    Byzantineball used Ghassanidsball as a military pawn as well as to ensure the supremacy of Eastern Orthodoxy by persecuting other forms of Christianity such as Oriental Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism. During the Byzantine-Sassanian War of 602–628, Sassanidball was able to temporarily occupy all of the Levant, counting on the support of Jewcubes that were tired of Byzantineball oppressive rule. After Sassanidball agreed to withdraw from all occupied territories, Byzantineball decided to punish Jewcubes for having collaborated with the enemy, forbidding them to live in Jerusalemcube and turning the Temple Mount into a garbage dump.

    Then, in 637, the forces of Caliph Omar Ibn Khattab, the second political leader of Rashidunball, the first Caliphateball, conquered Palestine after defeating Byzantineball in the Battle of Yarmouk, transforming the former Byzantineball provinces of Palaestina Primaball and Palaestina Secundaball into Jund al-Urdunnball. Rashidunball is shown to be much more tolerant toward Jewcubes, allowing them for the first time since SPQRball period to regain the right to live freely in Jerusalemcube, albeit with some restrictions on the Temple Mount, that becomes a holy place in Islam. During Rashidunball successor, Umayyadball, Caliph Al-Walid I built the al-Aqsa Mosque. In 750, Abbasidball defeated Umayyadball and took control of Palestine. Arabization of Palestine increased during this period, and Islam gradually became the main religion.

    In 969, Fatimidball conquered Jund al-Urdunnball from Abbasidball. In 1009, in a fit of madness, Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah (an important religious figure for the Druzes) ordered the destruction of churches and synagogues across Palestine. Byzantineball would rebuild the churches later in 1042 and 1050. In 1073, Jund al-Urdunnball was taken by Seljukball, who was advancing south after defeating Byzantineball at the Battle of Manzikert. Fatimidball would only retake Jund al-Urdunnball from Seljukball in 1098, only for a year later, in 1099, Crusader forces defeat the decadent Fatimidball and capture Jund al-Urdunnball, slaughtering most Muslimballs and Jewcubes of Jerusalemcube. The Crusaders established Kingdom of Jerusalemball in Palestine, and while the Levant remained split between Crusader and Muslim forces, 88 years later, Ayyubidball retook Jerusalemcube.

    In 1260, Ayyubidball had been killed by Mamlukball in Egypt, and Ilkhanateball was marching toward the Levant in alliance with Kingdom of Franceball in order to occupy Jerusalemcube. Mamlukball beat them both at the Battle of Ain Jalut, and started to control all of the Levant after liquidating the remaining Crusader states of Principality of Antiochball, County of Tripoliball, and Kingdom of Jerusalemball. In 1267, famous Rabbi Nachmanides went to Jerusalemcube and prayed at the Western Wall. In 1517, Ottomanball replaced Mamlukball in Palestine.

    Ottomanball ruled Palestine for a long period of time as Jerusalem Sanjakball, and Jewcubes remained a minority under it. Ottomanball would help Jewcubes facing persecutions occasionally, such as Sephardic Jewcubes who had been expelled from Crown of Castileball and Crown of Aragonball, by allowing them to settle in the cities of Safed and Tiberias in Galilee. From 1798–1801, French First Republicball launched an unsuccessful Napoleonic campaign against Ottomanball in Egypt and the Levant, being defeated by the help of UKball. Through the 19th century, Jerusalem Sanjakball became Mutasarrifate of Jerusalemball, and Ottomanball in the name of diplomacy, started to allow European countryballs to establish each a branch of their national Christian churches on Palestine.

    While Jewcubes lived relatively fine under Ottomanball. They were persecuted all over Europe, this led to the creation of a Zionist movement in 1896 that advocated for the creation of a sovereign state for Jewcubes in unpopulated places in Africa, however, the movement had no success. Jewcubes then became more and more interested in the idea of establishing a state in the Middle East, the First Zionist Congress took place in 1897, and they discussed Jerusalemcube as the possible capital of a future Jewcube state. In response, Ottomanball began a policy of sending members of his own palace to govern Mutasarrifate of Jerusalemball, as well as beginning restrictions on Zionist immigration and land acquisition on it, as an estimated 25,000 Jewcubes mostly from Eastern Europe had immigrated to Palestine some years before, establishing themselves mostly in Galilee.

    British Mandate

    In 1917, UKball defeated Ottomanball in World War I in the Battle of Jerusalem during World War I. The Balfour Declaration was issued just a month earlier giving Jewcubes rights to the establishment of a state on Palestine, that was of Arabball majority. Without restrictions anymore, mostly Ashkenazi Jewcubes mass immigrated to Palestine and legally bought lands. However, the native Muslim and Christian Arabballs ( Palestineball) grew increasingly anti-Zionist, afraid that those Jewcubes would soon start to take their lands, and started to pressure UKball to restrict this immigration.

    Due to growing anti-semitism and  Nazi Germanyball in Europe, Jewcubes continued to immigrate to Mandatory Palestinecube in even larger numbers. This led to even more conflict between Jewcubes and Arabballs ( Palestineball), sparking the Arabballs ( Palestineball) revolt of 1936-39 against UKball's rule in Mandatory Palestinecube, that was seen as what allowed the Jewcubes immigration, commiting acts of violence. The revolt was crushed but UKball limited Jewcubes immigrations to Mandatory Palestinecube.

    This, in turn, angered Jewcubes, for it was crucial to leave Europe during the time of Nazi Germanyball. This led them to revolt against UKball rule in 1944-1944. Jewcubes participating in the Zionist enterprises in Palestine, known as New Yishuv, had been armed in the form of militias since the beginning, with organizations such as Bar-Giora and Hashomer, that later evolved into the Haganah, Irgun, and Lehi. While claiming to be self-defense forces, they had the objective of creating an underground army to prepare for an armed insurrection and the establishment of a Jewcube state in Palestine. These armed paramilitary organizations were a key part of the Arabballs ( Palestineball) anti-Zionist convictions.

    Arab-Israeli Wars

    After lots of ethnical clashes it became clear that Jewcubes and Arabballs ( Palestineball) could not co-exist peacefully, so UKball left Mandatory Palestinecube to UNball who in 1948 proposed a partition plan where they would split Palestine 50/50, Jewcubes agreed and Israelcube was born, finally becoming an independent nation. But Arabballs ( Palestineball) refused and a day later Israelcube was attacked by Iraqball, Syriaball, Egyptball and Jordanball with the support of the Arab Leagueball, starting the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

    Israelcube was able to win the war thanks to a network responsible for arms shipments from Eastern Europe, mostly Yugoslaviaball and Czechoslovakiaball. This network would later be purged by Soviet Unionball, which grew increasingly anti-Zionist. With its victory, Israelcube annexed most clay in Palestine except for Gazaball that was under the control of Egyptball and West Bankball that was under the control of Jordanball. A mass exodus of Palestinians occurred, with many fleeing to neighboring Arab nations.

    In the following years, Israelcube began to develop a close relationship with USAball and aligned itself with the Western Bloc, while its neighboring Arabballs allied with Soviet Unionball and the Eastern Bloc. In 1956, Israelcube joined UKball and Franceball in its attack against Egyptball, occupying the Sinai Peninsula until March 1957. Israelcube escaped the political humiliation that befell UKball and Franceball following their forced withdrawal, withdrawing instead without guarantees. However, they later moved their military back to Sinai just before the Six-Day War.

    In 1964, PLOball (Palestinian Liberation Organization) was founded following an earlier decision of the Arab Leagueball, with its goal being the liberation of Palestine through armed struggle. In 1966, Israelcube attacked West Bankball under Jordanball, saying that Palestineballs guerrillas had crossed its border, also accusing Syriaball of financing and arming Palestineballs, starting then hostilities with it. The next year in 1967, Six-Day War occured, in which Israelcube fought against: Iraqball, Syriaball, Jordanball, Lebanonball and Egyptball and still won in six days. It was a victory so great that Sabaton made a song about it. Israelcube took over Golan Heightsball from Syriaball, West Bankball from Jordanball, Gazaball and North Sinaiball and South Sinaiball from Egyptball. Israelcube and Egyptball began fighting the War of Attrition soon after, which continued until 1970.

    In 1970, PLOball attacked Jordanball (Black September in Jordan), and Israelcube through Lebanonball (Palestinian insurgency in Southern Lebanonball). In 1972, a group of Palestineballs known as the Black September Organization held the Israeli Olympic team hostage in Munichball and massacred all of them. In response to this, the Mossad started Operation Wrath of God to kill all of those involved.

    In 1973, Yom Kippur War occurred, in which Arabballs attempted to retake the territories they lost Israelcube in the Six-Day War. Even though Israelcube repelled the attacks, it went through some difficulties in the war, needing resupply help from USAball, and even considered the use of nuclear weapons, what it calls the "Samson Option". The same year, Israel launched several attacks against the PLOball in Southern Lebanon. In 1976, Ugandaball helped PFLPball hold a plane full of Israelis hostage, resulting in an Israeli attack, during which the Israeli military deployed several planes carrying armored personnel carriers and soldiers, which killed the hijackers, Ugandan soldiers, and destroyed several Ugandan fighter jets.

    In 1978, Israelcube finally agreed to peace with Egyptball and gave Sinai Peninsulaball back in return during the Camp David accords. That same year, Israel attacked southern Lebanonball, resulting in a PLOball retreat. In 1982, Israel launched a full attack on Lebanonball, resulting in the complete expulsion of the PLOball. This invasion ended in 1985 but marked the beginning of the South Lebanon conflict, a war which continued until Hezbollahball forced Israelcube to withdrawal in 2000. In 1985, in response to the murder of 3 Israelis on their yacht in Cyprusball, Israel destroyed the PLOball headquarters in Tunisiaball with fighter jets.

    While all of this was happening, large numbers of Israelicubes started settling in West Bankball, forcing Palestineballs off of their land one more time and generally making it harder for Israelcube and Palestineball to agree to peace. Anger over all of this erupted into the First Intifada, which began as a series of protests and boycotts but soon erupted into violence in the form of riots and violent attacks. The first intifada ran from 1987 to 1993. In 1993, the Oslo accords were negotiated, resulting in the formation of Palestineball's official government. However, both Israeli and Palestinian extremists used violence in an attempt to derail these agreements. Hamasball organized bombings and the Israeli prime minister was assassinated by a far-right Israeli. Israelcube made peace with Jordanball in 1994.

    Modern Times

    In the context of South Lebanon conflict, Israelcube launched Operation Grapes of Wrath in 1996 to stop rocket attacks by Hezbollahball through extensive air raids and shelling. A second summit at Camp David was held in 2000 for further peace talks, but nothing came up. Palestineballs, believing that peace would not be achieved due to this, began the Second Intifada, which was way more violent and bloody than the first. Israelcube attempted to suppress these uprisings, but the violence was too widespread to simply suppress with force. This largely ended after the Israelcube Palestineball, Egyptball, Jordanball hold Sharm El Sheik summit in 2005, where both sides agreed to stop attacking each other. As part of the agreement, Israelcube disengaged from (left) the Gazaball the same year, both militarily and civilly.

    In 2006, Palestineball held elections, which were a victory for Hamasball. A year later in June 2007, Hamasball took over Gazaball through military force and expelled Fatahball (The other major party in Palestine). In response, the Fatahball-aligned president dissolved Palestineball's unitary government, which had been formed earlier that year, and established an emergency government. Hamasball used its new control over Gazaball to attack Israelcube. In response to this, Israelcube supplied the emergency government with weapons and put Gazaball under a strict blockade with help from Egyptball, depriving the civilian population of goods and infrastructure. Many tunnel networks exist in attempts to supply civilian goods and animals, but some also exist to provide shelter/resources for Hamasball military campaigns. Hamasball and Fatahball were able to form another unitary government in 2014, but that also fell apart due to Operation Protective Edge and other events in Gazaball.

    Also in 2006, Hezbollahball and Israelcube went into an intense war. Following a 2004 prisoner exchange deal to get all Lebanese prisoners in Israeli prisons back with Germanyball as the middle man, Israelcube didn't release all prisoners. On 22 November 2005 Hezbollahball attempted kidnapping Israeli soldiers but failed and lost 3 members, but in 2006 Hezbollahball succeeded by ambushing 2 Israeli humvees with anti-tank guns, killing 3 soldiers, before taking 2 hostages, that were going to be swapped for the rest of the Lebanese prisoners, but they ended up dying later of wounds. Israelcube then responded with airstrikes and shellings, both on military assets and civilian infrastructure in Lebanonball.

    Various other wars, skirmishes, and operations happened in the following years, such as Operation Summer Rains in 2006, Operation Cast Lead in 2008, Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, Operation Protective Edge in 2014, and Operation Guardian of The Walls in 2021. In 2008, Israelcube offered Palestineball to be a state, but he rejected the offer because he did not get all the clay in the West Bankball. In time Israelcube and Palestineball got tired of looking for any solution for peace.

    On 7 October 2023, Hamasball—operating in Gazaball clay's launched a series of attacks against Israelcube, resulting in several of Israelcube civilians dying because of this, further escalating the conflict in the region. In response, Israelcube invaded Palestineball's clay in Gazaball. Since then, over 27,000 Palestinians have been killed, two-thirds of whom were women and children. Israelcube has occupied the northern part of Gazaball's clay, and millions of people have fled Palestineball's clay in one of the worst humanitarian disasters.

    In response to this catastrophe, South Africaball filed a genocide case of Israelcube to UNball. The latter agreed and told Israelcube to stop, proving that it is the most useless organization on Earthball.

    In February 2024, Israelcube announced plans to invade Rafahball, where millions of refugees already live. Benjamin Netanyahu asked the cityball to evacuate its citizens, finally causing the West—including USAball—to condemn Israelcube.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Panasonic Blue 0, 56, 184 C100-M70-Y0-K28 #0038B8
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

    Relationships (קשרי גומלין/kishrei gommlin)

    Friends (חברים/khaverim)

    • USAball - Best friend. Gib weapons, and don't forget some shekels. Ani return technology, medicine and weapons. Also America, please no gib information a classified to Russiaball. That information was only for sharings between you, me, and all of ha-allies. It also doesn't recognize Palestineball.
      • - I'm actually trying to establish relations with Pale
      • - W h a t d i d y o u j u s t s a y ?
      • - I said noting ;)
    • Azerbaijanball - Anyone who dislikes Iranball is a friend of mine! Even if kebab themselves. take that nuclear Iranball! Best kebab friend. Keep buying my guns please.
    • Kingdom of Jerusalemball - Ani love your borders and Ani want to get similar borders!
    • Dominican Republicball - It is a good friend, it helped my people during World War II. Its president visited Ani in 2009, but please be nice to Haitiball.
    • Cyprusball - Good friend, and great for going to his clay on vacations. Ha-hebrew bible provings it be real Cyprus. But why yuo support this Hezbollah controlled terrorist?
    • South Sudanball - It recognizes me. However it also recognizes that fake country...
    • Germoneyball - Apology accepted and it doesn't recognize Palestineball. BUT REMEMBER HA-HOLOCAUST! 1933 through 1945, WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE! Sorry my friend.
    • Austriaball - Our relationship is complicated, but we can into peace today. First it persecuted me, then it supported Ani and now it tries to be neutral peace negotiator. Sigmund Freud helped it to become a doctor!
    • Sudanball - New friend. It is probably a weird guy, but it is nice so Ani'll spare it.
    • North Sulawesiball - It has Jews in its clay, but it likes its evil parent.
    • Somalilandball - Ani am considering recognizing you again, and you are a good country unlike your anti-semitic pirateheaded claimant.
    • Kosovoball - We recently have exchanged recognition.
    • Ashkenazi - Jewish friends in Europe.
    • UAEball - Thanks for recognizing Ani cool kebab guy! My peeps go to Dubai on vacation! We also hate this idiot.
    • Bahrainball - Thanks for recognizing me, Your Jewish minority got more freedom in your clay and we both hate this scum.
    • Franceball - It helps Ani remove kebabs, also nice bread!
    • Italyball, Spainball and Portugalball - Doesn't recognize Palestineball, but it you sometimes hate Ani because Ani put some apples on his pizza. (For now at least)
    • Netherlandsball - Gave Ani money and weapons during Six-Day War against Egyptball, Syriaball and Jordanball, now big supports and is a friend of Ani as well and does not recognize Palestineball but has heard of it but all of its children hates me.
    • Switzerlandball - Thank you for saving of Jews from World War II and it was of best thing you stayed neutral that no one attackings of you. Also you don't recognize Palestineball, But why do Ani have a feeling that you secretly support it?
    • Canadaball - Good mate. Not sure if kebab remover because of ISISball or still weakling. Great job with that shot! removing ISIS from 3km is impressive, teach Ani master! It also doesn't recognize Palestineball.
    • Jewish Autonomous Oblastcube - Fellow Jewcube From Russia, but practices Eastern Orthodoxy, so not very kosher.
    • Tringapore - Helped build and train its armed forces in ha-art of Kebab removal ( its neighbours are kebabs and might be out to anschluss it).
    • Bulgariaball - It accepts Jews filming on its clay! Also, it hates ha-evil Nazi!
    • Polandball - Both of us can into Jews. Stronkest ally. Dependent on Ani for their buses. 
    • Hungaryball - If it weren't for Theodor Herzl, Ani would not exist. It is also friends with Polandball. Cool friend from Eastern Europe.
    • South Koreaball - Good military trading partners. We use a lot of Korean electronics in our sophisticated weapons! Ani fought its evil sibling during ha-Yom-Kippur War.
    • Japanball - Anime! er, um... Yuo recognize me. Thank you for that.
    • Cameroonball - Don't recognize Palestineball and support Ani a lot, Ani help its too, is also my best African friend.
    • Philippinesball - OF GREAT CLOSE FRIEND! Provided safe refuge for several Jews during World War II. We were close friends since ha-beginning! Ani am its first friend and still is! Ani gib it new weapons and equipment to fight that Dumb bully. Remember ha-time we used to hang out back in ha-ancient times? Yuor parent proposed to be engaged with me. But why do you recognize Palestineball?!
    • Czechiaball - Gib a lot of weapons when born, now big supports and friend of me!
    • Indiaball - Helpings of it in removing Urdu kebab and sellings Hitech weapons (plox) to it, and "Tarnegól Hódu/India Chicken" also Hebrew name for turkey (bird), and Ani have big psychedelic trance scene based on its own, but can you please stop using your swastika in my clay because it was symbolizing of Nazi? also it do not supportings of Ani in public and recognizes Palestine.
    • Sri Lankaball - I helped them in removing terrorists, including training, fighter jets, and attack boats but recognizes Palestineball!
    • Guatemalaball - Ani moved its embassy to Jerusalem. But stop being friend with Palestineball.
    • Palauball, Micronesiaball and Marshall Islandsball - Consistent UN Supporters. They also don't recognize Palestineball!
    • Eritreaball - Despite its insanity, it is ha-one of ha-only Horn of Africa country Ani can trust. Ani have a lot of my military equipment in its clay stationed. Ani protect it against terrorists and Somali pirates, though sometimes it can be kind of scary because it is a psychopath.
    • Bhutanball - Yuo have established relations with me, so we are into friendship now.
    • Moroccoball - Quite neutral, it warned Ani about an incoming war (Six-Day War), and it recognizes Ani now. We both hate Iranball and Algeriaball.
    • Vietnamball - Although it be friend with Palestine, it likes my weapons. We suffered painful memories from ha-our enemies. We defeated ha-invaders by guerilla warfare.
    • Ukraineball - Ani want to help you but Ani'm scared of Russiaball, that dude is freaking crazy. You are a nice dude so Ani'll send you some humanitarian aid.
    • Chinaball - one of my largest trading partners... Has alot of Chinese in my cube territory. Ha-Israeli public has a significant positive public opinion of China. But stop supporting these pieces of shit plox!

    Neutral (נטרלי)

    • UKball - We was of enemies before it tried limiting Jewish immigration and when Ani got independence it wanted to intervene in my war with Arabs in 1948 but now we are on good terms. It had many Jewish volunteers in WW1, and it doesn't recognize Palestine!
    • Turkeyball - We were good friends until 2010 when a ship disaster happened and we cut our relations. But now we secretly are in reconciliation. But 2015 rapprochement and apologizes bringing us both together of mutual stances in ha-world as well as thankful for being warned of terrorist attack getting back on track. But not just yet. as of 2022 we made up and Ani hope we do better now.
    • Ethiopiaball - My cousin from ha-Horn of Africa (don't believe me? Remember Solomon and Sheba?). We had to cut ties in 1979 in its Derg Communist phase, and it got mad at Ani for leaving its refugees in Sudan until 1991. When ha-Eto-Lives-Matter Protest has been rising in 2019, Ani made another ban on immigration. Ani just lifted ha-ban around mid-September of 2020 because of chaos going with ha-riots with ha-OLF protests. Ani hope we can have better relations and continue with our Semitic alliance. 
    • Swedenball - Recognizes Palestineball. At least we still can into recognizings each other.
    • Russiaball (formerly, before 2022) - Stop helping my enemies, you are a terrible friend! However, there are Jews on your clay and you have a Jewish autonomous oblast, it also lets Ani attack Iranball when it tries to get into Syriaball so it's important that we stay on good terms, and you recognize a part of Jerusalem as mine. Ani liked ha-Yeltsin days better. Wait, did I just heard you invaded Ukraineball?! STOP THAT INVASION THIS INSTANT!
    • Ugandaball - WE are fine now, but this dick had a physopathic Neo-Nazi leader once who allowed this terrorist TO HIJACK A PLANE OF MINE!!! FUCKINGS YOU FOR THAT!!! Also, homosex is good!
    • Jordanball - Can into recognizings me, but GET OFF HA-FENCE.
    • Egyptball - Same as Jordan, but GET OFF HA-FENCE. Nice pyramids though.
    • Saudi Arabiaball - At least they are not bad as some kebabs Ani can mention... and they hate Iran which make them a bit good kebab.
    • Armeniaball - We are of similar. But my Holocaust was of worse. I'd love to recognize your genocide but sadly Turkeyball is always watching. But why are yuo starting to hate me and then supported Palestineball?!
    • Arab Leagueball - Sometimes they are good to Ani because we hate Iran but they want Ani to stop occupying Palestine...
    • Belarusball - We had our ups and downs and we are alright now Ani guess, but one time Lukashenko said Jews turned Babruysk into a pigsty and that kinda hurt my feelings.
    • Burundiball - Even though it is not anti-imperialist anymore unlike it, it still supports Palestine!
    • Somaliaball - Does not recognize me, supports Palestineball and protest over ha- Solominic Family. Things between us have been getting warmer Ani guess.
    • West Bankball - Ani do not like it but we have made peace deals, we sometimes work together and it hates Hamas almost as much as Ani do. NEVER FORGET HA-INTIFADA THO!
    • Palestineball - Half of you Ani despise and half Ani dislike. You can keep this little twerp to yourself, Ani don't care anymore ( That little bacterial terrorist is your problem now), but QUIT CHEATING AND SCAMMING THE WORLD! Ani never occupied Judea and Samariacube! They existed way before you! And besides that, yuo claim they took over "your clay" in 1967, but yuo were born in 1964, 3 years BEFORE, and declared independence in 1988, 21 years AFTER! And even by then you kept the full 1948 map in your symbols, and Ani know exactly what for! Yuo want independence, that's one thing, but enough manipulating the world and fabricating history! STOP LYING! תפסיק לשקר! But we are trying to get along, and Hamas isn't letting us.

    Enemies (אויבים/oyvim)

    • Nazi Germanyball  - ממזר חרא מזדיין זונה! נאצי בן זונה! אני אהרוג אותך! בן זונה חרא מטומטם שכמותך! REMOVE NAZI, FILTHY DAMN BASTARD!! Ani'm going to kill all your damn remnants forowers. WHERE IS OF MY APPOLOGY? OR ELSE Ani MAKE YUO APPOLOGIZE! REMOVE HOLOCAUST!! REMOVE NAZI BASTARRDS!! Ani WOULD RATHER SMOOCH PALESTINEBALL THAN BE 1 MINUTE IN YOUR PRESENCE! ROT IN YOUR GRAVE YOU DEMON, IF YOU EVER COME BACK ANI'll BE READY TO KICK YOUR ASS, NO WORDS CAN EXPRESS HOW Ani HATE YOU SO Ani WON'T EVEN TRY. EVEN THIS SICK FUCK HATES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ani like your present self though.
    • Western Saharaball - FAKE COUNTRY!!! YOU LOOK LIKE PALESTINE (Even ha-flag, anthem, language, emblem, etc is different from Palestine), BUT IN AFRICA! IT IS ALSO A PUPPET OF ALGERIA!!! GO BACK TO MOROCCO NOW!!!!! EVEN EVIL PIRATE OF HATINGS YUO!
    • Syriaball - Golan heights are Israeli clay now! You know why? Because yuo is not signing peace agreements after you attackings me Even though I attacked first But on Christmas we both like to make Lebanonball a Christmas tree. Ani still hate Assad though.
    • Kuwaitball - What ha-fuck did Ani ever did to you. Follow your friends and joinings ha-fun.
    • Cubaball - Castro said Ani have ha-right to exist as a nation, but it is still a hostile commie that hates burger! It also supports this terrorist!
    • Venezuelaball - Another anti-Semite and it is a socialist too! Ani support Colombiaball against you! It also calls Ani a burger puppet for being best friends with it.
    • Pakistanball - Anti-semitic terrorist piece of shit. Ani will side with Indiaball to remove you! Ani like your colonised past self better.
    • George Soros - Disgrace to ha-Jewish people! You don't even have Jewish decent!
    • Lebanonball - Terrorist! You keep abducting people! REMOVE SHAWARMA!!!! And Hummus is mine! With ha-help of Syriaball, Ani will turn you into a Christmas tree! But Ani heard about ha-explosion that happened in Beirut and Akkar and since then Ani pity you. We have talked in 2020 (and in 2022) BUT we won't be friends if you are controlled by Hezbollah!
    • North Koreaball - Stupid nuclear addict who keeps help fund my enemies. HOPE THE SOUTH WILL TAKE OVER YOU ONE DAY!
    • Sentineleseball - Ani cannot of controllings it! How?!
    • Malaysiaball - Remove nasi lemak!! Sabah is part of Filipino clay, You boycotted all of my goods, and you also helped this shit! And stop saying to "Israel Koyak" to Ani and your people! Ani like your colonized past self better.
    • Indonesiaball (Except for North Sulawesiball) - Remove Indomie!! You always respect what ha-world does to help Palestine and also recognizes Palestine. You also don't recognize Jews during ha-New Order era. Why also Sukarno can't into long life so Ani can into legal religion? BECAUSE THIS ASSHOLE OVERTHREW HIM! Let West Papuaball go! Ani like your colonizsed past self more. ALSO, YOU DIDN'T WANT MY U-20 SOCCER TEAM PLAY IN YOUR WORLD CUP! STUPID PIECE OF SHIT, YOU DONT DESERVE BEING HA-HOST OF A WORLD CUP IF YOU DONT LET A COUNTRY WHO RIGHTFULLY QUALIFIED FOR THE PLAY. ARGENTINA WILL BE A MUCH BETTER HOST THAN YOU!
    • ISISball - WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID IN TEL AVIV!!! REMOVE TERRORIST!!!!! Good thing you're gone. אל תעשה!!!!
    • Zimbabweball - African anti-imperialist, stop supporting Palestine you piece of shit!
    • Another Gaza - What? Hamas? You better rename yourself, or else...
      • : It's not what yuo thinkings! It is all just a coincidence!
    • Gizaball - What? Another Hamas? Just change yuor fucking name as well! or yuo should face ha-consequences...
      • : Ever heard of pyramids sadiqi? They're two completely different things, ya Allah. Don't make me cut all ties with you because of this!
    • Gasaball - What? More Hamas?! You guys are making Ani completely confused!!
    • Gaddafiball - Am glad you are dead, Islamic extremist!
    • Yugoslaviaball - Helped Egyptball against me! Also glad you are dead.
    • Soviet Unionball - Never forgive you for what you did with ha-prisoners of Zion! Also, it funded my enemies and it hated my BFF. Glad you are friendlier Russiaball. But thank you for killing this demon.


    1. Draw a 3D-like cube.
    2. Draw 2 blue lines, one near the top and one near the bottom, and apply it to other sides except for the top and bottom sides.
    3. Draw the star of David on the center of the front side.
    4. Draw the eyes and you're finished.

    NOTE: You can also draw other versions of Israelcube via the 2 images shown below:


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Israelcube.

    Click here to see it.


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