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    שלום (shalom)
    אױ װײ (oy vey)

    State of Jewistan Israelcube is the Holy Land a countrycube located in the Levant. He is the only country that has a Jewish majority in the world, and he was born in 1948 from a mix of EU-icon.png EUball, African Union-icon.png African Unionball, Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball, and a few other Kebabs in Middle East.

    There are some countries (32 in total) that do not recognize the cube, such as not accepting their passports. There are also countryballs that Iran-icon.pngPakistan-icon.pngPalestine-icon.png want him gone for what they officially describe as "resistance".

    The appearance of Israel as a cube is because of Jewish physics. If someone asks why Israel is a cube, the proper thing to do is respond with, in all caps: "JEWISH PHYSICS". Israel can into Baseball, and he played very well at the World Baseball Classic.


    Ancient History

    Jewcubes used to have an independent Kingdom of Israel-icon.png Kingdom of Israelcube. However they divided into 12 tribes, which were conquered by Ancient Egypt-icon.png Ancient Egyptball, Babylon-icon.png Babylonball and Ancient Greece-icon.png Ancient Greeceball.

    They become independent for a time and split into Kingdom of Judah-icon.png Kingdom of Judahcube and Kingdom of Israel-icon.png Kingdom of Israelcube, but they both were conquered by SPQR-icon.png SPQRball who brought in their theaters, architecture and rationalism. That clay was known as Judah ever since 733 BC and Judea is the Greek/Roman adaptation.

    In response to SPQR-icon.png SPQRball influences there were a lot of preachers who tried to get Jewcubes to return to the ways of the past: Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes, Zealots and one who didn't fit into any of those groups, Jesus of Nazareth.

    He spread is message of peace, love and above all justice, and he was said to perform miracles. His message was radical in this anti-authoritarian stance stating that the last will be the first and the first will be the last. All of which drove SPQR-icon.png SPQRball to arrest and execute Jesus through crucifixion.

    In 66 AD Jewcubes launched a revolt against SPQR-icon.png SPQRball that ended in 73 AD as a failure and SPQR-icon.png SPQRball expelled Jewcubes from Judea throught the continent. Without geographic unity Jewcubes had to solidify what it meant to be Jewcube in the basic tennents of Judaism.

    In 476 when SPQR-icon.png SPQRball got splitted Judea remained under Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball and was later conquered by various caliphates made up of Islam-icon.png Arabballs, that's when Palestine-icon.png Palestineball's ancestors came, by the 1500s the region had been conquered by Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball.

    British Mandate

    Jewcubes were persecuted all over Europe, this led to the creation of a Zionist movement in 1896 that advocated for the creation of a sovereign Jewcube state in unpopulated places in Africa, however the movement had no success.

    Then UK-icon.png UKball defeated Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball in World War I and made British Palestine-icon.png Mandante of Jewish Palestinecube in 1920 promisng Jewcubes their old homeland back to be independent and have a sovereign state there.

    Thus Jewcubes mass immigrated in Palestine and legally bought lands. However the native Islam-icon.png Arabballs (Palestine-icon.png Palestineball) saw this as european colonialism (little did they know, they were already a colony) and conflicts began.

    Due to growing anti-semitism and Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball  in Europe, Jewcubes started to immigrate to British Palestine-icon.png Mandante of Jewish Palestinecube in even larger numbers, this led to even more conflict between Jewcubes and Islam-icon.png Arabballs (Palestine-icon.png Palestineball).

    And sparked the Islam-icon.png Arabballs (Palestine-icon.png Palestineball) revolt of 1936-39 against UK-icon.png UKball's rule in British Palestine-icon.png Mandante of Jewish Palestinecube, commiting acts of violence, seen as what allowed the Jewcubes immigration. The revolt was crushed but UK-icon.png UKball limited Jewcubes immigrations to British Palestine-icon.png Mandante of Jewish Palestinecube.

    This in turn angered Jewcubes for it was crucial to leave Europe in the time of Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball and led them to revolt against UK-icon.png UKball rule in 1940 - 1944 forming an settlement named Yishuv.

    After lots of ethnical clashes it became clear that Jewcubes and Islam-icon.png Arabballs (Palestine-icon.png Palestineball) could not co-exist peacefully so UK-icon.png UKball left British Palestine-icon.png Mandante of Jewish Palestinecube to UN-icon.png UNball who in 1948 proposed a partion plan where they would split Palestine 50/50, Jewcubes agreed and Israelcube was born, finally becoming an independent nation.

    Arab-Israeli Wars

    But Islam-icon.png Arabballs (Palestine-icon.png Palestineball) refuses and a day later Israelcube was attacked by Iraq-icon.png Iraqball, Syria-icon.png Syriaball, Egypt-icon.png Egyptball and Jordan-icon.png Jordanball with the support of the Arab League-icon.png Arab Leagueball, starting the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

    Against all odds, the one day old nation Israelcube won and annexed most clay in Palestine except for Gaza-icon.png Gazaball that was under the control of Egypt-icon.png Egyptball and Palestine-icon.png West Bankball that was under the control of Jordan-icon.png Jordanball.

    In 1966 due to struggles over their homeland Islam-icon.png Arabballs in Palestine (who during the nationalist movements in middle east identified themselves as Jordan-icon.png Jordanballs) started growing a sense of nationalsim isd identified themselves as something more than just Islam-icon.png Arabballs, thus Palestine-icon.png Palestineball was born.

    The next year in 1967, Six-Day War occurs, in which Israelcube attacked Iraq-icon.png Iraqball, Syria-icon.png Syriaball, Jordan-icon.png Jordanball, Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball and Egypt-icon.png Egyptball and won in six days. It was a victory so great that Sabaton made a song about it.

    "Our basic objective will be the total destruction of Israelcube, the Islam-icon.png Arabballs want to fight!" - Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt-icon.png Egyptball

    Israelcube takes over Syria-icon (division).png Golan Heightsball from Syria-icon.png Syriaball, Palestine-icon.png West Bankball from Jordan-icon.png Jordanball, Gaza-icon.png Gazaball and North Sinai-icon.pngSouth Sinai-icon.png Sinai Peninsulaball from Egypt-icon.png Egyptball.

    In 1970, Palestine-icon.png Palestineball attacks Jordan-icon.png Jordanball (Black September in Jordan), Israelcube and Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball (Palestinian insurgency in Southern Lebanonball).

    In 1973, Yom Kippur War occurs, in which Islam-icon.png Arabballs surprise attack Israelcube but lose again. So in 1979, Israelcube finally is into peace with Egypt-icon.png Egyptball and gives North Sinai-icon.pngSouth Sinai-icon.png Sinai Peninsulaball back in return. In 1982, Israelcube has peace with Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball, and with Jordan-icon.png Jordanball in 1994.

    Modern Day

    In 2005 as part of the peace treaty process Israelcube leaves Palestine-icon.png Gazaball completly (both civillian and military) and gives it to Palestine-icon.png Palestineball but Palestine-icon.png Palestineball autorities "lost control" and terrorist movement Hamas-icon.png Hamasball is born who attacks Israelcube.

    With help from Egypt-icon.png Egyptball (now friends), Israelcube puts a military blocade in Palestine-icon.png Gazaball.

    In 2008, Israelcube offered Palestine-icon.png Palestineball to be a state, but he rejected the offer because he did not get all the clay in the West Bank.

    In time Israelcube and Palestine-icon.png Palestineball got tired of looking for any solution for peace. Nowdays they are not trying to solve the conflict anymore, just to manage it.

    Relationships (קשרי גומלין/kashri gommelin)

    Friends (חברים/haverim)

    • USA-icon.png USAball - Best friend. Gib weapons, and don't forget some shekels. Also America, pls no gib information of classified to Russiaball. That information was only for sharings between you, me, and all of athe llies. He doesn't recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball. But Cheeseburger Is not kosher ok?!
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball - Because anyone who dislikes Iranball is my friend, even if kebab themselves. take dat nuclear Iranball!!! Best kebab friend.
    • Dominican-icon.png Dominican Republicball - He is of good friend he helped my people during World War II. His president visited me in 2009.
    • Germany-icon.png Germoneyball (ReichTime.png Reichtangle of Merkel) - Apology accepted and he doesn't recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball. BUT REMEMBER ZE HOLOCAUST! 1933 through 1945, WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE! Sorry my friend.
    • Sudan-icon.png Sudanball - New Friend. He is probably a weird guy, but he is nice so i'll spare him.
    • North Sulawesi-icon.png North Sulawesiball - He has most popilated jewish but he is part of provinces that Indonesia-icon.png Bad Father.
    • Somaliland-icon.png Somalilandball - I am considering recognizing you again, and you are a good country unlike your anti-semitic pirateheaded Somalia-icon.png claimant.
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - Both recently have exchanged recognitions.
    • Ashkenazi-icon.png Ashkenazi - Jewish friends in Europe
    • UAE-icon.png UAEball - thanks for recognizing me! my peeps go to dubai on vacation! We both hate Iran-icon.png Idiot.
    • Bahrain-icon.png Bahrainball - Same goes to UAEball.
    • France-icon.png Franceball - She helps me remove kebabs, also nice bread!
    • Italy-icon.png Italyball, Spain-icon.png Spainball and Portugal-icon.png Portugalball - Doesn't recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball but Italy-icon.png you try to hate me because i putting some apple's his pizza. (For now atleast)
    • Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball - Gave me money and weapons during Six-Day War against Egypt-icon.png Egyptball, Syria-icon.png Syriaball and Jordan-icon.png Jordanball, now big supports and friend of me as well and does not recognizing Palestine-icon.png Palestineball but has heard of him but all of his children hates me.
    • Switzerland-icon.png Switzerlandball - Thank you for saving of Jews from World War II and it was of best thing you stayed neutral that no one attackings of you. Also you don't recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball But why do you support him neutrally?!?
    • Canada-icon.png Canucks - Not sure if kebab remover because of ISIS-icon.png ISISball or still weakling. Great job with that shot! removing kebab from 3km is impressive, teach me master! He aso doesn't recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball (in general).
    • Jewish Autonomous Oblast-icon.png Jewish Autonomous Oblastcube - Fellow Jewcube From Russia, but practices Eastern Orthodoxy not very kosher.
    • Singapore-icon.png Tringapore - Helped build and train his armed forces in the art of Kebab removal (Indonesia-icon.png Malaysia-icon.png his neighbours are Kebabs and out to Anschlussing him).
    • Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball - Bulgaria accepts Jews filming on his clay! Also, they both hates the evel Nazis!
    • Poland-icon.png Polandball - Both us Jews. Stronkest ally. Dependant on me for their buses. 
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - Good military trading partners. We use a lot of Korean electronics in our sophisticated weapons! I fought its evil brother during the Yom-Kippur War.
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Anime! er, um, Yuo recognize me.
    • Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball - Don't recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball and support me a lot, I help its too, is also my best African friend.
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - OP GREAT CLOSE FRIEND! Provided safe refuge for several Jews during World War II. We were close friends since the beginning! I is of its first friend and still is! I gib its new weapons and equipment to fight that Dumb bully. Remember the time we used to hang out back in the ancient times? Yuor father proposed to be engaged with me. But why do you recognize Palestine-icon.png fake country!?
    • Czechia-icon.png Czechiaball - Gib a lot of weapons when born, now big supports and friend of me!
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - Helpings of him in removing Pakistan-icon.png Urdu kebab and sellings Hitech weapons (plox) to him, and "Tarnegól Hódu/India Chicken" also Hebrew name for turkey (bird), but he do not supportings of me in public and recognizes Palestine-icon.png Palestine :(
    • SriLanka-icon.png Sri Lankaball - Helped Sri Lankaball in removing terrorists, including training, fighter jets, and attack boats but recognizes Palestine-icon.png Palestineball!
    • Guatemala-icon.png Guatemalaball - I moved its embassy to Jerusalem. But syop being friend with Palestine-icon.png Palestineball.
    • Palau-icon.png Palauball, Micronesia-icon.png Micronesiaball and Marshall Islands-icon.png Marshall Islandsball - Consistent UN Supporters.They also Don't recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball!
    • Togo-icon.png Togoball - African friend who Supports me in Jerusalem.
    • Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball - Despite his insanity, he is the only horn African I can trust. I have a lot of my military equipment in his clay stationed. I protect him against terrorists and Somali Pirates, Though sometimes he can be kind of scary because he is a psychopath.
    • Bhutan-icon.png Bhutanball - Yuo have established relations with me, so we are into friendship now.
    • Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball - Quite neutral, he warned me about an incoming war (Six-Day War), and he recognizes me now. We both hate Iran-icon.png Iranball and Algeria-icon.png Algeriaball.

    Neutral (נייטרלי)

    • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball - We were good friends until 2010 when a ship disaster happened and we cut our relations. But now we secretly are in reconciliation. But 2015 rapprochement and apologizes bringing us both together of mutual stances in the world as well as thankful for being warned of terrorist attack getting back on track. But not just yet. Yuo also have horrible minority with ugly flags and invalid reasons for independence like us so we understand each other.
    • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball - My cousin from the Horn of Africa (don´t believe me? Remember Solomon and Sheba?). We had to cut ties in 1979 in his Derg Communism phase, and he got mad at me for leaving his refugees in Sudan until 1991. When the Eto-Lives-Matter Protest has been rising in 2019, I made another ban on immigration. I just lifted the ban around mid-September of 2020 because of chaos going with the riots with the OLF protests. I hope we can have better relations and continue with our semitic alliance. 
    • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball - Recognizes Palestine-icon.png Palestineball. At least we still can into recognizings each other.
    • Jordan-icon.png Jordanball - Can into recognizings me, but GET OFF THE FENCE.
    • Egypt-icon.png Egyptball - Same as Jordan-icon.png Jordanball and GET OFF THE FENCE. Nice pyramids though.
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - Again, why Must you support all my enemies!? ALSO CONTROL YUO FREAKING VIRUS YUO DUMB!! But he is one of my largest trading partners.
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - At least they are not bad as the other kebabs are, and they hate Iranball which make them good kebab.
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - We are of similar. But my Holocaust was of way worse despite what he says of his "massacre" (Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball not allow me to say "Recáħ Зám"). He also doesn't recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestineball, but he hates me because I give weapons to Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball.
    • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - Loves buying my weapons. But why must they befriend Palestineball?
    • Syria-icon.png Syriaball - Golan heights are Israeli clay! But on Christmas he is op good friend as we both like to make Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball a Christmas tree.
    • Arab League-icon.png Arab Leagueball - Sometimes they are good to me because we hate Iranball but they want me to stop occupying palestine...

    Enemies (אויבים/oybia)

    • Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball  - ממזר חרא מזוין בן זונה! בן נאצי מזוין זונה! אני אהרוג אותך! בן זונה חרא מטומטם שכמותך! REMOVE FUCKING NAZI, FILTHY DAMN BASTARD!! I'm going to kill all your damn remnants forowers. WHERE IS OF MY APPOLOGY? OR ELSE I MAKE YUO APPOLOGIZE! REMOVE HOLOCAUST!! REMOVE NAZI BASTARRDS!!
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball - Said he wanna take me out, COME ON! I'm not of afraid! 1967 best year of my life!!
    • Cuba-icon.png Cubaball - Of communist anti-semite LAT!!!!!
    • Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball - Antisemitic terrorist piece of shit. I will side with India-icon.png Indiaball to remove yuo!.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - Stop helping my enemies, you are of terrible friend, Remove Vodka!. But there is jews on your clay and you have a jewish autonomous oblast but i still kinda hate yuo.
    • George Soros-icon.png George Soros - Disgrace to the Jewish people!
    • Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball - Civil war. REMOVE SHAWARMA!!!! And Hummus is mine! With the help of Syriaball I will turn you into a Christmas tree!
    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball - Stupid Nuclear addict who's trying to imitiate me.
    • San Marino-icon.png San Marinoball and Sentinelese-icon.png Sentineleseball - I cannot of controllings them help pls!
    • Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball - REMOVE NASI LEMAK Yuo boycott all my goods and he is also Palestine helper and what did yuo say about Israel Koyak?
    • Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball - Anti Semetic Terrorist pirate who does not recognize me, supports Palestine-icon.png Palestineball and protest over the Eritrea-icon.png Ethiopia-icon.png Solominic Family. You deserved to get invaded by NATO-icon.png NATO!
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball (Except for North Sulawesi-icon.png North Sulawesiball) - Remove Satay!! Free Netherlands New Guinea-icon.png West Papuaball!! Yuo of always respecting what worlds do to help Palestine and also Recognize Palestine. Yuo also try to kill all Jews and don't recognize them. Why also Sukarno can't into long life so I can into legal religion? Finally the drunk caliph kid is Indonesian?! Thanks for buying my planes though. But i like yuor Son can into jewish.
    • Burundi-icon.png Burundiball and Zimbabwe-icon.png Zimbabweball - African Anti Imperialists, stop supporting Palestine and Burger is good!
    • Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Gaddafiball - Am glad you are dead.
    • Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball - Helped Egypt-icon.png Egyptball against me!

    Trivia (דְבָרִים בְּטֵלִים/Trivia)

    • It was under British rule for 28 years.
    • People hates him because they has many controversial of Palestine-icon.png Palestineball.
    • he was only jewish country in the world.
    • it has many 137 beaches in his clay.
    • He hates when someone ask for a cheeseburger at a kosher restaurant.
    • Don't make angry when someone is jaywalk.
    • Never Touch the Orthodox Person of Opposite Sex.



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