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    Asturias Patria Querida, Asturias de mis Amores
    — Anthem of Asturias

    Asturiasball, officially the Principality of Asturiasball, is a autonomous communityball and provinceball of  Spainball.


    Asturiasball was a 2ball, adopted by SPQRball, Western Roman Empireball, Kingdom of the Suebiball, and Visigothic Kingdomball. Kingdom of Castileball, Spanish Empireball, Francoist Spainball and Spainball.

    As the Arabs invaded Spain, the Kingdom of Asturiasball defeated them in the battle of Covadonga and the Reconquista began. It later collapsed to Kingdom of Leónball and County of Portugalball, but celtic culture would live on. Its contribution to the reconquista would be completed by its successors. When Colombus discovered the Americas, a lot of Asturians emigrated to the Americas and brought fortune with them.

    The Asturian people lived quite happily under the Absolute Spanish Monarchy, as they were a Principality due to resisting the Arabs. During the Second Spanish Republicball, a File:CEDA-icon (soldier).png right-wing coalition of political parties won and Asturias, being a liberals and socialist region revolted and declared the Asturian Socialist Republicball until Second Spanish Republicball dissolved the rebellion with the help of Spanish Moroccoball.

    Asturiasball spoke Asturian until  Kingdom of Castileball humiliated the Asturians. Now the politicians of Spainball say Asturian is a dialect. The Asturian language is an optional subject in Asturian schools and the reason why it isn't an official language is mostly because of the lack of a prestige and use, there's a similar problem with Aragonese.

    It always rains in its territory and the landscape is really green and mountainous. Perfect for raising cows and planting apple trees, to make cider with. Exports milk to the rest of the kingdom. But it is rarely relevant.

    While Galiciaball has always been its best friend, it is now upset because some Galician Nationalistballs want to reclaim File:Eo Navia-icon.png Eo-Naviaball (Western Asturiasball) and says they speak Galician because Western Asturian dialect is influenced by it.


    • He secretly admires Brittanyball, because they love cider and annoying traditional songs.
    • Like Galiciaball, wants to be a Celtic nation.
    • Likes bagpipes.
    • Likes cider.
    • Likes Asturian fabada.
    • Likes Asturian frixuelos. (They are not crêpes)
    • Likes hiking and going on trips to its brother Cantabriaball but it also really hates him.

    How to draw

    Drawing Asturiasball is simple:

    1. Color the basic circle shape with this blue.
    2. Draw a yellow cross pattern with an alpha (A) and an omega (Ω).
    3. Draw the eyes and you're done.



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